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Lym 7-universal-pillars

How to Go From
“Best Kept Secret” to
by Marisa Murgatroyd
The 7 Universal Pillars
of Attracting M...
Build A Movement
Connect With
Your Big Why
Craft Your Personal Story
For Attracting Massive Author...
Hi, I’m Marisa Murgatroyd, founder of Live Your Message.
If you’re anything like the people I work with, you’re g...

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Lym 7-universal-pillars

  1. 1. SPECIAL REPORT How to Go From “Best Kept Secret” to by Marisa Murgatroyd The 7 Universal Pillars AUTHORITY of Attracting Massive #1In Your Field
  2. 2. Build A Movement Connect With Your Big Why Craft Your Personal Story THE 7 UNIVERSAL PILLARS For Attracting Massive Authority MASTER YOUR MESSAGE 1 ENGAGE & INSPIRE WITH YOUR BRAND 2 STRUCTURE YOUR CONTENT TO SELL 3 SUPERCHARGE YOUR SITE TO GET RESULTS 4 ACTIVATE YOUR MARKETING MACHINE 5 GROW YOUR INFLUENCE THROUGH PARTNERS 6 EXPLODE YOUR IMPACT 7 Attract New Fans Like a Magnet Automate a Guest Posting & Backlink Strategy Syndicate Content to Catch People When They're Most Ready to Buy Integrate Social Media Fire Up Your Sales Funnel Drive Up Conversions With Split Testing Inspire with Your Personal Brand Skyrocket Engagement Structure Each Page Around One Goal Optimize Your Site For Search Engines Nurture Your Value Network Choose Long-Term Affiliate & JV Partnerships Join the Conversation in the Market With Social Media Optimize Your Website to Attract the Right Prospects Architect Your Content Strategy Create Your Product Suite Double Your Business Crush Your Competition
  3. 3. WELCOME! Hi, I’m Marisa Murgatroyd, founder of Live Your Message. If you’re anything like the people I work with, you’re good at what you do. Really good. But perhaps, like many other experts, coaches and entrepreneurs that I talk to every single day…. marketing, technology and the internet kind of overwhelms you. So you end up not taking action… or taking the wrong action … and your life’s work helps just a tiny fraction of those that it could. I know from experience there’s nothing more frustrating than being the “best kept secret in your field”, feeling unknown, unrewarded and undercompensated. I’ve definitely been there. And I bet I’m a lot like you. You’ve spent years building up all your expertise and honing your craft AND you have a message that can really help a lot of people. IF ONLY you could work out how to get it out there in a bigger way. Unfortunately, most training out there only gives you a SINGLE piece of the big puzzle – whether that be Facebook, blogging, article marketing or what-have-you – but what they lack is a big picture for you and your business, so you wind up wasting precious time, effort and focus jumping from idea to idea with no overall goal or comprehensive strategy to guide you. The solution is to take the 7 most important parts of your business – Your Message, Your Brand, Your Website, Your Content and Sales Funnel, Your Marketing, Your Partnerships and Your Impact – and finally tie them all together into a comprehensive system that fo- cuses you on the only things you need to do on a daily basis that will make you the #1 Authority in Your Field. This report is designed to guide you through the complex world of building your online platform by pinpointing the precise strategies and activities in each of the 7 Universal Pil- lars of Attracting Massive Authority that will really move the needle in your business. This report will laser focus you on the practical steps you need to take to reach your spe- cific goals, while providing you with the big picture strategy and education necessary to make sure you get results. www.LiveYourMessage.com
  4. 4. Here are the 7 Universal Pillars (and WHY they MATTER): ...It all starts here. Your powerful, electric message – your “reason why” – will inspire people to line up behind you, support everything you do, and even build a movement around you. Turn to page 8 for a quick exercise that will make it easy for you to discover and fine-tune YOUR message for the world, re- ally “wowing” people with what you have to say. When you consciously craft your brand story – the feelings and experiences you create for your audi- ence – across everything you do, you’ll create a deep emotional bond that will win the love and loyalty of your fans – and make you irreplaceable. Turn straight to page 9 for a brand primer and checklist that will give your business the “secret sauce” to keep your fans licking their lips and coming back for more. Are you ready to turn on the ATM in your business? Not only do your content, products and services compound your income, they extend your reach, allowing you to transform the lives of people you’ve never even met. Check out page 13 for a complete breakdown on how to structure your programs to cre- ate value, transformation and a steady stream of cash. When every element on every page of your website is structured around well-defined goals - to grow your list, provide value, nurture relationships, build credibility and sell your products and services - you’ll get instant results the day you go live. Visit page 18 where I’ll show you the roadmap for designing your site for massive sales and conversions. Imagine opening your inbox each day to a flood of new fans, followers, subscribers and clients. A rock solid marketing strategy will lift your business into the stratosphere, creating the visibility and buzz you need to become a leading authority. Turn to page 24 to create your marketing calendar now. Success is a contact sport. No one becomes the #1 Authority in their Field alone. When you unleash the power of your value network, anything is possible. Check out page 29 for a simple exercise that will reveal the untapped JV, affiliate and other resources hiding in your rolodex. This is your unfair advantage over your competition. When you know how to ask the right questions and collect the right numbers you’ll know exactly what you need to do next (and what you can stop doing.) Turn to page 34 for a checklist of the top must-track numbers in your business and what they really mean for your bottom line. aster Your Message ngage & Inspire With Your Brand tructure Your Content to Sell upercharge Your Website to Get Results row Your Influence Through Partners xplode Your Impact www.LiveYourMessage.com ctivate Your Marketing Machine
