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A concept for a platform to encourage engagement in public & civic services by the public. A social & engagement layer for social enterprises to tap into.

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  1. 1. Actionista An incentive platform for encouraging public engagement for the good
  2. 2. Encouraging public participation in providing civic services is a challenge There are problems of awareness - how do people find out about your services? It’s difficult for particular services to address these problems on their own - they need scale. For users there are problems of recognition for their participation. For many users it is not fun or social.
  3. 3. We can learn from social media Amazing civic resources - like Wikipedia & Ushahidi - have been built through user contributions. People do give up their free time to do stuff for two kinds of reasons (Clay Shirky). Personal - they want to feel autonomous & competent. Social - they want to feel part of a group & they have a need to share.
  4. 4. We can learn from games We can make services more social and more fun. Games have developed sophisticated ways to encourage engagement by players - by offering rewards that tick age old evolutionary boxes, like learning, recognition, serendipity & status. Now non game applications like Foursquare also use these incentive systems to encourage participation. Can this be extended to encourage public action for good? We certainly think so...
  5. 5. The idea - Actionista We’re proposing a cross-service platform, that comprises of two parts: 1. Game-like Badges 2. Social functionality. The aim? To encourage repeat engagement in civic services by the largest possible group of people.
  6. 6. Badges for engagement How badges work: Service specific badges There are service specific and cross services incentives. defines Action Service A bike journey TfL nes Service specific rewards defi Services have their own particular aims. Services - like Transport for London - can register actions (a bike journey) and badges Actions = Service Specific Badge triggered by these actions - like the “50 Boris Bike Journeys” Actionista Badge. Platform
  7. 7. Badges for engagement Cross service badges Cross service incentives At the same time cross service, Action more generic ‘social outcomes’ are A TfL Actionista bike journey defined centrally on Actionista. ‘Recycling’ for instance is then defines represented by the “Goody Green Badge”. Action Actionista StreetCar Platform Journey These can be triggered by a combination of actions done on Actions various services. = Cross service To increase their desirablility - Cross service Some badges are very hard to get Badge and require special or collective action.
  8. 8. Actionista is a social layer Social: Actionista includes user profiles with a ‘Badge Bank’ for each participating Londoner. Users are authenticated either via Twitter or Facebook making the Actionista system part of the social web’s fabric. Users can publish their Actionista Badges to these platforms, and get widgets and embed codes which they can use to show off their Badges on Platforms like Facebook or Wordpress.
  9. 9. Will it be used? Social enterprises, local government and charities all need help to engage users in being active citizens. Users don’t have to sign up every time they join a service. Users get the recognition they crave for their contributions. It is more social. And it is fun. Services can get a fuller picture of who their users are. The system will have a cross service analytics back-end that all services can tap into.
  10. 10. What do we need to make it There is one unanswered question - Who runs Actionista on a policy level - who decides service-wide badges and which kinds of services qualify? Other than that, all we need is money to build it.
  11. 11. Thank you! RAAK +44 20 3286 3586 hello@wewillraakyou.com Wessel van Rensburg - twitter.com/wildebees Gerrie Smits - twitter.com/grrRAAK