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First conditional and future time clauses

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First conditional and future time clauses

  1. 1. Conditionals and Future time Clauses NEFI4a
  2. 2. Zero Conditional Sentences • If + present simple, present simple Use the Zero Conditional to talk something which is always true or always happens as the result of something else: If you want to be fit, you have to do exercise every day You can also use other present tenses, like the present continuous or the present perfect in either clause
  3. 3. First Conditional Sentences • If (unless) + Present Simple, will/won’t + infinitive Use the First Conditional to talk about a possible future situation and its consequence: If you don’t study harder, you’ll fail the exam
  4. 4. First Conditional Sentences • Unless = if … not Compare: If you don’t study harder, you’ll fail the exam Unless you study harder, you won’t pass the exam
  5. 5. First Conditional Sentences • You can also use an imperative, can, or going to + infinitive instead of the will clause Come and see us next time if you have time Unless you do more work, you’re going to fail If you miss the bus, you can get a taxi
  6. 6. First Conditional Sentences • Punctuation rules: Put a comma after the if clause: If he doesn’t hurry up, he’ll be late for work But NOT after the will clause: He’ll be late for work if he doesn’t hurry up
  7. 7. Future Time Clauses • Use the Present Simple (NOT the future) after when, as soon as, until, before, and after to talk about the future (actually, it works exactly the same as 1st conditional clauses): When your father gets home, we’ll have dinner NOT: When your father will get home, we’ll have dinner
  8. 8. Future Time Clauses • In case= use it to talk about something you do to be ready for the future. Compare: I’ll take a jacket if it’s cold = (I won’t take one if it’s not cold) I’ll take a jacket in case it’s cold = (I’ll take a jacket anyway because it might be cold)
  9. 9. Future Time Clauses When your father gets home, we’ll have dinner I’ll have lunch before I leave When + present simple, will + infinitive Will + infinitive /before + present simple
  10. 10. Future Time Clauses Call me as soon as you get your exam results Until you come home, I won’t go to bed Imperative / as soon as + present simple until + present simple, won’t + infinitive