  5. 5. If you implement what I’m about to teach you, you can enjoy massive visibility and author- ity, floods of clients, the income you deserve and give your Message the exposure it was born to have. Remember, the information contained in this report is only as good as your implementation. While I’ve done everything possible to give you a clear roadmap and provide you with the tools, resources and examples you need to succeed, this plan will not work without your consistent effort. If you put in the time and do the work, you’ll be building your busi- ness equity in ways that will support you for years to come. I’ll try to make things as simple as possible so you always know what’s next and how to move forward. If at any point you feel overwhelmed, don’t forget that the technology is simply a tool for you to share your message with the world and build the life you want to live. It’s not an end unto itself. And just like any tool, it can be learned and mastered. The key is to stay focused and keep taking action toward your goals. Don’t forget that we’re always here to provide additional support if you get stuck, or need a helping hand to connect with your message and achieve massive results. - Marisa Murgatroyd, Founder, Live Your Message www.LiveYourMessage.com © 2012 Live Your Message LLC LiveYourMessage @LiveYourMessage LiveYourMessage in/MarisaMurgatroyd For questions and comments, the best way to get in touch is via my Facebook wall at: http://www.facebook.com/liveyourmessage If you’d like my insight on the challenges and opportunities you’re facing in your business or some information on our done-for-you packages, then fill out my complimentary consultation form at: http://www.liveyourmessage.com/free-website-consultation
  6. 6. 6www.LiveYourMessage.com Hello@LiveYourMessage.com Would you like to take your personal story and create from it a magnetic, inspirational & powerful Message that will make people stop and listen, literally building a movement around you? Of course you would. We all would. But instead we don’t. We fall into the trap of being “busy” instead of strategic. We buy course after course and implement tactic after tactic, and in the mad rush of building websites and jumping right to what seems like the most important stuff – we never really achieve the results that we want – and deserve. Whether that’s creating a business that works, achieving a better lifestyle or helping others live better lives. This is because you’ve neglected the most important element: getting your Message right. This is the first and MOST important thing to think about if you want to get your Message and Brand out there in a massive way, but only one expert in a thousand does it correctly. MASTER YOUR MESSAGE So What IS a Message and Why Is It So Fundamentally Important to Becoming the #1 Authority in Your Field? Your Message is the big idea you want to share with the world. It’s big and bold and visionary. It goes beyond logic and captures the emotional core of who you are. 1
  7. 7. 7www.LiveYourMessage.com Hello@LiveYourMessage.com Your Message is inseparable from you and only you can deliver it in the way that you do. Usually, it is rooted in your personal story or background, especially those challenges or frustrations you had to overcome to get to where you are today. Your Message is a combination of what you’re good at, what you love and what your audience wants, needs or craves. By definition, it encapsulates the tension, the challenge, the problem you solve, while suggesting the solution. A powerful, honest and authentic Message resonates with the world, telling people what you do and why you do it. It allows you to step forward as a leader, inspiring people to join your “cause,” and allows them to connect with you and your Message on a deep lev- el. Never forget that we’re only ever inspired to take great action by people who STAND for something. And it’s what separates the leaders, the professionals, from the copycats and hobbyists. So when you clearly articulate your “reason why” into a crystal clear Message that others can believe in, we understand what you represent on an instinctive level and will want to have a deeper relationship with you, buy into your ideas and HELP you get your Message out there on a massive scale, changing more lives than you ever thought possible. But when you don’t think this through properly, you end up standing for nothing, and your business lacks the heartbeat that inspires and motivates others into action. Your message can and should evolve as your business grows. I recommend revisiting this foundation once or twice a year or in moments of transition. While you can’t expect to get your Message perfect right out of the gate and you can have a successful business without a Message, it’s Message that takes your work to the next level, creating a movement that ignites your audience into action and positioning you as a leader and a visionary. 1 MASTER YOUR MESSAGE
  8. 8. 8www.LiveYourMessage.com Hello@LiveYourMessage.com 1 MASTER YOUR MESSAGE EXERCISE: 5 Questions to Help You Articulate a Message That’s Right for You Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to start to get to the bottom of what your Message might be: • What has been your lowest point or your greatest challenge? • What do you do naturally even without getting paid for it? • What’s the most meaningful thing in your life? • What problem do you have a solution for? • And, finally, if you could only share one thing with the world, what would it be? Remember, your Message is bigger than you and beyond you – it’s the big reason WHY you’re doing all this. It’s not an outside goal to be achieved, but a state of being you can live and model every single day. It starts to resonate when you tap into something deeper your ideal client wants to call into their lives. If you’d like more support on crafting a powerful and effective Message that magnetizes and mobilizes your target audience into a powerful movement around you, check out our 30 Day Challenge at: http://www.liveyourmessage.com/challenge In the first month of the program, I’ll show you in detail how to take your personal story and create from it a magnetic, inspirational & powerful MESSAGE that will make people stop and listen and literally create a MOVEMENT around you. Month 2’s big idea is how you can join the conversation that’s already going on in the heads of your target market so that you connect effortlessly with your AUDIENCE, you’re understood on the deepest level, and are naturally perceived as the expert you are.
