Mozcation Seattle 2011

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16 de Dec de 2011

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Mozcation Seattle 2011

  1. What’ s Up in SEO Land? Observations and curious happenings from Nov + Dec 2011 Rand Fishkin | CEO
  2. 1) Advertising Gone Too Far?
  3. Whoa. That’s a Lot of Vertical Ad Space.
  4. Those Are Some Aggressive Ads! Privacy? Ack!
  5. If Your Keyword Referrals Fluctuate, Look at: Rankings Drop Seasonal Fluctuation Changes to Auto-Suggest Query Volume Your Performance SERP Changes Snippet Changes Brand Sentiment Verticals Advertising Blocks Visual Changes Demand Shifts Rankings vs. Visits in the Moz Web App
  6. 2) Rich Snippet Changes
  7. No More Whitelisting?
  8. Single Reviews as Snippets Note the review given by Jsoczka
  9. Rel Author + Rich Snippets 16 reviews 4 reviews One dude’s review?
  10. 3) Video in SERPs
  11. Whoa. Video is Everywhere…
  12. Whoa. Video is Everywhere… Not actually a video
  13. 4) Keyword Data
  14. There’s a Lot of Not Provided 23.4% of visits are (not provided); up from 18.34% the 1 st 2 weeks of Nov.
  15. Dick Move!
  16. 5) Bing vs. Google
  17. Relevancy starts with the long tail
  18. Bing = keyword matching
  19. Google = deeper connections
  20. SEOs Need to Think “Relevant,” Not Just “Keywords”
  21. 6) SEO Tip: Be a Brand
  22. Brand Domain Names Get Clicks
  23. Brands Get Preferential Visibility These clearly bias to well-known brands But brand also extends to SERP rankings
  24. Brands Get Local Bias, Too Who ’s Under This Blue Box?
  25. Brands Get Local Bias, Too
  26. Happy Mozcation! Let’s do some Q+A @randfish [email_address]