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Mike Boylson, CMO, JCPenney, discussed how they constantly push the envelope with digital technology to not only build the JCPenney brand but change the way we think about JCPenney at the Razorfish Client Summit.

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  1. 1. JCPenney Evolution of Marketing
  2. 2. embrace change & drive accountability
  3. 3. relevance = differentiation the price of entry
  4. 4. The four major changes: block & tackle brand the company manage the downturn adjust to new realityadjust to new reality
  5. 5. innovation
  6. 6. relevant connected consistent measurable
  7. 7. speed
  8. 8. Creating a culture of speed rewarding risk being quick without hurrying “fallure”or falling forward
  9. 9. opportunity: embrace history
  10. 10. this was an opportunity
  11. 11. partnership
  12. 12. environment of trust and openness
  13. 13. The challenge
  14. 14. evolution
  15. 15. it’s not only about style We must use both style and technology to evolve our brand