First 100k users are always the hardest

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11 de Aug de 2009

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First 100k users are always the hardest

  1. The first 10k users are always the hardest Rashmi Sinha, SlideShare
  2. Who am I?
  3. 1. Make your app useful
  4. Solve one problem really well
  5. 2. Speed is imperative
  6. Why startups need speed?
  7. Small & fast
  8. 3. What to build
  9. 37signals: Build less
  10. How to double traffic ?
  11. 4. How to Launch
  12. The Alpha Feedback to the embed No publicity Browser compatibility issues
  13. Initial Momentum
  14. 5. Use metrics
  15. Daily email reports
  16. 6. Scaling Community is hard
  17. 7. Outsource what you can
  18. 8. Working with remote teams
  19. Synchronous is must Skype GoToMeeting
  20. SCRUM End of day reports
  21. 9. Ideas are dime a dozen
  22. 10. Understand market size (& revenue model)
  24. Problems with fremium

Notas do Editor

  1. Why choose Describe three popularity methods
  2. What type of hosting Developers love it Its good for fast, agile teams We hit scalability issues, but Twitter hitting them first! So far, its been solvable Not enough CPU. Doubled spend on machines. Split Web servers from App servers As system gets load, some parts of system get used more, code needs to be optimized Database scaling issues currently Solving problems as they arise, but architecting for scaling Dedicated hosting provider is compromise Having tech resources outside organization you can call on Reduces initial expense Good sys admins harder to find than good devs
  3. Customer requests? At any given time List of 15 to-do features Many bugs to fix Customer requests
  4. This workshop is more about building large-scale web products, rather than web products for niche markets, consulting scenarios