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what to do to align sharepoint with your business needs?

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In this presentation you will find some ideas that will help you align your intranet with your business and thus take more profit from your investment

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what to do to align sharepoint with your business needs?

  1. 1. I place the documents Can’t find the document I My Intranet is wherever need department based Síndrome de Ocultismo Ghettos de diógenes Documental información
  2. 2. Some tips about Governance 14.635 14,634 9,400 7,600 3,600 4,500 “Thanks” to Raona more tan 100 400 600 900 1,800 40.000 users Work with 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 SharePoint SharePoint gets 20.000 El 85% of SharePoint failures is new users because out of space (Logs, every day temporary files, BBDD,…) 200 M SharePoint Twitter de Justin User Bieber 33 M Millions
  3. 3. The most important tip… SharePoint is a Platform… …you need more to accomplish your goals…
  4. 4. SharePoint center of excellence… ShareNEXT … … NEXT Frameworks for SharePoint Information Architecture oriented to share and collaborate on a social way Deployment Plan Project Methodology Governance Plan Enhanced Shp. Functionalities Time To Market Stabilized Components Improve Productivity Configuration, not developing User Centered design Easy of use
  5. 5. Communications Home
  6. 6. Communications Home
  7. 7. Collaboration Sites
  8. 8. Collaboration Sites
  9. 9. Collaboration Sites