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Common Sense Society Hungary - Introduction

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The Common Sense Society represents a group of university students and young professionals in Budapest who regularly meet to discuss matters of philosophy, politics, culture, history, science and current affairs in a lively and engaging environment.

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Common Sense Society Hungary - Introduction

  1. 1. Hungary’s Constitution of Liberty
  2. 2. Who we are and what we do...
  3. 3. Historic opportunity Elevate the discourse Rediscover the nature of human freedom Hungary’s Constitution of Liberty The essence The content Public debate series
  4. 4. Target groups and action Advocacy Decision Makers Educational Academic, Diplomatic, & Business Communities Informational The General Public (especially youth)
  5. 5. Measuring & Continuing Metrics/Indicators • Project webpage hits/document downloads • Event attendees • Media mentions • (petition signatures) • Number of project partner organizations in Hungary • Inclusion of sovereignty and property protection clauses in new constitution Project Follow Up • Constitution Watch website (English and Hungarian): • Tracking of amendments and significant rulings • News about national sovereignty and other constitutional issues • Resource page • Ongoing forum for discussion/publication
  6. 6. Köszönöm Szépen! And the members of…