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Top 10-elearning-statistics-2016

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Top eLearning trends and statistics covering how employees learn, millennial values, rise of performance support, front line training and more.

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Top 10-elearning-statistics-2016

  1. 1. r:dr:d Top 10 E-Learning Learning Trends & Statistics Presented by Reva Digital 6/9/2016 REVA DIGITAL MEDIA | REVADIGITAL.COM 1
  2. 2. r:d Focus on Performance 94.6 86.6 50.9 93.1 95 78.1 LEARNING EVENTS ON-DEMAND LEARNING EMBEDDED LEARNING Learning and Performance Solutions 2015 2017 78% is what learning embedded in the work environment (e.g. performance support, social media, knowledge base) is expected to increase to by 2017, up from 50.9% in 2015. On- demand learning (e.g., eLearning, mLearning) is expected to increase from 86.6% to 95.0% over the same time period. Source: eLearning Guild Survey on “Learning and Performance Ecosystems: Current State and Challenges 6/9/2016 REVA DIGITAL MEDIA | REVADIGITAL.COM 2
  4. 4. r:d Traditional vs Modern Learning ⌒Ignores informal learning (80% of learning) ⌒Scheduled ⌒Command and control ⌒Transactional ⌒Admin-Driven ⌒Embraces both formal and informal learning ⌒Continuous ⌒Support and enable ⌒Transformational ⌒Employee-Driven Traditional Modern 6/9/2016 REVA DIGITAL MEDIA | REVADIGITAL.COM 4
  5. 5. r:d Evolution of Motivation Motivation 1.0 In the earliest days of humankind we were motivated by biological needs, such as hunger and thirst. However, as societies evolved, so did what motivates us. Motivation 2.0 We humans have a second drive to “seek reward and avoid punishment,” and that we can channel this drive to help us achieve goals. The science shows a better way to motivate is to build on autonomy, our desire to be self- directed; mastery, our desire to get better at something that matters; and purpose, our desire to be part of something larger than ourselves. Motivation 3.0 Sources: Dan Pink, “Drive: The Surprising Truth about what Motivates Us”
  6. 6. r:d Front line training reinforcement • The American Society for Training and Development says that when training is not applied within 1 year, 90% of skills are lost. • OTJ training is most effective when reinforced through a formal teaching and feedback loop. • Effective workplaces invest the most in front line training. Least effective workplaces invest most on leadership training and least on the front line. Source: 2010 global survey by McKinsey http://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/organization/our-insights/building-organizational-capabilities-mckinsey-global-survey-results 6/9/2016 REVA DIGITAL MEDIA | REVADIGITAL.COM 6
  7. 7. r:d Millennial Values Sources: Pew Research Center: “Millennials surpass Gen Xers as largest generation in U.S. Labor Force,” (May 11, 2015) Millennial Branding. “The Cost of Millennial Retention Study.” 3 August 2013. Development Training. Career advancement. Growth. Meaning Doing work that matters. Autonomy Doing work on ones own terms. Efficiency Finding a better, faster, and easier way to work. Transparency Being kept in- the-know on the job. 6/9/2016 REVA DIGITAL MEDIA | REVADIGITAL.COM 7
  8. 8. r:d A New 70:20:10 ⌒Learning from New Experiences Work and Community ⌒Learning from Others: Coaching, social learning, conversations, communities ⌒Learning from Materials and Interventions: ⌒Courses, searches, conferences, reading, events Experience: Difficult Assignments Connecting with Others Self Study Training Actual Impact on Learning 6/9/2016 REVA DIGITAL MEDIA | REVADIGITAL.COM 8
  9. 9. r:d DAILY WEEKLY MONTHLY QUARTERLY YEARLY Coaching & mentoring e-learning courses Instructor-led classes Conferences & trade shows Web search Peer/team interaction Articles & blogs Videos Books Apps Online networks Webinars Live networking Online courses Podcasts & audio books Live classes (external) SELF- DIRECTED L&D- LED HowtheWorkforce Learnsin2016 Source: Degreed, How the Workforce Learns in 2016, 1/2016 6/9/2016 REVA DIGITAL MEDIA | REVADIGITAL.COM 9
  10. 10. r:d High Impact L&D Organizations Deliver… (-20%) +29% +13% +90% Source: Bersin by Deloitte, 2015 Corporate Learning Factbook, 2/2015; 6/2015 Less training via ILT, vILT and elearning courses) More learning via on-the-job experiences More learning via collaboration and coaching More learning via on-demand resources
  11. 11. r:d About Reva Digital ⌒History Reva Digital Media LLC (Reva Digital) provides eLearning services including custom online course design, mLearning, rapid eLearning authoring, content curation, content development and full stack web development. Reva Digital was established in 2011 and became an MWBE certified business in 2013. ⌒Mission Reva Digital was founded on the premise that digital has the power to create transformative learning experiences. Rooted in anchored instruction theory, we build narrative and game-based eLearning course to delight and engage millennial learners and high-performing employees of all ages.
  12. 12. r:d Contact Us Reva Digital Media Reva McEachern, Principal reva@revadigital.com | (646) 620-8436 revadigital.com 6/9/2016 REVA DIGITAL MEDIA | REVADIGITAL.COM 12