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  1. 1. My results suggest that I am proficient in music, and below average in naturalisticand visual smarts. While I do find myself below average at naturalistic smarts, Idisagree with the other predictions. Not in a bragging way, but I believe I’madvanced at the logical and linguistic “smarts,” rather than the proficient that issuggested, and average at intrapersonal smarts instead of proficient. Overall, Idisagree with almost all of the predictions, even though my disagreements aremostly minor. I find myself to be a more left-brained person, who excels atmathematics and language, but is not great at art and music. I also do not concernmyself much with the environment unless it affects me directly.Three specific subjects I enjoyed in this class have been:Neuroscience and behavior The projects we did in this unit really helped me learn the material, but Ithink we could have applied the purposes of each part of the brain rather than labelthem. I’m sure there is an application of this online somewhere. Keeping a journal ofan application of every activity a student does (intrapersonal), and thendiagramming it to show the brain’s participation during each one (logical) wouldhelp create a multilayered understanding of the whole section. Designing thesediagrams in a way that outlined the brain colorfully and show the purposes in acolor coded fashion would ingrain the memory in my head for easy acquirement(visual). If possible, experiments on rats would definitely prove to the students thevalidity of the facts of the brain’s workings.Nature vs NurtureA project that showed both sides of an argument, with a large amount ofbackground on both sides, would help delineate the differences and theirsignificance. If one could use a prezi to show the multidimensioned arguments-farther down by importance (spatial)- then one would learn the reasons peoplebelieve each side, and could pick a side themselves more intellectually (logical).Describing each side in specific, meaningful words would clarify each side’sbackground (linguistic). Finally, creating new situations and applying this newknowledge could exemplify the student’s understanding of the controversy(interpersonal/logical).Developmental PsychologyInterviewing peers and diagramming their development would teach students howdevelopment occurs (visual/interpersonal). Rather than memorizing stages,students would see the stages in their peers’ lives. They can diagram the stories in
  2. 2. powerpoints or essays (visual/linguistic), and then the stages would be moreapparent. If many interviews are done, then the students can enumerate the stagesas described in the interviews and then do statistical analysis on the calculations(logical). These would show the students the validity of the famous psychologists’theories, rather than just assuming they’ve been proven. It always helps to provesomething by yourself, rather than see infinite examples. Hands on!