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My professional journey ppt

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My professional journey ppt

  1. 1. Rasika Gamage (300614896)https://eceamaisd.sharpschool.com/
  2. 2. My Passion Influence by mother’s work as a teacher. My passion to work with children since ever I was young. Several years of experience educating children before migrating to Canada Enrolled in Early Childhood Education program at Centennial College Starting a new career path having a goal to be an Early Childhood Educator.
  3. 3. My Learning Journey Learned about child centered whole child development. Great understanding of “emergent curriculum approach” and “guidance strategies” Empowered with the knowledge, tools and theories required in real classroom environment, Increased competencies to create a positive www.iappsofts.com child centered learning environment Obtained practical experiences with children during my placements. Tried to maintain Professionalism as an ECE
  4. 4. Some Final Semester Courses: ECEP 236-Advocay and the Emerging professional course  explore relevant issues, legislation, policies, and regulations related early childhood education within ethical and professional standards. ECEP-237- Child Abuse course  helped me to understand how child abuse and what my responsibilities are as an ECE.  Learning about how to recognize the actual risks and familiarize myself with the signs of abuse, would help me to identify a child who may have http://michelephoen sign of abuse and take necessary steps when abuse ix.com/2012/10/child is suspected. -abuse-on-the- mission-field/
  5. 5. Few Final Semester Courses ECEP 233- Inclusion of Children with special needs  Learn how children with special needs can be given the same opportunities to learn, enjoy and participate as other children.  Conducted a “Child Abuse Awareness www.friendshipcircle.org Campaign”  Plan, design and carry out a successful campaign against child abuse while enhancing our skills to engage conversation with visitors and answering their questions.
  6. 6. My Field Placements Helped me to enhance my professional competence in child observation, respecting children’s thoughts and ideas, curriculum planning, implementation and evaluation, enhancing children’s learning and parent involvement and community www.tatasdaycare.com support.
  7. 7. My first Filed Placement Learned to observe children and record their activities, behaviors and interests. Gained a richer picture of the child by observing and recording the child in a variety of settings and with a focus on the different areas of development. Improved professional qualities such as writerwoman61.wordpress.com effective communication skills, ability to work as a team player and building a better relationship with children and their families.
  8. 8. My Second Placement Tried to use my knowledge on “Emergent Curriculum” but Centre was had different approach in the child development. Tried to be a part of a team Maintained professionalism throughout www.miibb.com
  9. 9. My final Placement The Most successful placement Implemented the curriculum implementation confidently with careful observation of the children’s interests, questions, and ideas Curriculum projects helped me to further enhance my knowledge and www.volunteerrichmond.ca skills on planning and implementation of emergent curriculum. My collaboration and communication with supervising ECE, other team members in the centre and especially parents and community have increased compared to previous placements.
  10. 10. Developing E-portfolio Another interesting task that I liked to engage with. Learn several digital tools that help to give pleasant appearance for the wiki pages. Helped me to expose into the digital http://www.culpwrit.com/2013/02/25/will- world and now I have a great confidence social-media-replace-e-portfolios/ in using those tools. Used my e-portfolio to record my learning journey and developmental path as ECE professional.
  11. 11. Reflecting my own journey Kept maintaining my learning journal that I used to reflect on my own learning. I believe that continual reflection is a critical component of learning. Success can be achieved through recurrent practice as a lifelong learner and reflection and enriching my knowledge. www.durhamcollege.ca
  12. 12. What I bring into ECE Profession When I start to practice as an ECE professional, I will certainly bring my enthusiasm for children and passion in teaching children. I want to be creative when I work as professional by brining liveliness to the learning environment. My patience and friendliness will help to build stronger relationships with children. These will help me to be a long term advocate for improving the lives of children and their families
  13. 13. My Philosophy Statement My professional philosophy as an ECE is that the children learn through play by experiencing themselves at different learning environments. I believe that every child is unique and they learn in their own way. As an ECE I should provide the children with the best learning environment possible because children are our future, and we need to do our part to help make them be the best they can possible be by allowing them to build their self-esteem. I also value diversity, and strive to partner with parents, families, caregivers and the community to provide healthy and inclusive environment with positive guidance.