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  • A few thoughts as I saw this.
    a. Also support for Web-2.0 (specifically mashups) for eGov2.0 will be good. It will allow others to integrate with the Govt platforms and add value to the open Government concept.
    b. Also leverage open source technologies like open ERP
    The two points above are software/technology focused.

    c. We must collect Governance patterns (something like software patterns) from the private sector, other governments across the world. Benchmark our governance systems http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benchmarking with others and even 'invent & learn' completely new ways of governance.
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111018 egov-rajesh jain

  1. 1. Role of Digital Leadersand Bloggers in eGov 2.0
  2. 2. Blogging for 10 years http://emergic.org
  3. 3. eGov 2.0:Government as Platform
  4. 4. Government as an agentand servant of the citizens
  5. 5. Minimum GovernmentMaximum Governance
  6. 6. Open DataOpen Government
  7. 7. Challenges andVolunteering Portals
  8. 8. Embrace New Technologies: Mobile, Cloud, Social
  9. 9. Clean politics Accountable leadersSupply of good governance
  10. 10. eGov 2.0 and Digital Leaders