  9. 9. 9www.LiveYourMessage.com Hello@LiveYourMessage.com The fact is that people don’t choose to work with you for logical reasons, but because they believe in your Message and because of how you make them feel with your Brand. A Big Bold Brand created around your Message will inspire your audience, skyrocket engagement and attract new, rabid fans to you like a magnet. Think of your Brand as your “secret sauce.” It creates emotions, experiences and associa- tions that differentiate you from everybody else in the world. If your Brand extends organi- cally from your Message, from who you are and why you do what you do, then it’s easy to create the wonderful gut-level YES! reactions you’re looking for. A great Brand effortlessly communicates your Message within those precious first seconds, as quickly and effortlessly as a light bulb flipping on in your prospect’s head. It’s deeply emotional and determines whether we stick around and buy from you, or hit the back but- ton immediately, never to return. After all, you have just 3 seconds to make a first impres- sion – to grab someone’s attention or lose them forever. So say NO to a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all Website that looks like you bought it off the rack. We know them from a mile off – and worse, when you use one, you won’t be per- ceived as distinct or authentic and your market will say, “thanks but no thanks.” ENGAGE & INSPIRE WITH YOUR BRAND 2
  10. 10. 10www.LiveYourMessage.com Hello@LiveYourMessage.com 2 ENGAGE & INSPIRE WITH YOUR BRAND Why Consistency Matters You can’t control where on the web someone enters your world, it’s important that every- thing you put out is consistent, high-quality and reflects your overall Brand. Your Brand is like an ecosystem in which each part supports the whole. You can’t remove or disrupt any one piece of this system without impacting the whole. Branding is all about consistency in Message, Look, Feel and Tone in addition to the regu- larity with which you put out Content and contact your list. Most people don’t take the time to consciously think through and craft their Brand Experi- ence, so everything they put out feels somewhat different or disconnected. This is Bad News because it immediately breaks the emotional connection and you can come across as unprofessional or, worse yet, untrustworthy. Through consistency, you train your audience about who you are and how you help them. Through consistency, you create loyalty and a deep emotional connection with your audi- ence. Through consistency, you develop a Brand with staying power.
  11. 11. 11www.LiveYourMessage.com Hello@LiveYourMessage.com 2 ENGAGE & INSPIRE WITH YOUR BRAND The Five Elements of a Brand Your Market Will Love When you think about your Brand, it helps to go beyond personal preferences for certain colors or imagery and really think about the unique experience you want to create for someone and why what you do matters. There are 5 key elements of effective Branding: 1. DISTINCTIVENESS – You want to stand out from your competition by creating distinc- tion in all your materials and touch points. This doesn’t mean being different for the sake of being different, but being distinct because you’ve taken the time and care to identify the essence of your Brand. Distinction can be achieved through qualities such as boldness, in- novation, surprise, clarity or the characteristics that embody your Personal Brand. 2. RELEVANCE – Your Brand needs to align with your message, services and core busi- ness values. If there’s a mismatch between your Brand and what you say you do and represent, you’ll create incongruency or even distrust. Additionally, every experience you create (from your customer service to how you show up in person) and every piece of collateral you produce (from your blog posts to your products) has to be aligned with your overall Brand. 3. MEMORABILITY – In a time-poor, media-saturated world, you have to be memo- rable if you want to rise above the white noise of 135 million Websites. Make it as easy as possible for people to recall you later through memorability drivers such as emotion, surprise, distinctiveness and relevance. 4. EXTENDABILITY – Your Brand needs to work well across different media platforms (web, print, mobile, etc.), in different contexts and even different cultures. Rather than try to represent your Brand as a standalone logo, I recommend building a graphic system that’s modular and extendable to give yourself flexibility as you create additional products and materials. Check out how we recombine, repurpose and reuse the circles in our Live Your Message logo or the gears in the CoachingforADHD.com Brand we created.
  12. 12. 12www.LiveYourMessage.com Hello@LiveYourMessage.com 5. DEPTH – People learn differently, so it’s important that your Brand work on several levels – information, style, emotion, etc. The deeper you go, the more opportunities you’re creating for people to relate to and engage with your Brand. Distinctive Relevant Memorable Extendable Deep URL Tagline USP Personal Story Logo Colors Fonts Remember that everything you do is a reflection of your Brand – whether it’s a casual so- cial media post or your signature product – and you never know when and where some- one will enter your world. If Content is King, Consistency is Queen. Make sure to pass new ideas through this Brand Power Checklist or create a custom list that works for you. 2 ENGAGE & INSPIRE WITH YOUR BRAND EXERCISE: Brand Power Checklist If you’d like some more in-depth training on defining both your Brand and the experience you’re creating for your visitors, fans and clients, check out the Live Your Message 30 Day Challenge at: http://www.liveyourmessage.com/challenge In Month 3, we’ll be covering the key elements of your Personal Brand – your photo, title, personal story and more – so you can take charge of positioning and promoting yourself in the marketplace. In Month 4, we’ll cover the look, feel, tone and experience of your larger Brand, so you can own your topic area – online and off.
  13. 13. 13www.LiveYourMessage.com Hello@LiveYourMessage.com As you know, you have to sell something to make money online. And there are only two things you can sell: your own products/services and other people’s products/services. The more products/services you represent, the more opportunities you have to help peo- ple and earn income. Developing your own information products is the best way to scale your business and leverage your time by allowing you to serve more people with your expertise without a one-on-one time commitment. But many coaches, experts and entrepreneurs never take this step because they’re unclear on what their market needs and how to package their knowledge into valuable products. I recommend starting with the question, “What next?,” because you always want to be at least one step ahead of your customers’ and clients’ needs. Once you start providing value and changing people’s lives, they’re going to ask YOU this question whether or not you’ve thought about it, so you mind as well be prepared. In fact, they may already have asked you: What else do you have? How can I continue working with you? Do you have a program that does ____? Take note every time your clients or prospects ask you for something specific, because this is often a big indicator of the kinds of products and ser- vices they really want (this may be different from what you think they need). Having a great product or service is a major accomplishment, but don’t limit yourself to just one – do some long-range thinking and consider your entire product suite, so you can be strategic about interlinking your offerings and leading people through your sales funnel. Never forget that you’re building a long-term business, not a one-hit-wonder enter- prise and having a suite of products can skyrocket your business. STRUCTURE YOUR CONTENT TO SELL 3
  14. 14. 14www.LiveYourMessage.com Hello@LiveYourMessage.com 3 STRUCTURE YOUR CONTENT TO SEEL What Is a Sales Funnel? Your sales funnel is the path people take through your business. It usually starts with a free gift, then moves on to a low-cost, low commitment product ($97 or less) before scaling upward incrementally until it reaches your high-end products and services – which could be a couple thousand dollars or even tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars depend- ing on the value and results you can deliver. At each point along the way, you want to let them know how to get more and funnel them to your next product. While some customers may choose to take their own path through your funnel and even jump straight into your premium offerings, it still helps to give your prospects a specific next step.
