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DOH at Your Service

Department of Health, Philippines

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DOH at Your Service

  1. 1. VISION: Filipinos are among the healthiest people in Southeast Asia by 2022, and Asia by 2040 MISSION: To lead the country in the development of Productive, Resilient, Equitable, and People- centered health system for Universal Health Care
  2. 2. From birth to their golden years, Filipinos can count on DOH to give them the best health care and attention possible. Like a trusted companion, DOH is there, helping Filipinos at every time of their lives.
  3. 3. Newborn Screening Program
  4. 4. Unang Yakap (Essential Newborn Care: Protocol for New Life)
  5. 5. Rabies Prevention and Control Program
  6. 6. Schistosomiasis Control Program
  7. 7. Smoking Cessation Program
  8. 8. Likayan ang Corona, Manghugas ‘ta! “ ”