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10 Best Diets

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10 Best Diets

  1. 1. Top 10 Diets: #1. DASH DietDASH was developed to fight high blood pressure, not as an all-purpose diet. Butit certainly looked like an all-star to our panel of experts, who gave it high marksfor its nutritional completeness, safety, ability to prevent or control diabetes, androle in supporting heart health. #2. TLC DietTherapeutic Lifestyle Changes, or TLC, is a very solid diet plan created by theNational Institutes of Health. It has no major weaknesses, and it’s particularlygood at promoting cardiovascular health. One expert described it as a “veryhealthful, complete, safe diet.” But it requires a “do-it-yourself” approach, incontrast to the hand-holding provided by some commercial diets. #3. Mayo Clinic DietThis is the Mayo Clinic’s take on how to make healthy eating a lifelong habit. Itearned especially high ratings from our experts for its nutrition and safety and asa tool against diabetes. Experts found it moderately effective for weight loss.
  2. 2. #4. Mediterranean DietWith its emphasis on fruits and vegetables, olive oil, fish, and other healthy fare,the Mediterranean diet is eminently sensible. And experts’ assessments of itwere resoundingly positive, giving this diet an edge over many competitors. #5. Weight Watchers DietWeight Watchers is a smart, effective diet. It surpassed other commercial dietplans in multiple areas, including short- and long-term weight loss and how easyit is to follow. It’s also nutritionally sound and safe, according to experts. Amongits pluses: An emphasis on group support, lots of fruits and vegetables, and roomfor occasional indulgences. #6. VolumetricsDietVolumetrics outperformed its competitors in many categories. It earnedparticularly high marks for being safe and nutritious, and experts said it couldhave a positive effect on heart health and diabetes. “This is an eating plan thateveryone can benefit from,” one expert said.
  3. 3. #7. Jenny Craig DietJenny Craig drew praise from experts for being easy to follow, nutritionallycomplete and safe, and for offering dieters emotional support. But these expertswere lukewarm about its potential to bolster heart health or help diabetics.Experts also noted that Jenny Craig’s cost could be a roadblock for some. #8. Biggest Loser DietThe diet received high marks for short-term weight loss, safety, and soundnessas a regimen for diabetes, and it was rated moderately effective for heart health.But many panelists felt that in a sea of diets, it’s not overly special, and one saidit’s merely “capitalizing on the name” of the popular TV show. #9. Ornish DietThe Ornish diet got a mixed reaction from experts. On one hand, it’s nutritionallysound, safe, and tremendously heart-healthy. On the other, it’s not easy fordieters to adhere to the severe fat restriction the diet demands. #10. Vegetarian Diet
  4. 4. As a health diet, vegetarianism is solid. It’s decent at producing rapid weight loss,according to experts, and is strong in other areas, such as heart health andnutritional completeness, that arguably are more important. * From U.S. News “Best Diets Rankings” *