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Leveraging digital sponsorship channels

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Keynote for 2018 Sponsorship Summit, how digital channels can deliver effective outcomes with case studies from Volvo Ocean Race and Air New Zealand.

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Leveraging digital sponsorship channels

  1. 1. Digital Channels Leveraging Sponsorship
  2. 2. Barfoot & Thompson World Masters Games Sponsorship has become a larger part of our strategy we want to stay relevant in their lives when they’re not thinking about real estate. Being involved in the community is key. Our objective is to make Auckland an amazing place to live, work and visit. Bringing the event to Auckland is about us giving back to the City. Jen Baird CMO, Barfoot & Thompson
  3. 3. Audience •Design your personas •Research them - a lot •Understand differentiation •Understand segmentation •Apply to your communications & tactics Peppers and Rogers’ 1to1 Methodology 1.Identify 2.Differentiate 3.Interact (and learn) 4.Customise
  4. 4. Goal Alignment •OPSM : Macular Degeneration NZ •Akzo Nobel : Volvo Ocean Race •Amazon Prime : ABs, Man City
  5. 5. Media Consumption for Sailing Fans * Source - Mindshare Mindreader data
  6. 6. Social Content Matrix
  7. 7. Key components for success Strong Narrative Angle Tailored assets for each channel Targeted paid support
  8. 8. The fastest growing fanbase of any team
  9. 9. Sponsored blog content Page views = 871 Uniques = 408 Comments = 11 Leads = 5 Awareness = ?
  10. 10. Air New Zealand Quiz Goals
  11. 11. 5 questions to uncover personas
  12. 12. 5 questions
  13. 13. Customer styles
  14. 14. Messaging •What motivates each group? •Opportunist •Savvy Selector •Lounger •Goody Gatherer •Facts - “you are…..” •Writing style variations •Calls to action
  15. 15. Engagement •What to do in advance •Just before an event •During the campaign •Next year
  16. 16. Pre-planned content
  17. 17. Salesforce •This is last year’s event •What can you re-use / recycle?
  18. 18. Mistakes to Avoid •Promotional emails •Landing pages •Customer journey •SEO
  19. 19. Promotional Emails
  20. 20. Landing Pages
  21. 21. Customer Journey
  22. 22. SEO
  23. 23. Resources • http://www.activenetwork.com/assets/veb-eventsmb-the-future-of-event- sponsorship.pdf • https://web.archive.org/web/sitemap/http://www.worldmastersgames2017.co.nz/ • https://www.mallory-group.com/insights/the-power-of-sport-to-shift-consumer- behaviour-for-good • http://creativeagencysecrets.com/backstory-on-barfoots-world-masters-games- advert/ • https://web.archive.org/web/sitemap/http://www.worldmastersgames2017.co.nz/ • https://www.kaushik.net/avinash/stop-organic-social-media-marketing-solve-for- profit/
  24. 24. Connect Please find me on LinkedIn and connect - remind me where we met! rebecca@creativeagencysecrets.com Creative Agency Secrets Services • By the hour coaching / tutoring to up-skill you • B2B marketing strategy • Education seminars (like this)