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search.com or Google: Why we suck at naming products and companies (PCA13)

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Winner of "Best Session" at ProductCamp Austin 13 (August 2, 2014).

For full presentation with speaker notes, please see the Google slides published here:


Once there, hover over the bottom left of the page, click the sprocket, and select 'Open speaker notes'.

Did you know that scientists have studied what makes a great brand name? The findings may surprise you. Our intuitions about brand names are the opposite of what the science tells us.

The session answered:

1. What goals should you strive to achieve when choosing a name for your product or company?
2. What does the science say about what types of names best accomplish these goals?
3. How should you choose a name?

Prepare to challenge your intuitions.

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search.com or Google: Why we suck at naming products and companies (PCA13)

  1. 1. Products and Companies Members Private Sale #wesuck #PCATX13 Roger L. Cauvin Director of Products Why We Suck at Naming
  2. 2. “Sounds like a porn site.”
  3. 3. “The kiss of death for an Internet brand is a common name.”
  4. 4. “[A] brand name is a peg that people use to hang all the attributes of your business.” “The LESS it has to do with your category, the better.”
  5. 5. Incongruity Elaboration Affinity2 Recall1 Word of Mouth3 1Heckler, S. E. and Childers, J. L., “The Role of Expectancy and Relevancy in Memory for Verbal and Visual Information: What Is Incongruency?” Journal of Consumer Research, 18, 3, 475-492, 1992. 2Miller, Elizabeth G. and Kahn, Barbara E. Shades of Meaning: The Effect of Color and Flavor Names on Consumer Choice. Journal of Consumer Research. June 2005. 3Mattsson, Jan and Söderlund, Magnus. Word-of-mouth is more than recommendations. ANZMAC annual conference. ANZMAC : Australian New Zealand Marketing Association, 2011.
  6. 6. @rcauvin blog.cauvin.org roger@cauvin.org