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How to upload application on iTune store

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Learn how to Upload your iOS build on iTune store with step by step guide.

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How to upload application on iTune store

  1. 1. iOS App Upload www.letsnurture.com
  2. 2. Apple Developer Account(iOS) www.letsnurture.com Basic Requirement • Apple Developer Account(iOS) • App Id • Distribution Certificate
  3. 3. Apple Developer Account(iOS) - Login www.letsnurture.com
  4. 4. Lets Create App ID www.letsnurture.com
  5. 5. Add Name of your choice(Make sure its available) www.letsnurture.com
  6. 6. Enter Bundle ID (com.companyname.appname) www.letsnurture.com Enter bundle ID – same as you have inserted in your project (or you can change bundle id of your project while you upload) If you are using wildcard then add suffix Here we are using explicit Bundle ID, Press Continue
  7. 7. Confirm your App ID and press Submit www.letsnurture.com
  8. 8. Lets Create Distribution Certificate www.letsnurture.com Click + and select App store and addhoc Press continue
  9. 9. CSR File www.letsnurture.com
  10. 10. Lets create CSR www.letsnurture.com Press cmd+space and write Keychain Acess or you can get it by choosing Utilities from Go menu in the finder
  11. 11. www.letsnurture.com Add required information and press continue
  12. 12. Some more Process to Follow • Select location to save certificate and press save • You CSR generated now back to Apple developer account press continue • Upload you CSR and press generate • Your certificate is created now (double click on certificate – you can check it is added in Keychain Access) • Now lets create provisioning profile www.letsnurture.com
  13. 13. The Provisioning Profile www.letsnurture.com
  14. 14. Select Distribution www.letsnurture.com Select distribution because we want to upload the app Click + and select App store and continue
  15. 15. Select App ID and press continue www.letsnurture.com
  16. 16. Select certificate and press continue www.letsnurture.com
  17. 17. Add Profile name and press Generate www.letsnurture.com
  18. 18. The Last step in Apple Developer Account www.letsnurture.com • Click Download and press Done (Double click provisioning profile) • Here we are done with apple developer account lets move to iTunes account
  19. 19. iTunes Account(Login) www.letsnurture.com Manage your Apps
  20. 20. Add New App www.letsnurture.com Now enter App name, SKU number ( That’s your own code number for the product short form of Stock Keeping Unit-IT should be unique), Select bundle ID
  21. 21. Select Availability & Set Price www.letsnurture.com Check true if you want to give discount to Education institute Check true if your app is B2B Press Continue
  22. 22. Fill all required detail Version number, Copy Right , select primary Category, Secondary Category , Select content description www.letsnurture.com
  23. 23. Be Careful on This www.letsnurture.com
  24. 24. Add Description , keywords for app, marketing – if any ,supporting, privacy policy if any url. www.letsnurture.com
  25. 25. Contact Details www.letsnurture.com Add first name, last name, email address, phone number. You can add review notes for apple review team and user name password if you app contains login
  26. 26. Screenshots & Icons www.letsnurture.com • Upload icon and screen shots • If you app is universal upload all screen shots • If your app is iPhone only upload 3.5 inch and 4 inch display screens
  27. 27. Click Save – now you will see your app status Prepare for upload Click View Details www.letsnurture.com Click Ready to upload Binary
  28. 28. The IDFA Rule! www.letsnurture.com • Do following check mark based on your app (Our app contains Google AdMob hence we have selected IDFA true) • Click Save • Now back to project
  29. 29. Confirm your bundle ID www.letsnurture.com
  30. 30. Select Provisioning Profile & Certificate www.letsnurture.com
  31. 31. Select run target iOS device www.letsnurture.com
  32. 32. From menu select Product -> Archive www.letsnurture.com Click Distribute Select Submit to the iOS App Store
  33. 33. Enter Apple ID and Password >Click Next Select application and provisioning profile www.letsnurture.com
  34. 34. Click Submit > You are Done! www.letsnurture.com
  35. 35. Follow us on https://www.facebook.com/LetsNurture https://twitter.com/letsnurture http://www.linkedin.com/company/letsnurture Mail Us on info@letsnurture.om www.letsnurture.com | www.letsnurture.co.uk