  15. 15. 15www.LiveYourMessage.com Hello@LiveYourMessage.com For example, after you’ve created a free opt-in gift to entice people to subscribe to your list, it often makes sense to produce a low-cost $29, $49, $67 or $97 information product that provides value without requiring a large commitment. By having an entry-level prod- uct, you can seed this next step into your free gift or even structure your gift to lead direct- ly into this product by giving them a preview, sample or cut-down version. Let them know you were only able to give them a small piece of the total puzzle and if they want the full benefit, they have to go deeper. While even an entry-level product can require a significant amount of time to create (es- pecially if it’s your first product), once it’s done, you can market and sell it to thousands of people with little expense. You can also shortcut the product creation process by repurpos- ing webinars or teleseminars you’ve already given or assembling your top 5 related blog posts into an eBook, etc. However you decide to create your products, it’s well worth the effort. If you run the numbers on each program in your funnel, you’ll quickly see the power of productizing your knowledge. For example, if you sell 10 copies of a $97 product each month, that gives you an extra $970/month or $11,640/year. That’s life-changing. Now if you add to your product line a $497 offering and sell just 50 during the year, that’s an extra $24,850. Even if you sell this product with the help of partners and offer a 50% commission, that’s still $12,425 in your back pocket. Plus you have 50 new prospects to market your next higher-end program or service to – for example at $997, $2997, $4997 or $9997. You can see how quickly your income can compound into a 6 and 7-figure business by building out your sales funnel. After all, it’s always easier to sell more to existing customers than to get new customers. Remember, the more products you have the more opportunities you have to make an im- pact. If you limit your business to one-on-one services, you quickly max out on your client load. Products extend your capability to help people by allowing you – your ideas, your system, your framework – to transform the lives of people you’ve never even met. 3 STRUCTURE YOUR CONTENT TO SEEL
  16. 16. 16www.LiveYourMessage.com Hello@LiveYourMessage.com When you structure your content properly in this way, you’ll always be ahead of your cus- tomers’ needs, giving them what they need, when they need it. As a result, your apprecia- tive audience will buy in, stick around, go deeper and pay you over and over again. This will give you the platform you need to become the #1 Authority in Your Field, while at the same time create an insanely profitable sales funnel that’s always on, generating automatic income. 3 STRUCTURE YOUR CONTENT TO SEEL Pricing Your Products & Services Pricing is often a thorny and confusing topic for emerging entrepreneurs who have been used to working in a commodity market where they get paid hourly for their time or where they pay someone based on the cost of their product or service. The real profit comes when you are able to position yourself and your products in a value market, in other words, one which is based on the value of the results you can attain for your clients. High-end business coaches are able to command $50-100K+/year from their one-on-one clients for just a few hours a month of their time because they are able to help their clients achieve their goals, enhance their performance or reduce their costs. Other ways to create value include: customization, status or exclusivity, convenience and community (which is why free social networks such as Facebook are worth billions of dol- lars and why group coaching and business masterminds are so popular).
  17. 17. 17www.LiveYourMessage.com Hello@LiveYourMessage.com 3 STRUCTURE YOUR CONTENT TO SEEL EXERCISE: Plan Your Product Suite & Sales Funnel If you take the time to plan out your product suite and run your sales projections, you are laying the foundation for a profitable business. You are also creating a roadmap for your research and development efforts over the coming year and giving your customers some- where to go within your business. Free Gift Low-Tier <$100 Mid-Tier <$500 High-Tier <$2000 Premium $2000+ Program Title Delivery Format Promise or Benefit Price Point Estimated Units Sold Estimated Income Content is the foundation of your business. If you could use some more in depth training on how to structure your content to sell, then check out my new program called The 30 Day Challenge: http://www.liveyourmessage.com/challenge In Month 5, ‘ll take you step-by-step through planning and creating your product suite and sales funnel from opt-in gift to high-end services, so you can ensure a steady stream of income. Plus in Month 6, I’ll help you create your free content strategy so you can leverage your blog, social media and email marketing efforts to create a flood of pre-qualified prospects for your paid offerings.
