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List Of Post Graduate Thesis in engineering project management

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List Of Post Graduate Thesis in engineering project management

  1. 1. List of Post Graduate Thesis Year of No. Thesis Title graduation research 1. Application of Expert System on Disputes of Competitive M.SC. 1996 Contracts of Construction Projects. 2. Deriving an Approximate Method of Cost Estimation. M.SC. 1996 3. Management of Constructability Enhancement of the M.SC. 1996 Construction Industry. 4. Management Information System (MIS) for Planning And Ph.D. 1996 Schedule Control of Construction In the Iraqi Oil Sector. 5. Integrated Construction Management System for Site Cost Problems And Management Evaluation with Expert Ph.D. 1996 System Implementation. 6. Developing an Integrated Management System for Selecting Method and Equipment of Excavation Irrigation M.SC. 1997 Projects with Expert System Implementation. 7. Deriving an Equation for Calculating the Productivity of M.SC. 1997 Equipments for Road Projects. 8. Using a Computer Interactive Model for Evaluating and M.SC. 1997 Improving projects 9. Expert System Application on Selection of Compaction M.SC. 1998 Method and Equipment. 10. Improving the Cost Components in the Reconstruction Projects that have been Executed Through The Period M.SC. 1998 (1991-1994). 11. Management and Control of on-Site Construction Ph.D. 1999 Material. 12. Deriving an Equation to Calculate The Productivity of M.SC. 1999 Excavation. 13. Evaluation System for Work Progress by Standard Weights Ph.D. 1999 of Construction Items. 14. Optimal Management Solution of Estimation Cost of Ph.D. 1999 Highway Project in Iraq. 15. The Development of A management System for Controlling Ph.D. 1999 and following-up Subcontractor Work. Developing A management Systems for Plant Management 16. M. Sc. 1999 with Expert System implementation. 17. Developing an Interactive Computer Program for Evaluating the Performance of Construction Management at The M. Sc. 1999 Execution Stage.
  2. 2. Year of No. Thesis Title graduation research 18. Using Value. Engineering for Studying the Possible Alter- M.SC. 2000 natives for Execution The Earth Water Tanks 19. A comparison Between The Reconstruction Mission of M.SC. 2000 Service Building Projects. 20. Developing A management Information System (MIS) for M.SC. 2000 Controlling the Execution Cost of Irrigation Projects. 21. Using Value-Engineering for Building A management M.SC. 2000 System for Evaluating the Security-Projects. 22. Integrated Management System For Site Quality Control. M.SC. 2000 23. Developing a knowledge Based Expert System for Building Management System for Decision Making Delays in M.SC. 2000 Construction Projects. 24. Electing A Management System for Controlling the on-Site M.SC. 2000 labour. 25. Developing a Planning Relationship Between CPM and Line M.SC. 2001 of Balance (L.O.B) Method. 26. Project Management And Its Effect On The Quality Control M.SC. 2001 in The Construction Sector. 27. Design an Integrated Management System for Quality Ph.D. 2001 Control By Using (ISO-9000) Guide. 28. Developing Management System For Selecting The Constructing Method and Execution Approach Of M.SC. 2001 Construction Projects By Using Expert System Technique. 29. Design A management System For Controlling The on-Site M.SC. 2001 Material Usage. 30. Election of A management System For Identifying The M.SC. 2001 Execution Weight Of Fortified Building. 31. Developing A Management System For Planning The One- M.SC. 2001 Site Material Usage. 32. Using Value-Engineering For Designing A management M.SC. 2001 System For Evaluation Of Execution Irrigation Projects. 33. Cost Evaluation Standards for Industrial Buildings. Ph.D. 2002 34. Quality Cost and Their Considerations in Managing The M.C.S 2002 Factories Of Pre-Casting Concrete Units. 35. Appling The Value-Engineering Approach For Controlling Ph.D. 2002 The On-Site Cost Of Building Projects. 36. Developing A management System For Controlling The M.SC. 2002 Project Cost in The Construction Sector.
  3. 3. Year of No. Thesis Title Graduation Researc h 37. Using Standards For Evaluating The Performance Of Project M.SC. 2002 Management in Preventing The Time Delay. 38. Developing of Value Engineering Management System For Ph.D. 2002 Construction Projects in Iraq. 39. Using Value Engineering Concept For Evaluating and Improving The Maintenance Management of University M.SC. 2002 Buildings . 40. Building an Engineering System For Quality Management on M.SC. 2003 The Design Stage ( Radio Station as case study). 41. Developing an Interactive System for Controlling M.SC. 2003 Construction Plant Cost. 42. Implementing Total Quality Management in The Productive Factories of the Construction Section (Al- Taje factories as M.SC. 2003 Case study). 43. Design a Developed Management System For Site Usage of M.SC 2005 Construction Materials. 44. Implementation of CPM for Avoiding and Controlling Time M.SC 2005 Delays in Construction Projects 45. Evaluation of Libyan Contract Conditions And Its M.SC 2005 Application On Engineering Projects 46. Expert Systems Applications for Selection a Type of Contracts and Project Delivery Method for Construction M.SC 2005 Project. 47. Application of Intranet As an Engineering Management Information System For Service Management (SMIS) of M.SC 2005 Drugs Distributions. 48. Implementation of Value Management In Designing The M.SC 2005 Construction Works In Respect to Cost. 49. Establishing a Management System to Select A Type of Contract And Execution Approach For Construction projects M.SC 2005 By Implementation Expert System Technique. 50. Applying of Engineering Management Aspects for Evaluation of The Availability of Implementing New M.SC 2005 Technologies in Constructing Road Projects 51 Expert System Application For Evaluation of The Engineering Projects With Earned Value System M.SC 2006 Implementation 52 Developing A Resource Management System for A M.SC 2006 successful Project Management
  4. 4. Year of No. Thesis Title Graduation Researc h 53 Implementing The Engineering Project Concepts For Building An Engineering Management System For Material M.SC 2006 Stocking ( Steel Complex in Musrata / Libya as a Case Study) 54 Application of Engineering Management Aspects With Simulation Techniques For Developing A Power Load M.SC 2006 Distribution System 55 Implementation of Computer Programs For Site Management M.SC 2006 of Engineering Projects) 56 Developing An Integrated Labor Site Cost Management M.SC 2006 System (ISCMS) For Construction Projects 57 Value Engineering Aspects For Improving The Projects' M.SC 2006 Performance at the Implementation Phase Of Oil Projects 58 Implementation of TQM Fundamentals in Constructing the M.Sc. 2009 Marine Projects in the States of Kuwait 59 Implementation of Value Engineering in Managing M.Sc. 2009 Governmental Buildings in Kuwait State 60 Changing Orders and Its Impacts on the Projects Time and M.Sc. 2009 Cost 61 Implementation of T.Q.M Planning and Control Techniques in Constructing the Marine Projects in the M.Sc. 2009 State of Kuwait 62 Implementations Of T.Q.M Control Techniques In Power M.Sc. 2009 Station In State Of Kuwait 63 Developing a Qualification Based Selection Standard Model for Contractor Selection of Construction Projects in M.Sc. 2009 The State of Kuwait