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Fight Against Max Hospital

The unfortunate story of Dr. Nitika Manchanda's death due to irresponsible behaviour & carelessness of Doctors/Hospital.

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Fight Against Max Hospital

  1. 1. F IG H T A G A IN S T M A X This was the H O MAX,P ITA(New Delhi, INDIA) case at S Pitam Pura L http://w w w .fight-against-max.webs.com/ http://iambetterthanthebest.blogspot.com/ http://tradingandriskmanagement.blogspot.com/
  2. 2. • Dr. Nitika Manchanda (30 yrs) PROFILE OF THE VICTIM • BHMS ( Homeopathy), NDDY (Naturopathy), PGCBM (IIM-K) • Asstt. Manager, Genpact • No Medical history/ abnormality • Normal Doppler study in last PREGNANCY TENURE ultrasound on 25 April 2009 • Healthy baby boy delivered on 3rd DAY SHE DELIVERED May • Normal post operative evaluation A BABY • Normal condition till 4th Evening With everything normal, who would think the celebrations would last only 2
  3. 3. The day when Hospital lost it all……4th May 2009 Time Patient’s Complaint So-Called Comments and Nurse’s Treatment observation 10.00 PM Abdominal and back pain Nurses informed Dr over It was assumed to be a BP- 110/70 the phone, Advised normal muscular pain and •Injection Tramadol BP was ignored 11.00 PM No relief at all and shivering Dr informed again, You cant just keep giving BP- 110/60 Advised pain killers and sedatives •Inj. Voveran, like this… DIAGNOSE the •Inj. Fortwin, problem • Inj Phenargan, • Inj Avil 2.00 AM Condition further Dr informed yet again, For heaven sake, deteriorated Advised Inj Emeset understand the criticality Vomiting and tenderness in lower back L3, L4, L5 region * Information provided is from the nurses/ clinical reports that we managed to get when we filed a police complaint Is this what you call 24 hour emergency at MAX ?????????????? 3
  4. 4. The day when Hospital lost it all……5th May 2009 Time Patient’s So-Called Treatment Comments Complaint and Nurse’s observation 7.00 AM Patient restless, Consulting physician Finally they cared to inform Vomiting, In- informed the physician tolerable pain •Injection Fortwin BP 80/40 •Inj Phenargan PR 80 •Inj Perinorm •Inj Mobizox 7.45 AM •BP, PR Not •Patient shifted to Post See… What have they done to recordable Operative in collapsed state a pretty lady  and that is •Not responding to not all.. It took them 45 min commands •Pupils dilated to shift her to SICU * Information provided is from the nurses/ clinical reports that we managed to get when we filed a police complaint Carelessness of MAX did not let a lady experience her motherhood more than 4
  5. 5. And that is it…………………………. • 8.30 AM to 12.30 PM – They made the family run to Blood banks – Everything was almost over by 8.30 am when they FINALLY bother to inform the Cardiologist – Hospital was pretending to be working on the case BUT IT WAS TOO LATE……………… One family lost their daughter and one 2 day old child lost the love of 5
  6. 6. We want answers………. Question 1 Question 2 Why 9 precious life saving hours Why no Doctor examined the were wasted in trying out pain case and it was all on telephonic killers and sedatives? advise only? TOS Proposition Question 3 TOS Proposition Question 4 Why did it take 45 min to shift Why was ultrasound not done at a critical patient from room to night, was advised at 7 AM and POP? still done at 9 AM? TOS Proposition Question 5 TOS Proposition Question 6 Why cardiologist was only Why doctors were not competent informed at 8.30 AM and life to comprehend the symptoms like saving drug Atropine was given rashes and patches on the body at 11 AM? and a sty on an eye turned blue ? WHY MAX AND ITS DOCTORS COULD NOT HANDLE A SIMPLE DELIVERY?? 6
  7. 7. • FYI… • Consultant Gynecologist was Dr Alka Gupta. • It was a C-Section because of the breach presentation • To everyone's amusement, Hospital Authorities says quot; After our preliminary investigation, we are as perplexed as the family is about the cause of deathquot; • What do you think & what do you say????? Healthcare is not a business… This 2 day old child demands JUSTICE 7
  8. 8. They have done what they could… Its our responsibility to protest Help us to start a force against institutions like MAX who don’t care about other’s lives and mint money all the time Let negligence of authorities be exposed….. Send it to as many people as you can to spread the word!!!! Hope no one else goes through the same!!!! 8