  18. 18. 18www.LiveYourMessage.com Hello@LiveYourMessage.com I’ve seen so many people invest in a beautiful web presence for their life’s work without thinking through their goals and the action they want their visitor to take. This is a huge mistake. The #1 goal of your Website is to get people’s email addresses. While you do ultimately want to sell your products and services, it can take time to build enough trust and credibil- ity to convince someone to buy. And the best way to build this trust is to nurture a relation- ship over time by providing value on a regular basis through email. If you don’t have a way to capture a visitor’s email address, chances are they’ll leave your site and never come back. You won’t know who they are or be able to follow-up with them, and most likely they’ll never become your client. You’ve just missed an opportunity to help someone and make money doing it. Your home page should be structured around giving enough value and engaging someone long enough that they opt-in to your mailing list. Getting someone’s email ad- dress gives you control over how the relationship will unfold by enabling you to contact your lead anytime you want to. Unfortunately, most Websites capture less than 1% of the visitors who pass through. How- ever, if you structure your Website properly and offer an irresistible offer that’s aligned with the needs of your target market, you can capture 10-25% of these leads. If your opt- in rate (# of new subscribers divided by # of unique visitors to your website over a given period of time) is under 10%, you want to look at updating your home page to increase conversions. If you don’t know your opt-in rate, I recommend finding out now since this SUPERCHARGE YOUR WEBSITE TO GET RESULTS 4
  19. 19. 19www.LiveYourMessage.com Hello@LiveYourMessage.com this number shows how effective your Website is at building your client base and feeding your sales funnel. All the top authorities in their fields out there today understand that each page of a Web- site is leading to a sale of some kind. Whether it’s simply making a connection or gaining trust, or collecting a prospect’s details, a customer’s credit card number or a raving fan’s referrals. If you bear this in mind when thinking through what you want your Website to accom- plish, you won’t go wrong. 4 SUPERCHARGE YOUR WEBSITE TO GET RESULTS It’s Vital to Define Goals for Your Website Before you begin any web development project (whether it’s a new site or an upgrade), it’s essential to map out your goals so you know what you’re trying to achieve. The clearer you are about what you want, the more likely you will be to create it. Keep in mind that from a business development perspective, the most important functions of your authority Website are to: 1. Attract qualified visitors to your site through search engine friendly content. 2. Build your mailing list through an irresistible opt-in offer that converts. 3. Sell your products and services by creating value and building desire for what you do. 4. Provide value to your visitors to grow and nurture your relationship with them. 5. Build your credibility as the #1 Authority in Your Field. An effective website does all these things while helping you achieve the business and life- style you want. Really think about what you want your business to look like in 6 months, 1 year and beyond.
  20. 20. 20www.LiveYourMessage.com Hello@LiveYourMessage.com An effective website does all these things while helping you achieve the business and life- style you want. Really think about what you want your business to look like in 6 months, 1 year and beyond. As you build the foundation for your business, you want to check in and make sure you’re creating structures that are aligned with your goals. It’s common to either jump the gun and create a foundation that’s too big and complex for where you are right now and what you can realistically accomplish and maintain OR to not dream big enough and cre- ate a website that doesn’t help you get to where you want to go. 4 SUPERCHARGE YOUR WEBSITE TO GET RESULTS Structure Each Page of Your Site Around Your Goals It’s essential to plan out what each page of your website will do and how it will be laid out. Every minute you spend planning your site before you start the design and development process will save you time and money while ensuring you get the results you want. The first step in this process is listing out the goals and features of each page of your site. The second step is creating a blueprint or wireframe of your site. When I approach a web project for a client, I always define the main goal for each page of their website then structure that page so it is more likely to achieve that desired result. For example, if the top goal of your website is to get people to opt-in to your newsletter, than that should be the focal point of your home page. You should also avoid cluttering the page with too many other calls to action that may distract a visitor from submitting their email address. Here’s a fictional but useful breakdown of the goals, features and content that you might have on your website. Use this format to guide you as you plan your own site.
  21. 21. 21www.LiveYourMessage.com Hello@LiveYourMessage.com HOME Goals: give people a taste of what you do and make them interested enough to sign-up for your mailing list Content & Features: • Banner – Your logo and tagline, photo of you, plus social media buttons (Face book, RSS, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Google+) • Video – encourages the opt-in, use photo of you as the posterframe • Primary Opt-In Offer – free video training series • 4 sections on the bottom: - Secondary Opt-In Offer – quiz or assessment - Testimonials – includes name, photo, and title for each contributor; updates with page refresh - News, Featured Product or Upcoming Event – will change regularly to feature whatever is most important - Recent Blog Posts – automatically updates with titles of 5 most recent posts • Extended Footer – repeats top navigation and contains contact info, copyright, site credits, privacy policy, terms of use and site map BLOG Goals: drive traffic through keyword-rich content; keep people on the site as long as pos- sible by providing value and encourage interaction to improve search engine rankings Content & Features: • Social share bar - Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon • Facebook Comments • Next Post/Previous Post • Subscribe to RSS • Sort by Categories, Tags, Archive and Site Search Now that we’ve determined the goals, content and features for each page of your site, the next step is to work on wireframes. 4 SUPERCHARGE YOUR WEBSITE TO GET RESULTS
  22. 22. 22www.LiveYourMessage.com Hello@LiveYourMessage.com 4 SUPERCHARGE YOUR WEBSITE TO GET RESULTS EXERCISE: Wireframe Your Website Wireframing is the process of sketching out in broad strokes what goes where on each page of your website. Wireframes focus on the APPROXIMATE SIZE AND PLACEMENT of each element of page content rather than the specific details of that content. Here is an example of a home page wireframe I created for a client website:
  23. 23. 23www.LiveYourMessage.com Hello@LiveYourMessage.com You’ll notice that this page only has two main calls to action: • Opt-In #1 to the right of the big video placeholder • Opt-In #2 in the lower left (TIP: Having two opt-ins on your home page can increase conversions by as much as 18%.) All the other links (such as MORE INFO under Featured Product” or MORE under each blog post) are small so they don’t detract from the main action of this web page, which is getting someone’s email address. As you can see, wireframes really help you structure your Website in detail, before you ever pick up the phone and talk to a web designer. Additionally, by creating a wireframe before you start writing content, you will know exactly what you need to write and more or less how much space you want to use. So don’t worry if you haven’t written your Web- site copy yet, you can always use dummy text such as “lorem ipsum” (shown above). Here’s a helpful Lorem Ipsum generator: http://www.lipsum.com/. While I use professional wireframing software (Balsamiq Mockups) to produce wireframes for my clients, it’s equally as easy to simply sketch out each page of your site on paper or use a program such as Powerpoint to draw boxes. If you do level of thinking and planning up front, I promise you’ll not only save a vast amount of time and money, but you’ll get a website that you’re proud of AND that will get results. 4 SUPERCHARGE YOUR WEBSITE TO GET RESULTS Have you ever heard of the expression, “All roads lead to Rome?” Well on the internet, all roads lead to your website, so you better make sure you have a site that converts visitors into subscribers and clients before you put time and effort into driving traffic to your site. In Month 7 of the 30 Day Challenge – http://www.liveyourmessage.com/challenge – we walk you step-by-step through the must-have strategies to turn your website into a conver- sion machine. In Month 8, we’ll show you the next level of tactics to take your results over the top.
