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Ayr campus

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Ayr campus

  1. 1. Centre of learning Part two of our UWS Ayr campus spotlightWHILE on a privileged inside look around the new Ayr Campus of the University Healthof the West of Scotland the ‘Advertiser Series’ were given a tour around the exem-plary medical facilities. Those facilities include a mental health room set up like the living room of someone’s house to takerole-playing to a new level for students who are going to deal with patients with dementia and very real-istic dummies on which nurses can practice techniques before trying them on people. Lauren Goudie, a third year mental health nursing student, said: “It’s great. My lecturing staff are reallysupportive. I have developed as a person through my training. The campus itself - the layout is good. Asa student being here it’s the staff support above all else. The facilities weren’t as good at the old buildingand the classrooms were a lot more run down.” All the hospital-like rooms at the campus have adjustable cameras in the ceiling filming the studentswork so their classmates can monitor them via the video feed in another room and the students them-selves can analyse their own work. According to the students the cameras in the new Ayr campus are vastly superior to the ones in theold campus which were ‘in your face’. A group of adult nursing students, in their second year, together said: “I love it. It’s quite a diversecourse, we get to do a lot of different things. We have a lot more facilities here. “It feels more like a university the last campus felt like a college. The dummies we use are far morerealistic too - you feel like you’re in a hospital.” Computing ANOTHER aspect of the new university campus highlighted to the Advertiser were the Lauren Goudie and Dean Hunt, 3rd year mental health nursing students, learn to deal with patients extensive computer labs. One group of first year stu- dents said: “Yeah, it’s fun. The equipment is up to standards. It’s definitely better than the old one. I was at Strathclyde and this campus is far better than that. I think it will be even better when we are in second year.” Another group of first year students, who live on campus, added: “The people who work LEARNING HUB: Abdul Hussain at his pc, above. Below, Ayr at the Ayr Campus are very Advertiser Series reporter Oli Michelson chats to students. helpful.” One student from Aberdeen said: “Ayr in general is a really good place, I haven’t had any bother at all and the people are very nice.” And Abdul Hussain, a 2nd year computer networking student, said: “The lecturers are very helpful in trying to sort any problems we have. The new campus is good.” Art