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Secret Nuggets for Job Seekers

  1. Secret nuggets for Job Seekers Rick Martinez President / CEO r2 Technologies
  2. Who am I? • Don’t just listen to me – I won’t be offended if you disagree with everything in my presentation. • Qualifications – B.S. Degree from Trinity University, • Management Information Systems (MIS) – 15 years as an IT Pro • Texas Instruments; Mobil Oil; Frito-Lay; PepsiCo; Cap Gemini; CitiGroup; Verizon; Fidelity Investments; Bank of America, and others – 18 years – owner of an IT Placement firm – Placed over: 1,220+ IT Professionals – r2 Tech grew 12.8% in 2009 – r2 Tech grew 31.1% in 2010 – r2 Tech grew 10.4% in 2011 • Try to find 2-3 “Nuggets” that you can use in your job search!
  3. • Accept ALL LinkedIn Invitations! Put your contact information on your LI Profile! * e-mail address  * phone number
  4. Bring Copies of your LinkedIn Recommendations to your Interview
  5. Job Fairs • Research which companies are attending, which jobs you are a fit and apply on-line before attending • Don’t attend when they first open – wait towards the end of the session – Going during their lunch break
  6. Job Fairs • On your cover letter – Write the Job Id Number – Position Title of the position(s) that you are qualified for (Big & Bold) • Identify Hiring Managers, they always stick out – Walk by them and read their name tags, they are always wearing one – Send them your resume THAT EVENING • Don’t Delay! • Follow-up with them in a week
  7. Do you feel Lucky?
  8. Finding out e-mail of Managers • – * • Review the search results, looking for people’s names and you will see the naming conventions for the company’s e-mail addresses
  9. • Bring Examples of your Work to your Interview • Put it in a Binder with tabs • Make sure these examples Emphasize your skills and match the job Description • Don’t Leave any materials with Employer
  10. • Two Most IMPORTANT Interview Questions to ask – For the person that fills this job, what will they be doing for the first 90-days on assignment? – Based upon my background and skills, do you have any reservations that I can perform this job?
  11. Thank you Card After Interview • Ask if they are on LinkedIn? • Instead of sending a Thank You Card after an interview, send them a LinkedIn request. • Re-state your strengths, how you can help him/her, and ask him/her to read your recommendations.
  12. Tell Your Spouse NOT to ask you if you got a Job… You’ll tell them! I need my wife “off my back!”
  13. Mature Job Seekers
  14. Why Do I have this Picture?
  15. “Mature” Job Seekers Take Note! • #1: Be Cautious in giving too much Information (rambling) in an Interview – DO • Tailor your resume to the job you are applying for • 3-4 pages, of Relevant, Deliverable centric experience • Identify 2-3 Projects where you Increased sales or performance! – DON’T • Turn your interview into a “snooze fest” by doing a history dump for the last 20+ years • #2: Don’t Have an Attitude – Don’t act superior to an interviewer – Don’t tell them how much you can teach them
  16. “Mature” Job Seekers Take Note! • #3: Don’t become a “Yes” Man – Don’t agree with everything being said, without a reason. – Don’t act desperate, Be Professional, Polished, and Assertive! • #4: Talk about: – How you are creative, problem-solving, energetic, and learning about new technologies for this industry! • #5: Appearance Matters – Dress like you are up-to-date and modern. Be professional, ask yourself: “How old is this tie?”
  17. Don’t Apologize for your Age… But Don’t Act OLD…
  18. Social Media
  19. D/FW a Terrific Market Place for Job Seekers! When you feel you are getting frustrated or down on yourself… Ask Yourself? What have I done for someone else today?
  20. What are your Best Secrets? Questions? Rick Martinez, CEO ~ r2 Technologies, E-mail:
  21. Thank you! YOU are the Winner!