  24. 24. 24www.LiveYourMessage.com Hello@LiveYourMessage.com 5 Now that you’ve hung your shingle out, each piece of content you send into the world is like an emissary for your business, encouraging people to come and check you out. If you want to attract the right people to your site (so they can buy your products and services) you need to know exactly who your audience is and what they need, then speak directly to that need. There’s a direct link between content and traffic to your website – the more content you create and distribute the more traffic you’ll get. But you have to create content strategically around topics and keywords that are relevant to your business if you want that traffic to be interested in your products and services. This is called content marketing and often takes the form of blog posts, articles, social media, emails, videos and more. Everything you produce should be at the intersection of what your audience is looking for and what you offer. The goal of your free content is to build an audience interested in the products and services you offer. Most people fall into the trap of producing a bunch of unrelated or off-topic materials, rather than focus- ing their efforts around a content strategy designed to build desire for your offerings. The danger here is you spend a lot of time and effort building an audience around topics that don’t directly support your business. If you laser focus your content around the #1 topic your work is about, you’ll drive tar- geted traffic to your website that is much more likely to buy from you. That doesn’t mean you can’t write about other things, but it does mean that you should choose sub-topics that relate to and support your #1 topic. ACTIVATE YOUR MARKETING MACHINE
  25. 25. 25www.LiveYourMessage.com Hello@LiveYourMessage.com As you’re brainstorming your topic list, keep in mind that it’s sometimes hard to predict what blog post will hit a nerve, find the largest audience or generate the most debate. One of my clients posted a recipe for “raw energy soup” and “energy soup” is now the 8th biggest keyword that people are using to find his business. Just remember, you’re not creating content in a vac­uum, but talking to someone who is facing a prob­lem and wants to hear from you. With each piece of content, imagine this individual person and think about what you can do to help them solve their problems or achieve a specific result. 5 ACTIVATE YOUR MARKETING MACHINE EXCERCISE: Define Your Marketing Goals As with anything you do online or in your business, it’s essential to have a good sense of where you are now so you can set realistic yet aspirational goals for what you’d like to accomplish over the next year. These could include traffic goals, mailing list goals, sales goals, Facebook fan goals, Twitter following goals, LinkedIn subscriber goals, system/pro- cess goals, traditional media goals, goals related to specific events or promotions, etc. Remember, all goals have both a quantitative and a qualitative component. A word of warning: be careful not to focus so much on the numbers that you forget to nurture and develop relationships with the subscribers, fans and followers you already have. Here is an example of the marketing goals for one of my clients: • Dramatically Increase Traffic to My Website – go from zero to several thou- sand visitors per month through search engine optimization, blog, YouTube and Facebook. • Build My Mailing List – grow my current list from 7500 to 10000 by the end of the year. Increase home page list conversions from 0-3% to 15-20%. • Create and Implement Internet Marketing Systems to Drive Business Growth – integrate and systematize marketing activities into my day-to-day business activities.
  26. 26. 26www.LiveYourMessage.com Hello@LiveYourMessage.com • Do Social Media Right – go from minimal engagement on social media to a brand- ed, high-value, results-driven presence. Integrate social media into new website and blog and funnel people between website and social media accounts. • Build Out Product Funnel – create new autoresponder sequence that converts people to my entry-level product. Take a moment now to list out your top 5 marketing goals for the next 6 months. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5 ACTIVATE YOUR MARKETING MACHINE EXERCISE: Create Your Marketing Calendar Now that you have your marketing goals for the next 6 months, it’s time to make sure you implement them. Like anything in life, if you don’t schedule marketing activities, they won’t get done. I’ve found that the best way to ensure that you’re consistently marketing your business is to build it into your day-to-day activities, ideally at the same time every day so it becomes a habit. Before creating your marketing calendar, it can be helpful to take a realistic look at your current schedule to determine how many hours a week you (or your team) can commit to marketing activities. You may need to spend more time at the beginning to really ramp up and establish your online presence, then scale back into maintenance mode once you get into the swing of things. If possible, I’d recommend devoting 5-10 hours/week or 10-30% of your time to marketing as you get started.
  27. 27. 27www.LiveYourMessage.com Hello@LiveYourMessage.com Here is a sample marketing schedule I created for one of my clients: Mondays (10am - 12pm) • Brainstorm/review content ideas document, research new topics on Google Reader, queue Twitter posts for the week on HootSuite (15 mins) • Write or film blog (60 mins) • Facebook & Twitter engagement (30 mins) Tuesdays (2 - 4pm) • Post blog or video (10mins) • Write and queue newsletter (40mins) • Facebook & Twitter engagement (25mins) • Coordinate guest blogger for your site or contribute guest blog to partner site (45mins) Wednesdays (10am - 12pm) • Write or film blog (60 mins) • Facebook & Twitter engagement (30 mins) • LinkedIn engagement (15mins) • Respond to blog comments, fine-tune site copy and autoresponder sequence (15mins) Thursdays (2 - 4pm) • Post blog or video (10mins) • Write and queue newsletter (40mins) • Facebook & Twitter engagement (10 mins) • Write article to submit to partner website or article marketing site (60mins) Fridays (10am - 12pm) • Submit article to article marketing sites (30mins) • Facebook & Twitter engagement (30 mins) • YouTube engagement (15mins) • Respond to blog comments, plan for week ahead (30mins) • Review site and social media analytics (15mins) 5 ACTIVATE YOUR MARKETING MACHINE
  28. 28. 28www.LiveYourMessage.com Hello@LiveYourMessage.com Now it’s your turn to strategize how you’d like to spend your marketing hours each week. MONDAYS Time: Activities: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. TUESDAYS Time: Activities: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. WEDNESDAYS Time: Activities: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. THURSDAYS Time: Activities: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. FRIDAYS Time: Activities: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. WEEKENDS Time: Activities: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Remember, consistent marketing is the only way to guarantee a steady flow of traffic and income. Don’t wait until you’re broke and out of clients to start marketing. This feast or famine approach, practiced by the majority of solopreneurs, will never take you to the #1 Authority in Your Field. 5 ACTIVATE YOUR MARKETING MACHINE Remember, marketing is what puts your business in motion and creates a steady stream of prospects and customers. We’ll cover the top strategies to take you from anonymous to authority in the 30 Day Challenge: http://www.liveyourmessage.com/challenge In Month 9, we’ll show you how to maintain and leverage your blog and email list to at- tract a flood of traffic. In Month 10, we’ll dive into social media strategy and customization so you can develop lasting and profitable relationships with qualified prospects.
