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environment money market financial markets corporate finance hypothesis data dr raju indukoori survey corporate valuation how to find pat how to find arr how to calculate arr average investment forumula roa and arr roce and arr arr and roa arr and roca arr and roe arr on invested capital arr on book value arr on asset value arr examples solved arr problems types of arr arr types arr solutions raju issn isn raju issn raju shankar raju net asset value nav own funds book value ofcb growth in india fintech growth of indian fintechs unicorns of india indian unicorns valuation of unicorns unicorn valuation valuation of fintech fintech valuation techfin regtech impact of inflation on exchange rates reer and neer reer vs neer real effective rate of return nominal effective rate of return reer calculation neer calculation triangular arbitrage example effective exchange rate reer neer professor indukuri triangular arbitrage arbirage impact of translation exposure translation exposure economic exposure example translation exposure example impact of economic exposure economic exposure transaction exposure types of foreign currency exposure impact of foreign currency exposure risk foreign currency risk exposure of pepsi nike star foreign currency exposure risk fc exposure foreign currency exposure tax for foreign companies income tax interstate gst ut gst state gst central gst corporate tax gst types types of gst tobin tax igst sgst cgst gst multilateral tax treaty bilateral tax treaty types of tax treaty tax treaty types tax treaty benefits tax treaty provisions tax treaties permanent establishment double taxation relief tax neutrality foreign tax credit inheritance tax limitations on benefits lobs lob tax harmonization mutual enforcement priority of law provisions unique to inheritance tax transfer pricing cfcs controlled foreign corporation tax on dividends tax equity cfc offshore financial center ofc tax haven does project has credit what is an internship what is a internship what is internship what is a project what is project internship in iit internship in iim iim internship iit internship pgdm internship mba internship finance internship internship project in pgdm project in mba pgdm project mba project finance project project mnc strategic motives ricardo criticism theory of comparative advantage relevance relevance of ricardo theory terms of trade david ricardo theory of comparative advantage david ricardo theory theory of comparative advantage sustaining competitive advantage imperfect market an opportunity for mnc imperfect markets marketimperfections market imperfections competitiveadvantagetheory competitive advantage theory theory of competitive advantage mnc competitive advantage mnctheories mnc theories if introduction to international finance s s n raju indukoori indukuriraju drrajuindukuri drrajuindukoori rajuindukuri dr rajuindukoori foreign mncs indian mncs multinational corporation financial management of mnc mnc financial management mncs forex market structure indian rupee usdollar ads authorized dealers usd inr forex small businesses & models tarapore committe what is deficit account what is imf what is special drawing right what is sdr monetary gold reserve and monetary gold sdr allocation sdr imf bop accounting importance of bop what is balance of payment what is balance of trade what is reserve account current account deficit indian trade deficit capital account current account bot bop electronic market cd market cp market commercial papers market treasury bill market tb market market for financial guarantees market for mortagages gsec market government securities market industrial securities market debt market term loan market types of financial market international financial markets gdr trading what is international depository receipt international depositary receipt what is an idr idr restricted adr sponsored adrs adr types what are the types of adr what is debt instrument what is an equity instrument what is gdr what is an adr debt instrument equity instruments global depository reciept american depository receipt gdr adr expectations from students international finance books international pricing and tax environment international risk management fdi & mncs foreign exchange markets international financial system international finance syllabus student outcomes outcomes learning outcomes course objectives transnational company international company exporting company international finance function need for international finance course plan currency agreements international monetary system schengen countries shengen countries emu european monetary union floating exchange rates bretton woods 1944 inter war years price specie system floating exchange rate 1973 price specie flow price-specie flow mechanism classical gold standard gold standard bretton wood currency evolution of international monetary system monetary system business plan competition how to execute a business plan business plan execution to whom we should send business plan who wants a business plan business plan composition writing a business plan write a business plan simple business plan prepare business plan small business plan for business business plan bplan need for inventory finished goods work in process workin progress processed stock primary stock primary inventory processed inventory stores & spares raw material current asset liquidity lag nature of inventory inventory nature stock material management inventory management trading companies trading business tertiary sector secondary sector primary sector individual firms public companies private companies ngo non governmental organizations government organizations cooperatives cooperative society society trust not for profit organization for profit organization business organization operating cycle problem working capital problem inventory turnover average collection period cash to current asst ratio current ratio acid test ratio profitability overtrading undertrading factors determining working capital receivables payables cash mvgr net working capital working capital irrelevant model relevant model rationale expectations model mm theory of dividend residual distribution model tax preference model bird in hand walter model gordon’s model traditional model dp ratio dpr retained earnings dividends tender offer green mail buy back voting plan back end plan flipin pill flip over pill poison pills shark repellants