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Repusurance | Remove online consumer complaints

Repusurance provides you services to remove online complaints and help you to get a way to your success. Repusuranc.com is the topmost brand of online reputation management covering whole of the Indian and international brands, individuals and organizations and securing their online reputation.

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Repusurance | Remove online consumer complaints

  1. 1. Remove online consumer complaints Repusurance: A global leader in online reputation management
  2. 2. Feedback: Sharing experience  Online comments are a way of feedback from your public, it is a chance to know what customers think about your business in real time. A happy consumer that provides an opinion about your brand can help make up the mind of a possible new costumer. However, what to do when the review you receive is negative?
  3. 3. How consumer’s comments affects you  Studies reveal that 88% of the consumers have already been influenced by reviews. No one is willing to deal with a company full of negative evaluations. Why would them? If other people already had problems with this brand why will they risk go through the same process? So you ended up losing costumers before actually having them. In the end, not only your monthly sales can decrease but severe consequences to your business in the future can also be a concern.
  4. 4. Fact sheet  64% of People Trust Search Engines for Research.  ▪ AutoComplete Results Flavor People's Opinions.  ▪ 91% of consumers read online reviews to learn about a business.  ▪ 60% of consumers: Negative reviews turned them away.  ▪ Social media content strongly influences buyer decisions.  ▪ Average consumer mentions brands 90 times / week.  ▪ 69% turn down work at co.'s with weak online reputation  Businesses with mostly 1- star or 2-star reviews fail to convert about 90% of prospective customers. A single complaint on the first page of the can ruin you long term plans and current strategies. Don't wait get a complaint removed now and create a strong brand and online presence.
  5. 5. How to deal with consumer complaints?  There are a few ways to deal with bad comments. You can remove them from the search engines or make the response part of your brand, but you need to be attentive to the situation so it do not get out of hand. Many brands receive backlashes due to the company not monitoring the situation by taking too long to act or not responding at all. 
  6. 6. Reply and try to fix the situation:  The best costumer service is fast, so respond to your costumer as soon as possible. The company not responding at all or waiting to long to reply is the main culprit behind the problem, or can create a bigger one;  Be calm, don’t think about the critic as personal. A lot of brands received worst backlashes for the way they had respond to a comment than for the issue itself;  Use graceful tone to talk to your costumer, for more rude that the client can be your tone and manners need to be professional but personal, try not to use ready messages when dealing with angry clients.  Think about the complaint and see if it has fundament, did it really happened? Take that as a learning experience for you and your team;  Show that you appreciate the time, understand the critic and that you are sorry that they had a bad experience;  Take the conversation off the public view, ask for the costumers, number, e-mail or to send a direct message;  Talk in a light tone and explain or resolve the problem directly with the client.
  7. 7. How to remove online consumer complaints?  If the suggestions above worked and the complaint costumer is a happy costumer once again you can always ask them to remove the bad comment. Even if the end result is good, people will not always see that, the search engines show what has more repercussions, and the end result may not be same. Another way of dealing with it is removing the content or bury it with good reviews.
  8. 8.  Ask the webpage to remove the review, as they generally offer removal options for defamatory reviews if the content violates the website’s terms and conditions;  Talk to the client and resolve the problem, than ask him to remove it;  Bury the bad review with good ones.
  9. 9. few things you can do:  some websites are specifically made for bad reviews, like pissedconsumer.com. For this kind of website the best option is to push these negatives comments down the search engine list. For that you have to do a few things:  Let your presence be know online. Create a blog or a webpage, post positive things about you and your career or your company;  Ask your clients for good reviews, at least half the people that utilizes your services don’t make reviews or write about your company;  Contact a management reputation specialist company that will make your name’s search flood with positive and relevant contents to keep the positives on the first page of the search engines making the bad ones disappear.
  10. 10. Contact Repusurance:  Pissed off from negative complaints? Need a help? Don’t waste your marketing budget, Repusurance provides you services to remove online complaints and help you to get a way to your success. We are the topmost brand of online reputation management covering whole of the Indian brands, individuals and organizations and securing their online reputation. We provide number 1 solution to remove online complaints, We will remove all negative information from Google searches. We are India’s only company providing best services in online reputation management.
  11. 11. THANK YOU REPUSURANCE http://repusurance.com/