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How to Earn Traffic without Selling Your Soul

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Rand Fishkin's presentation from TBEX 2012 Keystone, CO

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How to Earn Traffic without Selling Your Soul

  1. How to Earn Traffic (without selling your soul)Rand Fishkin | CEO http://bit.ly/trafficwithsoul
  2. There’s a War Going On
  3. Aggressive Marketing vs. Authenticity
  4. Aggressive Marketing Demands…
  5. Keyword-Stuffed Posts Just for SEO
  6. Content Writers Aren’tParticularly Interested In
  7. Shoving Out More Posts to Meet Traffic Quotas
  8. Following People on Twitter Justto Get them to Follow You Back
  9. Begging for Links and Shares
  10. SubmittingYour Site and Posts inArtificial Ways
  11. Repetitive Social Shares to Reach a Bored Audience
  12. Doing DistastefulThings Just to Earn FutureFavors From Others
  13. Pushing Visitors to“Subscribe” or “Follow”
  14. Cold-Emails for Guest Posts or Links
  15. That Stuff Sucks
  16. Authentic Blogging is About…
  17. Being You
  18. Writing About What Excites You
  19. Promoting OnlyThose Things that Truly Capture Your Interest
  20. Developing Relationships with People You Like
  21. We Can Solve This Problem
  22. Have Your Cake…
  23. And Eat It, Too
  24. Let’s Talk AboutAuthenticMarketing
  25. (No. It’s not an oxymoron.)
  26. The Strategy…
  27. Connect Your Passions
  28. With What Your Audience Needs
  29. Discover the Intersection ofContent You’re Excited About
  30. AndContent ThatExcitesOthers
  31. Build a Brand WithThese Three Qualities:
  32. #1: Loved(specifically by you)
  33. #2: Unique
  34. #3: Memorable
  35. Commit Yourself to Trying
  36. And Failing
  37. Again andAgain and Again.
  38. The Tactics…
  39. Don’t Stuff Keywords andDon’t Write for Keywords
  40. But When You Write Something,Check if There’s a Searched-for Phrase to Include
  41. Don’t Write 3X a Day Just to Get More Traffic
  42. Do Commit to aConsistent Schedule
  43. Don’t Follow People on Twitter Just to Get a Follow-Back
  44. Do Interact w/ InfluencersWhose Content You Like
  45. Do Keep a HighSignal:Noise Ratio
  46. Don’t Beg for Links or Shares
  47. Do Make it Easy for Others to Share Your Work
  48. Don’t Submit Everything You Publishto Every Site Possible
  49. Do Make an Effort toPromote those Special, “1 in 100” Posts
  50. Don’t Repeat SocialPromotions if You’reUncomfortable
  51. Do Know that Only 10-20% of YourFollowers/Fans are Online at Any Given Time
  52. Don’t Join Every Network Under the Sun
  53. Do At Least Have a Presence on These:Users: 90mm 850mm 200mm 120mm 12mm
  54. Do Share Your Posts onYour Top 2-3 Networks
  55. Don’t Share Stuff You Don’t Like Just to Earn Followers/Fans
  56. Do Share Stuff You FindAmazing & Worthwhile (and find more of it)
  57. Don’t Do Distasteful Favors Just to Get “You-Owe-Me-Ones”
  58. Do Be Generous to Others and They’ll Be Generous to You
  59. Don’t Push People toSubscribe / Follow / Share
  60. Do Make it Easy to Find Those Features
  61. Don’t Cold Emailfor Guest Posts
  62. Do Build Relationships and Let Your Friends Know You’re Interested
  63. But Rand…
  64. I’m Not aProfessional Marketer
  65. You Don’t Need to Be.
  66. I Don’t Have Time for Marketing
  67. 20 Minutes per Post is All I Ask
  68. I Can’t ReallyDo This; Can I?
  69. This is when Geraldine started her blog
  70. This is where people usually give up.
  71. Past 3 months are averaging 3.5K visits/day
  72. You Can Do It.
  73. p.s. SEO 101 For Travel Bloggershttp://www.seomoz.org/blog/seo-101-for-travel-bloggers
  74. Rand Fishkin | CEO@randfishwww.seomoz.org/blogrand@seomoz.org http://bit.ly/trafficwithsoul