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Classroom Tour: The Centers Room

  1. The Skipping Laugh Think happy thoughts! Classroom Tour: The Centers Room
  2. Here is the slideshow of my centers room. My students get about two hours of free play in here each day.
  3. The view from the back of our room.
  4. Art Center The art center is located on a tiled section of our room. You can’t see it in this picture but our drying rack is located next to the easel.
  5. Art supplies are labeled with words and photos. Paper is located in labeled drawers beside the easel.
  6. Toys and Games Center (We do not load our shelves as we have a very large storage room. We change our centers out every month.)
  7. Blocks Center Legos, lincoln logs and other small blocks are located in tubs on the two empty shelves you see. They were being used in our Santa’s Workshop center. The drawers store our people, vehicles, furniture and animals.
  8. Discovery Center I would like to get more shelving for this center as it is currently very limited. I do love that it is surrounded by our floor to ceiling windows!
  9. Library Center Our library center is located away from some of the noisier centers to provide my students with a quiet place.
  10. This is Bronco! He was a Christmas present to my classroom from my mother. She found him at Sam’s Club. He is incredibly cuddly! I recently found this adorable tent at Walmart for $15! We use it as a privacy center. I also got a puppy, a monkey and a dino. My students love them!
  11. Water & Sand Center We love to take our water table outside when it’s warm so it is conveniently located next to our back door.
  12. Literacy /Math Center and Writing Center
  13. Various literacy, math and language toys can be found in this center. This center is located between our library and writing centers. Our writing center looks a little sparse in this picture. It also has envelopes, clipboards, etc. There are also word card sets (Our Class, School, Family and Home) to encourage writing.
  14. Dramatic Play Center Our drama center is decked out for Christmas in these photos. We change the theme of this center each month. I will post some slideshows of the different drama themes we’ve done throughout the year.
  15. Locating this center near the cubbies has provided us with ample space to store all of our dramatic play items. Most of the cubbies have velcro in them to hang various labels.
  16. Music and Movement Center Our listening center is located in our music/movement center.