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The State of Digital & Media Literacy Education 2019

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Hobbs gives a brief overview of digital and media literacy for the Media Literacy in Early Childhood Alliance National Leadership Forum, January 15, 2019.

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The State of Digital & Media Literacy Education 2019

  1. 1. The State of Digital and Media Literacy Renee Hobbs Media Literacy in Early Childhood Alliance National Leadership Forum January 15, 2019
  2. 2. What are the Digital & Media Literacy Competencies Needed Today & in the Future?
  3. 3. Rhetoric Print Literacy Visual Literacy Information Literacy Media Literacy Critical Literacy Computer Literacy News Literacy Digital Literacy The Concept of Literacy is Expanding
  4. 4. FLAVORS OF DIGITAL LITERACY SKILLS & ABILITIES ➢ Computer Use and Knowledge ➢ Digital Skills LITERACY ➢ Online Reading & New Literacies ➢ Media Production & Composition ➢ Coding & Programming TEACHING WITH ➢ Technology Integration ➢ Digital Learning ➢ Blended Learning ➢ Connected Learning TEACHING ABOUT ➢ Information Literacy ➢ Media Literacy ➢ Online Safety & Digital Citizenship
  5. 5. Digital & Media Literacy Competencies are Complex & Multifaceted @reneehobbs CIVICC CREATIVE COGNITIVE SOCIAL TECHNICAL
  6. 6. empowerment – protection dialectic
  7. 7. Protection Balance Media & Technology Use with Other Forms of Play & Learning Guard Against Exposure to Potentially Harmful Content & Activities Avoid Engaging in Behaviors that Contribute to Harm
  8. 8. empowerment – protection dialectic
  9. 9. Empowerment Harness the Emotional Power of Media through Creative Play Build Connections to Others through Media Use Media & Technology to Activate Intellectual Curiosity & Learning
  10. 10. The Empowerment Protection Dialectic
  11. 11. Increases learner motivation & engagement ResearchEvidence
  12. 12. Promotes collaboration and creativity ResearchEvidence
  13. 13. Develops language skills ResearchEvidence
  14. 14. Inspires confidence to ask questions & share ideas ResearchEvidence
  15. 15. Improves content knowledge across the curriculum ResearchEvidence
  16. 16. How Do How Attitudes towards News Media, Media Literacy and Video Production Contribute to Adolescent Civic Engagement? Promotes intercultural communication ResearchEvidence
  17. 17. Promotes reflective thinking about communication ethics ResearchEvidence
  18. 18. Connects classroom and community ResearchEvidence
  19. 19. AUTHORSHIP Creative skills Collaboration skills Technical skills MEDIA ANALYSIS SKILLS Comprehension Identify Purpose Recognize Point of View ATTITUDES Giving & Receiving Feedback Intellectual Curiosity CIVIC ENGAGEMENT Sign an online petition Express an opinion to news media Blog about an issue Write an opinion letter QUALITY OF MEDIA CHOICES Increases civic engagement ResearchEvidence
  20. 20. Prepares learners for an unknowable future
  21. 21. How Many American Learners Get Exposed to Digital & Media Literacy Education?
  22. 22. How Many American Learners Get Exposed to Digital & Media Literacy Education? How often did you discuss: • how to tell if the information you find online is trustworthy • the importance of evaluating the evidence that backs up people’s opinions Kahne & Bowyer (2017) 30%
  25. 25. human development and public health literacy & learning media & communication educational technology society & culture business & economy DIGITAL MEDIA LITERACY
  26. 26. 1. Curriculum Materials & Resources 2. Adult/Teacher Education 3. Supportive Climate for Implementation 4. Professional Networks & Partnerships 5. Research, Assessment & Evaluation 6. Visibility, Storytelling & Promotion What is Needed for Digital & Media Literacy Education to Thrive?
  27. 27. Renee Hobbs Email: hobbs@uri.edu Twitter: @reneehobbs