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Computer science project work

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gyus this is uploded by mistake... this programe isnt working iam uploading the working one

Computer science project work

  1. 1. This program is very useful in real life situation forproviding instant information of Employees workingunder any company, department. It also stores theinformation about employees monthly salary, employeeid and designation.In this c++ program we can modify , add, delete, recalland list the records.Being OOP concept available, we can add or removefunction anytime we need and even add classes andderived classes for further improvement of the programWithout recording. 2
  3. 3. This is to certify that Rahul Tripathi and Utkarsh Srivastvaof class XII has successfully completed this computerproject on the topic “Employee Database ManagementSystem” prescribed by Mr. A.K Shukla Sir, duringacademic session 2012-2013 as per the guidelines issuesby Central Board of Secondary Education.Mr. A.K Shukla External Examiner(P.G.T, computer) 4
  4. 4. #include<fstream.h>#include<dos.h>#include<conio.h>#include<stdlib.h>#include<stdio.h>#include<string.h>#include<iomanip.h>#include<graphics.h> class group { private: struct person
  5. 5. { char flag; char empcode[5]; char name[40]; int age; float sal; int day; int month; int year; }p; fstream file; public:group();void addrec();void listrec();void modirec();
  6. 6. void delrec();void recallrec();void packrec();void exit();};void main(){char choice,v;group g;do{clrscr();struct dosdate_t d;_dos_getdate(&d);
  7. 7. // p.day=d.day; // p.month=d.month; // p.year=d.year; // _dos_getdate(&d);gotoxy(12,5);textcolor(6); cprintf("Todays date:"); printf("%d",d.day); cout<<"/"; printf("%d",d.month); cout<<"/"; cout<<d.year; gotoxy(12,9);cout<<"Srknec.corporation pvt.ltd";gotoxy(12,12);cout<<"1.Add record";gotoxy(12,15);
  8. 8. cout<<"2.List Record";gotoxy(12,17);cout<<"3.Modify record";gotoxy(12,19);cout<<"4.Delete record";gotoxy(12,21);cout<<"5.Recall record";gotoxy(12,23);cout<<"6.Pack record";gotoxy(12,25);cout<<"0.Exit";gotoxy(12,28);cout<<"Your choice"<<" ";cin>>choice; clrscr();switch(choice)
  9. 9. {case 1:g.addrec();break;case2:g.listrec();break;case3:g.modirec();break;case4:g.delrec();break;case5:
  10. 10. g.recallrec();break;case6:g.packrec();break;case0:g.exit();exit(1);} } while(choice!=0);}
  11. 11. void group::group(){ file.open("Emp.dat",ios::binary|ios::in|ios::out); p.flag= ; if(!file) { cout<<endl<<"Unable to open file"; exit(); }} void group::addrec(){ char ch; file.seekp(0L,ios::end);struct dosdate_t d;_dos_getdate(&d);
  12. 12. p.day=d.day; p.month=d.month; p.year=d.year; cout<<"Make shure that no employee has thesame code"<<endl; do { cout<<endl<<"Enter employee code, name, age &salary:"<<endl<<endl; cout<<"OR"<<endl<<endl; cout<<"To return to the Main menu pressm keyelse pressa:"; cin>>ch; if(ch==m||ch==M) { main();
  13. 13. } cin>>p.empcode>>p.name>>p.age>>p.sal; p.flag= ; file.write((char*)&p,sizeof(p)); cout<<"Add another record ?(y/n) :"; cin>>ch; } while(ch==y||ch==Y); } void group::listrec() { int j=0,a; file.seekg(0L,ios::beg); cout<<"List of records present are asunder>>>"<<endl<<endl;
  14. 14. cout<<" "<<"|CODE|"<<""<<"|NAME|"<<""<<"|AGE|"<<" "<<"|SALARY|"<<" "<<"|DATED|"<<endl; //Donot touch Above Line Any Way it is set togive Some Nice Look while(file.read((char*)&p,sizeof(p))) { if(p.flag!=*)cout<<endl<<"Record#"<<""<<j++<<setw(6)<<p.empcode<<setw(20)<<p.name<<setw(4)<<p.age<<setw(9)<<p.sal<<""<<p.day<<"/"<<p.month<<"/"<<p.year<<endl;}file.clear();if(j==0){
  15. 15. gotoxy(10,10);cout<<"No record exit";gotoxy(10,11);cout<<"Press any key...";getch();}else{cout<<endl<<"Press any key...";getch();}}void group::modirec(){char code[5];int count=0;long int pos;
  16. 16. cout<<"Enter employee code whose record is to bemodified :";cin>>code;file.seekg(0L,ios::beg);while(file.read((char*)&p,sizeof(p))){if(strcmp(p.empcode,code)==0){cout<<endl<<"Enter new record "<<endl; cout<<endl<<"Enter employee name,age & salary:"<<endl;cin>>p.name>>p.age>>p.sal;struct dosdate_t d;_dos_getdate(&d);p.day=d.day;p.month=d.month;p.year=d.year;
  17. 17. p.flag= ;pos=count*sizeof(p);file.seekp(pos,ios::beg);file.write((char*)&p,sizeof(p));return;}count++;}cout<<endl<<"No employee in file with code= "<<code;getch();file.clear();}void group::delrec() { char code[5]; long int pos; int count=0;
  18. 18. cout<<"Enter employee code to be deleted :"; cin>>code; file.seekg(0L,ios::beg); while(file.read((char*)&p,sizeof(p))) { if (strcmp(p.empcode,code)==0) { p.flag=*; pos=count*sizeof(p); file.seekp(pos,ios::beg); file.write((char*)&p,sizeof(p)); return; } count++; } cout<<endl<<"No employee in file withcode="<<code;
  19. 19. cout<<endl<<"Press any key...";getch();file.clear();}void group::recallrec(){ char code[5]; long int pos; int count=0; cout<<"Enter employee code to be recalled :"; cin>>code; file.seekg(0L,ios::beg); while(file.read((char*)&p,sizeof(p))) {
  20. 20. if(strcmp(p.empcode,code)==0) { p.flag= ; pos=count*sizeof(p); file.seekp(pos,ios::beg); file.write((char*)&p,sizeof(p)); return; } count++; } cout<<endl<<"No employee in the file withcode="<<code; cout<<endl<<"Press any key..."; getch(); file.clear(); }
  21. 21. void group::packrec() { ofstream outfile; outfile.open("TEMP",ios::out); file.seekg(0,ios::beg); while(file.read((char*)&p,sizeof(p))) { if(p.flag!=*) outfile.write((char*)&p,sizeof(p)); } outfile.close(); file.close(); remove("Emp.DAT"); rename("TEMP","EMP.DAT");file.open("EMP.DAT",ios::binary|ios::in|ios::out|ios::nocreate);
  22. 22. gotoxy(10,10);cout<<"Marked records to be deleted are all removed";gotoxy(10,11);cout<<"press any key....";getch();}void group::exit(){file.close();}
  23. 23. Todays date : 2/01/2013Srknec.corporation pvt.ltd 1. Add record 2. List record 3. Modify record 4. Delete record 5. Recall record 6. Pack record 0. Exit your choice 20
  24. 24. To make this project we have taken source from a book“Computer Science With C++” written by Sumita Aroraand “let us c++” written by Yashwanth Kanethkar.And taken help of our computer teacher Mr. A.K Shuklasir. 21
  25. 25. We would like to thank our computer sir Mr. A.K Shukla,who provided us this opportunity to make a project on“Employee Database Management System” which reallyhelped us to understand the concepts of C++ computerprogramming. 22