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Lease your property

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Do you want to lease your property? We provide the best platform .For more information visit our webpage. http://www.rejuvenatestays.com/lease-your-property/

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Lease your property

  1. 1. Lease Your Property
  2. 2. About Us • Lisa comes from a service background in the corporate sector and started Rejuvenate Stays in response to discussions with property owners who felt there was a better way to manage their city and regional rental properties. • Lisa added the element of a more personalised service and a simple desire to provide an environment where people would feel good about all aspects of their property and destination. This service ethic starts at the initial enquiry experience across a portfolio of quality properties, all enhanced by the support of a consistent point of contact along the way.
  3. 3. Lease Your Property • Lease – Become part of the Rejuvenate Stays team. • Do you have a property which you would like to rent out as a short term holiday/accommodation rental to be able to take advantage of a higher return on investment than a long term rental.
  4. 4. CONTINUED…. • We specialise in the Victorian market and are always looking for new potential properties to add to our portfolio. Not sure what to expect or what you need to get started than please click here for more information or call Lisa on 0411 642 857.
  5. 5. Contact Us Lisa Emrose Director - Rejuvenate Stays Mobile number 0411642857 info@rejuvenatestays.com