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How To Become An IEP Champion

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Rare Disease Day 2015 Conference Day 3: Tanya johnson

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How To Become An IEP Champion

  1. 1. How To Become An IEP Champion Tanya Johnson Rare Parent and Advocate Special Education Teacher
  2. 2. Agenda  REAP the benefits of educational advocacy so your child will reach their maximum potential. Become an IEP Champion TODAY!  R-Relationship Building  E-Educating  A-Action-Planning  P-Progress - Tracking
  3. 3. Relationship- Building  To know someone IS to love them  Share a story, help your school team see your child is full of potential, he is easy to love and she is in pursuit of happiness  Build a network around your child and invite school staff to become part of your winning team
  4. 4. Educating  Inform the school staff about the specific needs of your child related to their disorder, disease and/or disability  Share informational video  Offer to in-service the staff  Provide pamphlets/resources  Medical records/assessments  Create a student profile, resume or pamphlet
  5. 5. Action Planning  Create a plan (IEP) and set goals with school team collaboratively  IEP – Individual Education Plan is a collaborative effort that should be written with school team and parents that includes recommendations from various assessments in order to help a student reach their maximum potential SMART GOALS  SMART  Measurable  Attainable  Results-Based  Timely
  6. 6. Progress-Tracking  Ensuring that goals are being met, identifying and addressing gaps  Updating IEP, meeting with team as needed  Data drives instruction  ABC Charts
  7. 7. Now What?  Join my Education and Advocacy: Maximizing Learning Potential  Check out my Blog on the Rare Daily at www.globalgenes.org  Like my facebook page and join the conversation: IEP Champion  Contact me anytime Tanya Johnson: tsotiriou@hotmail.com “You’ve got one shot at your child’s education!”