litigations standstill agreement corporate ammendments aggressive strategies employee strategie people strategies debt strategies equity strategies takeover defence rp goenka carl ichan friendly takeover resisted takeover assisted takeover indian take overs indian hostile takeovers hostile takeovers in india corporate raider case study takeover casestudy case study takeover strategies takeover methods objectives of a takeover target firms takeover motives silent takeover corporate raider raiders scrap value accounting value book value average returns average investment nth year ncf net cash flows cash outflows cif cash inflows average rate of return traditional tools pay back period pbp legal and political economic appraisal technical feasibility irr npv capital rationing project analysis project feasibility financial appraisal capital expenditure nirmala sitaraman fpi sovereign funds infrastructure msmes government expenditure annual expenditure tax receipts flat tax slabs flat tax rates personal income tax taxes budget 2020 modi's budget indian budget annual budget budget bahi khata cmr contributionmargin ratio contribution margin ratio contribution ratio pvr profit volume ratio pvratio bep analysis break even point breakevenpoint bep beanalysi be analysis beanalysis costvolumeprofitanalysis cvpanalysis cvp analysis cost volume profit analysis be cvp discounted pricing premium pricing pricing at premium pricing at discount pricing at par startup pricing market leaders pricing mnc pricing target profit pricing target return pricing cost based pricing differential pricing market based pricing bidding public pricing pricing strategy types of pricing pricing methods pricing price percapita income per capita income indian gdp growth rate gdp growth rate indian gdp pci nnp national income factors determining investment autonomous investment induced investment types of investment types of income return investment function fiscal multiplier investment multiplier money mulitplier multiplier accelerator mec mpc slope intercept line autonomous consumption induced consumption mpc savings consumption function cosumption income function income capital market services financial services money history world money indian money money supply determinants control of money supply money control control of money money demand demand for money inflation cartoon money kumar cartoon money kumar economics cartoon inflation hedging heging npa default risk credit risk review of professional management ndim credit derivatives oligopsony monopsony duopoly oligopoly monopoly markets product maximization cost minimization mrts iso cost iso quant production average product marginal product total product entrepreneurship labor land production economics production function law of diminishing marginal returns law of diminishing marginal product. factors of production law of supply supply determinants supply function demand determinants demand curve shift demand curve demand schedule alfred marshall ordinal cardinal law of diminishing marginal utility cross elasticity income elasticity demand elasticity elasticity of demand elasticity marginal utility law of demand demand business economics hierarchy sources of data for business economics business economics information business economics data managerial decisions managerial functions managerial econoics professor raju indukuri constituents of capital market types of capital market need for capital market functions of capital market indian capital market vishnu gupta micro economics macro economics kautilya indian economics father of economics economy economic growth econmics chanakya artha shastra monetary policy tools mpc members monetary policy process purpose of monetary policy committee rbi’s monetary policy committee monetary policy framework system to meet the objectives rbi’s monetary policy objectives factors influencing monetary policy monetary policy objectives of a central bank role of rbi in money markets role of rbi functions of rbi departments of rbi rbi organization structure rbi organization rbi objecitves rbi’s monetary policy indian central bank reserve bank of india interest rate forward interest rate future irf irs interest rate swaps hundi cblo call money certificate of deposit lc letter of credit bank guarantee banker's acceptance inter bank participatory certificate ibpc commericial bill commercial paper tbill market financial intermediaries finance specialization annuity table single cash flow table tvm future value bond future value bank deposits capital budgeting bond value share value put option call option forwards f&o futures and options equity portfolio management portfolio management portfoio security valuation stock valuation fundamental analysis equity stock investment equity investment stock analysis indian financial markets financial setting financial sytem derivatives market stock market equity market objectives of finance basics of finance finance book investment guru noble laureate finance introduction business finance finance management non parametric tests parametric test chi square test f test t test hypothesis testing alternate hypothesis null hypothesis data label data etnry editing coding data matrix data analysis guttman scale graphic rating scale staple scale constant sum scale numerical scale semantic differential scale likert scale unipolar bipolar research data scale data measurement scale legal bodies regulating mergers merger regulators merger legal process mergers legal frame work secondary data primary data sources of data data collection survey questions questions in survey questionnaire avoiding hostile take over takeover preventive plan corporate raiders bcg matrix asset valuation firm valuation valuation models target population census populations sampling design sample size sample probabilistic and non probabilistic sampling techniques - random and non random sampling sampling design research study study projects research methods prof raju indukoori research design ethics in research research ethics steps in research process research process research problem business re4search methods research method business combinations and synergies m&a synergies merger synergies synergies merger motives merger outcomes merger benefits research classification types of research researchers corporate research business research corporate valuation and mergers cvm merger merger trends
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