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Energy entrepreneurship artik energy

Many initiatives are currently blossoming across the region facilitating a stronger engagement of females in clean energy.
Salma El Shiekh, The Sudanese Artik Energy Start up founder shared her journey at Sustainable Energy Field: A Step towards Sustainable Communities - Workshop on the side of International Beirut Energy Forum on 25 September 2019.

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Energy entrepreneurship artik energy

  1. 1. Energy Entrepreneurship Salma Abdalla, Co-founder Enabling Women in Sustainable Energy Field: A Step Towards Sustainable Communities
  2. 2. A bit About Me SALMA ABDALLA Co-founder & General Manager Education Background  Leadership in Business Fellowship - University of Nevada ,Reno  Bachelor's in Engineering Chemical - Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Work Experiences  Network Directors – SSES Initiative  Junior Data and Information Analyst - IEC  Intern – RCREEE Expertise Business Development Research and Data Analysis Awards Strengths Ideation, Restorative, Self-Assurance, Learner
  3. 3. Energy Poverty In many developing countries Women disproportionately bear the burden of energy poverty. They face significant health and safety risks from household air pollution, and from the lack of lighting.
  4. 4. Energy Entrepreneurship
  5. 5. Power For Sustainability UNDP SDG’s
  6. 6. Energy Entrepreneurship Opportunities for women
  7. 7. Towards Sustainable Energy
  8. 8. Problem Energy Shortage in Sudan affecting both urban and rural communities
  9. 9. “An early Stage Startup That Provide Sustainable Energy Solution Services” Who We Are
  10. 10. What Do We Offer Building Energy Efficiency Solar Water Pumps
  11. 11. Challenges  A big vision, from where to start  How to do business  Many partnership opportunities, how to choose?  What about Funding ?  How do I reach my targeting customers  Do I need marketing?  How do I legally register my company
  12. 12. Our Team AHMED ELBASHIR Co-founder & Operation Manager Education Background  MSc Renewable Energy  Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering Work Experiences  Renewable Energy Engineer Ministry of Electricity  Vice president at the Sudanese Solar Energy society Projects  Solar Pumps For Irrigation  Wind Project (MWRIE/GEF/UNDP) Strengths Context, Analytical, Belief, Focus, Arranger
  13. 13. Our Consultants Technical Consultant TARIG TAGALAFIA Business Consultant KHALID M. ALI
  14. 14. Road Map - Develop Business Model - Identify potential partners - Test and verify the Business Model - Secure Seed fund - Develop an economically sustainable business model - Business development model Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
  15. 15. Learn and Develop Tesla Gigafactory 1, Sparks, NV GES Pitch Competition , Northwestern University , Illinois
  16. 16. Network Susan, Sunspot Energy Peter, Clean Energy Engineering Chengetai, ZWA Ngozi, De-Rahbs Energy Filagot, On Energy Khansa, Green Box Hamdtio, Muazz Innovation Ethar, Shine Energy Amadou, Sonatel Chengeto, Geekajoule PVt Alaa, Solar Food
  17. 17. How Do You Empower Women Energy Entrepreneur  Support, Support, and Support  Be a mentor  Start renewable energy incubation program  Partnership opportunities  Create Financing schemes
  18. 18. Thank You The Future is Yours to Create Salma.e.abdalla@gmail.com +249 90613 4815 (Sudan) linkedin.com/in/salmaeabdalla