  29. 29. 29www.LiveYourMessage.com Hello@LiveYourMessage.com GROW YOUR INFLUENCE THROUGH PARTNERS 6 The quickest way to scale your business is through partnership and the internet makes partnership easier than ever before. Not only can you find and connect with people you’ve never met, but you have access to technology that allows you to run promotions on a massive scale (through email and social media) and automatically track and compen- sate partners for referrals that turn into sales. Partnership allows you to tap into pre-existing audiences aligned with your offering. Your partners have done the hard work of building and nurturing their following over the years and their endorsement to their following instantly transfers their trust and credibility to you. Anyone they send your way will already be “warmed up” and more likely to buy. Here’s my favorite passage from Seth Godin’s book Tribes, which illustrates the compound power of your network: With a long enough crowbar, you can rip nails out of a board. With a long enough teeter-tooter, you can lift a sumo wrestler off the ground. With enough leverage, you can change your company, your industry, and the world. The levers just got longer (for everyone). The Web and word of mouth and viruses and outsourcing and the long tail and the other factors involved in social media mean that everyone (every person, all six billion of us) has far more power than ever before.
  30. 30. 30www.LiveYourMessage.com Hello@LiveYourMessage.com Partnerships give you more leverage than almost anything else in your business by ex- panding your reach in a way that comes with built-in credibility. Of course, you have to choose partners who are in alignment with you – both personally and professionally. As in life, you can be lifted up or brought down by the people you choose to associate with. Your partners are a reflection of your brand and you don’t want to promote or be promoted by someone who isn’t in alignment with your core brand val- ues. I recommend forming a personal connection and building a relationship with some- one before you decide to partner with each other – both to make sure the partnership is a good fit and because the long-term value of that relationship is more important than what- ever immediate profits can be made on a quick affiliate promotion. If you partner over the long-term, you can help pull each other up as your lists, your following, your presence and your businesses expand. It’s also important to come from a place of value and service. For a partnership to work, you have to be able to provide real value to your partner and their audience without being in direct competition with them. In other words, you have to choose partners who serve a similar target market as you do and whose audience has a direct need for what you offer. The partnership will thrive if you’re aligned personally and professionally and if you can complement and expand what they do. I also recommend you think outside-the-box about partnerships. You may find partners in unexpected places. Whether it’s that client who loves you and has a large mailing list or a seemingly unrelated local business who caters to your target market. 6 GROW YOUR INFLUENCE THROUGH PARTNERS The Amazing Power of Your Value Network Your value network is comprised of your family, friends, peers, coworkers, acquaintances and customers. Based on the principle of “give and you shall receive,” the more energy and value you contribute to your network, the more energy and value you’ll receive. As motivational speaker Zig Ziglar says, “You can have everything in life that you want if you just give enough other people what they want.”
  31. 31. 31www.LiveYourMessage.com Hello@LiveYourMessage.com Most people have already met all the people they need to become wildly successful, but have never put in the time and effort to mine those relationships. In fact, most people don’t even realize the wealth of expertise and connections in their own networks. Have you taken the time to regularly check in with your family and friends to find out what they want to accomplish and who they know? If you haven’t done this with your friends and family, you’re even less likely to have done this with your peers, coworkers, acquaintances and clients. I guarantee you’ll be surprised by what you find out. For example, who would have thought that my dad’s neighbor’s son is the drummer for the band Phish or that my film- maker client has a close personal relationship with Sir Ken Robinson or that one of my best friends is a childhood friend of Amy Smart. It’s the “six degrees of separation” con- cept in action. Regardless of who we are, how old we are or where we’re from, we all have a circle of influence. But we rarely take the time to get to know our social circle or value network in this way. We may be connected on Facebook or LinkedIn, but do we really know what people are up to – what they do, what they know, who they know, what they need, and what they value. Once you start to ask these questions, you’ll realize how little we really know about each other – even the closest people in our lives – and just how much the people in your life have to offer. The more you choose to expand and contribute to your value network, the more your life and business will expand and enrich. This process starts with getting to know the people in your network on a different level. The more you know, the more you can contribute and the more you can connect people with each other. Personal branding expert Tom Peters writes: The key to any personal branding campaign is “word-of-mouth marketing.” Your network of friends, colleagues, clients, and customers is the most important marketing vehicle you’ve got; what they say about you and your contributions is what the market will ulti- mately gauge as the value of your brand. So the big trick to building your brand is to find ways to nurture your network of colleagues – consciously. 6 GROW YOUR INFLUENCE THROUGH PARTNERS
