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Adobe DMS Breakout Session: 7 Things That Keep Marketers Up at Night

As the role of marketing becomes a critical determinate of a business’s success or failure, delivering results via digital marketing, social media, content, campaigns, and website experiences is a prime requirement. With the focus on the marketing results and not the IT infrastructure of marketing, digital marketers face challenges with speed to market, brand insurance, maximizing the digital spend to increase leads and conversion, and predicting the performance of their digital properties. The Rackspace CMO and an Adobe Marketing executive discuss the issues keeping digital marketers up at night and what to do about them.

This session addresses:

Cutting through the hype of the digital marketing mix— social media, content, campaigns, SEO, and big data
Vanity versus reality metrics for marketers
How and why the cloud matters to today’s marketing professional
This session is for digital marketers and marketing executives.

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