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Repurposing Ideas For Your Content

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Here are 10 repurposing ideas for your content!

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Repurposing Ideas For Your Content

  2. 2. REPURPOSING IDEAS FOR CONTENT??? This means re-utilizing content already created; taking ideas that are already expanded and re-using in a new format EXAMPLE: Let’s say you have a written blog post. You can read that blog post into a recorder and create an audio file. You’ve then repurposed your written blog post into an audio file!
  3. 3. While this is a great strategy, the next level of sophistication for repurposing ideas is about taking the ideas within the content and finding new ways to present them. It’s about expanding parts of the original idea, or focusing ideas in a different way, or seeing if you can add a do-it- yourself piece with checklists or worksheets. This can enable you to delve more deeply into topics that would be of interest to your audience- and it can keep you from having to come up with new ideas every single day.
  4. 4. Top Tips Make your article into top tips that people can use to make their lives easier. Massage your content into this format and see how many likes and shares you will get!
  5. 5. Checklists Readers love checklists because they make their lives easier. Take how-to articles and transform them into handy checklists with foolproof instructions for your readers.
  6. 6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) This format is particularly useful to help beginners master the basics of your niche or industry.
  7. 7. Use Your Emails as Blog Posts, and Vice Versa New people will be coming and going at your website and your email marketing list all the time. Chances are they won’t see all of your content, and even if they did, they probably won’t remember it from three to six months previously. While Google will penalize sites with duplicate content, search engines can’t see your emails.
  8. 8. Podcasts You can create a podcast from your existing content to tap into a whole new audience online. In most cases, you won’t even have to change a word. Record the podcast and upload it to an MP3 sharing site like SoundCloud. Copy and paste the link to the MP3 onto your article page. Tell people about your podcasts and you should soon have regular listeners.
  9. 9. PowerPoint Presentations It’s easy to turn an article into an interesting PowerPoint presentation. Turn the full sentences into bullets and add some supporting images, and you have an exciting deck you can share at SlideShare.net and LinkedIn, and embed into your own website for your visitors to see.
  10. 10. Transform Your Decks into Videos Once you’ve created your deck, add transitions and timings to the slides and save as an MP4. You will then get a video you can share on YouTube. Embed the video code on your own website for visitors to watch. Share the video on Facebook as well.
  11. 11. Decks to Webinars Webinars are becoming increasingly popular online as a way to inform, educate and entertain. It usually involves demonstrating and then selling a product or service online.
  12. 12. A Video Script If you want to film a video yourself rather than use your deck, use your article as a script of what to say as you are filming. Or create a series of short video tips to build visibility with your audience!
  13. 13. A Special Report or Ecourse Think about the most pressing problems a person in your niche or industry faces. Then put together a free or paid special report or course based on that issue. You can use old blog posts, with each post a chapter in your report, or a lesson in your ecourse
  14. 14. When you take the time to generate good content, repurposing ideas enables you to do all that you can to benefit from it!