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Rasa Developer Summit - Alan Nichol, Rasa - Welcome & Intro

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Overview of Rasa

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Rasa Developer Summit - Alan Nichol, Rasa - Welcome & Intro

  1. 1. Welcome & Intro Alan Nichol Co-Founder & CTO, Rasa Rasa Developer Summit - 2019
  2. 2. 253 #RasaDevSummit Attendees 150Companies 23Speakers Welcome!
  3. 3. #RasaDevSummit 44%Have played around with Rasa 39%Are actively developing with or have Rasa in production 17%Haven’t used Rasa Rasa Developer Summit in numbers
  4. 4. First ticket sold #RasaDevSummit Rasa Developer Summit in numbers March Last ticket sold This morning!
  5. 5. A history in 5 T-shirts Rasa Core Oct ‘17 Rasa NLU Dec ‘16 Rasa Summit Berlin Oct ‘18 Rasa X May ‘19 TODAY #RasaDevSummit
  6. 6. How Rasa works today #RasaDevSummit
  7. 7. With Rasa X you get a continually improving system #RasaDevSummit
  8. 8. Conversations can also teach you about your domain #RasaDevSummit
  9. 9. Rasa is building the standard infrastructure for conversational AI Level 1: Notifications Level 2: “Chatbots” - FAQs Level 3: Contextual Assistants Level 4: Personalized Assistants Level 5: Autonomous Organization #RasaDevSummit
  10. 10. We’re all here to learn from each other ● Conversational AI is far from a solved problem! ● We encouraged speakers to talk about problems they overcame as well as things they haven’t solved yet. ● You are all encouraged to ask challenging questions ● By being here you agree to follow the code of conduct (see rasa.com/summit)
  11. 11. #RasaDevSummit Wifi: RDS2019wifi Password: conversationalAI Full agenda at rasa.com/summit