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Research Data Management Training and Support


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Research Data Management Training and Support

  1. 1. Research Data Management Training and Support Robin Rice, Data Librarian EDINA and Data Library University of Edinburgh OpenAire / LIBER Workshop Ghent: 28 May 2013 #elag2013
  2. 2. Overview  About the Data Library  University of Edinburgh RDM activity: o Research Data Management Policy o Roadmap to implement policy  Data Management Support in Roadmap  The DIY Research Data Management Training Kit
  3. 3. What is a data library? “A data library refers to both the content and the services that foster use of collections of numeric, audio-visual, textual or geospatial data sets for secondary use in research.” Focus on re-use of data
  4. 4. Data Library service at Edinburgh: since 1983 finding… accessing … using … teaching … 4ChartsBin and mkandlez on flickr
  5. 5. Data Library & consultancy
  6. 6. Where data librarians meet… Follow #iassist2013 this week!
  7. 7. U of Edinburgh’s RDM Policy  Passed Senate in May, 2011  Ten brief principles  Sets out roles and responsibilities  Aims to enable researchers to achieve good practice  Wide consultation organised by Library-led committee set up by the Vice Principal
  8. 8. What does the policy look like?
  9. 9. Our Research Data Management Roadmap (to implement the policy) Involvement from across University and Information Services
  10. 10. Data Management Support General consultancy and support service throughout the research process
  11. 11. The Data Lifecycle Slide borrowed with permission from Anthony Beitz, Monash University. Presented at OR 2012, Edinburgh CollaborateConceive Design Experiment Publish ExposeAnalyseDesign Data Management Planning Expose National Repository or Institutional Repository or Electronic Journal or Community Portal Research Data Management Platform CollaborateExperiment PublishAnalyse
  12. 12. Supporting and training researchers • Online guidance for academic staff • Embedding RDM training into postgraduate programmes (MANTRA); bespoke training • Awareness-raising and service roll-out across schools and research units • Data management consultancy; grant-costed effort such as in-depth planning or metadata support • Training librarians & IT staff
  13. 13. Online guidance for staff
  14. 14. Online training for PhD students online training course
  15. 15. Another peak: wordle from one MANTRA unit
  16. 16. Liaison librarian training (2012-13)  Information Services staff need training to build confidence in engaging in RDM activity and providing support  Data Library had already created MANTRA, an online RDM training course for PhD students  Aimed to reuse MANTRA in a blended learning approach for academic liaison librarians  Idea inspired by Data Intelligence 4 Librarians and Monash University Library
  17. 17. 17 Sam Searle & Robin Rice at Monash University, January 2009 //jisc-datashare.blogspot.com/2009/02/data-walkabout-7-melbourne.html
  18. 18. DIY RDM Training Kit for Librarians: CC-BY Image by David Shankbone, wikimedia commons
  19. 19. Approach: pilot librarian training  Librarians are professionals with own experience and concerns to bring to training  Obtain buy-in from start, from participants as well as their managers  Small group (4 plus facilitator), private setting, plenty of time for discussion, sharing stories  Emphasis on facilitation rather than teaching
  20. 20. Five topics / modules  Data management planning  Documenting & organising data  Data storage & security  Ethics & copyright  Data sharing Topics of interest agreed with participating librarians before start of training. Loose correspondence to MANTRA units.
  21. 21. Course structure: five sessions  Each face to face session two hours duration  Facilitated by an ‘expert’ (data librarian)  Invited guest speakers to kick off each session  Short talks followed by long discussions  Interactive group exercises from UK Data Archive Train the Trainers workbook
  22. 22. ‘Homework’ assignments  Allow 2 weeks to complete prior to session  MANTRA modules & recommended reading  Reflective questions to think as a researcher  Independent study:  Interview a researcher  Write up a Data Curation Profile  The first builds confidence; the second practices what we preach (sharing)
  23. 23. Contents of the training kit  Overview for facilitators  Course schedule  Reflective questions for each session  Selected group exercises from UK Data Archive  Independent study assignment: Data Curation Profile, from D2C2, Purdue University Libraries  Podcasts and presentations of short talks  Evaluation forms All CC-BY licensed so please reuse!
  24. 24. Links University of Edinburgh policy http://www.ed.ac.uk/is/research-data-policy Research data guidance http://www.ed.ac.uk/is/data-management MANTRA online training http://datalib.edina.ac.uk/mantra/ Edinburgh University Data Library http://www.ed.ac.uk/is/data-library

Notas do Editor

  • A data library is normally part of a larger institution (academic, corporate, scientific, medical, governmental, etc.) established to serve the data users of that organisation.
  • IASSIST is the international organisation of data librarians and other data professionals, and it’s meeting ‘nearby’ (3 hours by train) in Cologne this week.
  • Wordle of Edinburgh RDM policy (2011) controlling for words research and data.
  • Planning: Support and services for planning activities that are typically performed before research data is collected or createdAD Infra: Facilities to store data that are actively used in current research activities, to provide access to that storage, and tools to assist in working with the dataStewardship:Tools and services to aid in the description, deposit, and on-going management of completed research data outputs…
  • Reminder slide to mention handouts and openly licensed MANTRA course
  • Wordle from one unit in MANTRA: Documentation and metadata
  • Sam Searle & Robin Rice at Monash University, January 2009http://jisc-datashare.blogspot.com/2009/02/data-walkabout-7-melbourne.htmlFeb, 2011: “The Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) Achievement Award recognises Sam’s work in leading activity in research data management across Monash University and her contribution to Australia’s research data management community to maximise the outcomes of researchers. … Ms Searle is the first person to be appointed to a library-based data management support role in Australia and one of very few research data librarians in the world. She hopes to use her award to attend a research data management workshop in the UK and to visit selected universities that are leaders in research data management, including the Universities of Edinburgh and Oxford.” http://www.monash.edu.au/news/show/national-award-for-data-management-coordinator
  • Slide from Sam Searle’s presentation at UoE: Library roles in research data management – visit from Sam Searle to UoE, 22 March 2011