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The women behind ewb kuwait

Many initiatives are currently blossoming across the region facilitating a stronger engagement of females in clean energy.

Eng. Zainab Garashi, Founder & CEO, Engineers without Boarders- Kuwait presented EWB projects at Sustainable Energy Field: A Step towards Sustainable Communities - Workshop on the side of International Beirut Energy Forum on 25 September 2019.

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The women behind ewb kuwait

  1. 1. The Women Behind EWB-KWT
  2. 2. Zainab Garashi .. • Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering – Kuwait University. • Head of the computer section at one of the control centers in the Ministry of Electricity and Water. • The youngest female board member in the Kuwait Society of Engineers (KSE) in 2011(reelected in 2013-2015). • An Executive Council Member of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations(Vice President). • Chair of Young Engineers Future Leader Committee. • Founder and chair of Engineers without Borders (EWB) - Kuwait.
  4. 4. Engineers without Borders • Mission: EWB-KW applies sustainable engineering solutions to help communities improve the quality of their lives by utilizing the experiences and knowledge of our volunteers. • Vision: Our vision is a world where the community is self-sufficient and everyone has access to their basic needs by applying sustainable engineering solutions.
  5. 5. Awareness Campaigns Training Human Development Programs Sustainable Projects Projects
  6. 6. 2015 2019
  7. 7. Biogas System (Dasai) - India EWB-KWT worked on a sanitation project to serve students of a school in Dasai – India. Toilets have been connected to a biogas unit that process human waste through anaerobic digestion to produce natural gas that the school uses for cooking purposes (methane). 2015
  8. 8. Biogas System (Dasai) - India Number of Beneficial: 400 Students 2015
  9. 9. Solar System (Maal) - India EWB team successfully installed a solar power system utilized in lighting serving a school for students of special needs. 2016
  10. 10. Solar System (Maal) - India 2016 Number of beneficiaries: 170 Students
  11. 11. The Challenge 2017 • A competition for university students and fresh graduate engineers. • The challenge was to design a sustainable housing cabin for refugee families in Dadaab Camps – Kenya.
  12. 12. The Challenge 2017 • The winning team: Was a group of talented, hard working females.
  13. 13. The Challenge 2017 • The winning teams presented their projects to UN Habitat, and now are currently updating their designs to better fit the environment and culture and are studying the opportunities of implementing them
  14. 14. Al-Jabriya Walkway 2018 Al-Jabriya walkway has been renovated by EWB-KWT volunteers to serve community. 1) A full renovation of the walkway was made using recycled and reused materials.
  15. 15. Al-Jabriya Walkway 2018 2) Energy conservation study was applied in this project. A. The use of solar photovoltaic cells to convert day light directly to electricity. B. To use the toys and cross fit devices in the walkway to generate electrical energy which then provides power to light the walkway at night time.
  16. 16. Kids Programs 2018 EWB kids programs introduce kids to engineering and innovation activities focused on environment, energy and sustainability. visit made to Masdar city–Abu Dhabi (one of the world’s most sustainable urban communities).
  17. 17. Vocational Training (Reyhanli) - Turkey 2019 A training program in the field of alternative energy applications and computer programming were provided by EWB volunteers to Syrian refugee students. Age: (12-15) and (16-18). Duration: 2 weeks. Location: Al- Salam School – Reyhanli.
  18. 18. Vocational Training (Reyhanli) - Turkey 2019 4 Volunteers participate in this project, 2 of them were women. Number of beneficial: 98 Students
  19. 19. Energy Conservation Tips 2018 Promoting the idea of saving energy on local radio station and social media by broadcasting quick tips to guide people on the best ways to conserve energy using simple, yet very effective solutions.
  20. 20. Engineers without Borders Active female volunteers Vs. Male volunteers: 155 out of 268 Male Female 57.84% 42.16%
  21. 21. Engineering Projects Conferences & Forums Kids Programs EWB female volunteers in leadership positions
  22. 22. 2020 ?
  23. 23. “No one will believe in you until you believe in you.” Robin Sharma