  32. 32. 32www.LiveYourMessage.com Hello@LiveYourMessage.com I learned the following exercise from my mastermind coach Brendon Burchard, who has a $10M/year experts empire. Each year, he devotes a full week to mapping out his value network then picking up the phone and reaching out to the people in his work. In these quick 20-minute phone calls, he asks the following 5 questions: 1. What are you doing these days? 2. What are you really good at? 3. Have you met any amazing people that you’d like to get to know bet- ter? What do they need right now? 4. What do you need right now? Is there anything stopping you from getting what you want? 5. What’s most important to you right now? What’s the most valuable thing in your life? Whether you choose to concentrate your calls over a short period of time or decide to call or meet with 1-3 people in your value network each week, listen with the intention to add massive value. Look for ways to contribute to that person’s work and life, perhaps even changing their life. Just as you’ll be surprised at what they know, who they know and what they want; they’ll be surprised and amazed by you. Try to connect them with some- one who can help them with a problem they’re having or a goal they want to achieve. Most of the time, they’ll ask you these questions back. But don’t feel the need to tell them anything unless they ask, because your objective here is to learn about them and what they’re up to. And even if they don’t, they’ll be grateful for the attention and support you gave them. You’ll also be at the top of their minds and they’ll be more likely to mention or refer you. 6 GROW YOUR INFLUENCE THROUGH PARTNERS EXERCISE: Map Your Value Network
  33. 33. 33www.LiveYourMessage.com Hello@LiveYourMessage.com Take the time now to map out your value network in the categories of friends, family, peers, coworkers, acquaintances and current customers. Always look for the influencers and connectors and jot down notes about who this person is connected to or what they’re up to. While the internet is fabulous and great for people you may never have met otherwise, you still want to take the time to talk to people or meet them in person. Real world commu- nication is still the best way to form deep lasting relationships. 6 GROW YOUR INFLUENCE THROUGH PARTNERS Most people make the mistake of trying to go it alone in the internet marketing world. But forming lasting partnerships is the highest-leverage activity you can engage in. But few people do it right. We’ll show you the top ways to attract the right affiliate and joint venture partners (and haev them falling over themselves to promote your programs to their list) in Month 11 of the 30 Day Challenge: http://www.liveyourmessage.com/challenge FAMILY 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. FRIENDS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. CLIENTS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. CO-WORKERS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. PEERS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. ACQUAINTANCES 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  34. 34. 34www.LiveYourMessage.com Hello@LiveYourMessage.com Getting your website up and your marketing efforts rolling is indeed a major accomplish- ment, but your work isn’t done once you have these systems in place. Remember that the goal of your Website and marketing is to build your mailing list and grow your client base. Even if your Website and marketing looks and sounds good, it may not be as effec- tive as it could be. Most people assume they know what works and what people will respond to, but often the numbers tell a different story. One of the reasons the internet is so powerful is that it gives you instant, automatic and specific feedback about what’s working and what could be improved. Before online metrics, marketers had to wait months to see the results of their actions. Now you can instantly track dozens of metrics including the number of people who open your emails, how many people click on each link you post regardless of where you post it, exactly where your Website visitors are coming from and how many of them are opting in to your mailing list. If you don’t use metrics, you’re leaving the success of your business up to chance or guess- work. I’ve seen people abandon strategies that could have made them thousands if they only took the time to refine their approach. There’s a fine line between giving up too soon and wasting your time on activities that aren’t getting results. Oftentimes, if you’re not get- ting results, you’re not doing something right. Maybe you’re not talking about your work in a way people relate to or maybe Twitter just isn’t the highest leverage marketing activity for you right now. The answers are in the numbers. I recommend viewing everything you do online – head- lines, welcome videos, email subject lines, blog content, social media posts, etc – from the mentality of, “Everything is a test.” You can’t know what’s working until you test your ideas and strategies and look at the numbers. And once you start getting results, keep adjusting your actions and testing some more, so you get better results. EXPLODE YOUR IMPACT 7
  35. 35. 35www.LiveYourMessage.com Hello@LiveYourMessage.com Oftentimes, small adjustments in text, content, tone, design or strategy can exponentially improve your results and your bottom line. For example, optimizing your home page (layout, opt-in offer, headlines, etc) to increase conversions to your newsletter by 10-20% could lead to tens of thousands of extra dollars in sales each year. And onwards. And upwards. 7 EXPLODE YOUR IMPACT Key Website Email Metrics Google Analytics is the standard for tracking website visitation and behavior. You or your programmer can register your website for free with a Google username and password. The quick 3-step sign up process concludes with Google providing your programmer with a snippet of HTML code which they would then place in above the /body tag (they will know what this means) in your website. Google Analytics allows you to review data and answer questions such as: • How many average unique visits do you get each day and each month? Is your traffic trending upwards or downwards? What are you doing differently to cause this? • What keywords were searched in Google to find you? Is all traffic coming from direct searches of your name or are you also getting visitors from your on-page content? • What pages are most and least viewed in your website? Where are people clicking on each page? • How long do visitors stay on your website? How many pages are they visiting? What percentage of your visitors are leaving right away (bounce rate)? (these questions allow you to track the level of engagement and interaction on your site)
  36. 36. 36www.LiveYourMessage.com Hello@LiveYourMessage.com • Where is your traffic coming from? What are you top referral sources? How much traf- fic are you getting from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube? How does this traffic behave when it reaches your website? Are these channels contributing significantly to your busi- ness? Email marketing services such as AWeber, MailChimp, iContact or Constant Contact also allow you to track your email metrics. Since email is still one of the top ways to convert fans into clients (and a great way to monitor what your audience responds to), it’s also critical to track the following numbers: • What percentage of unique visitors subscribe to your newsletter? (This is your conver- sion rate. To calculate this rate, divide the number of subscribers over a given period of time by the number of unique visitors then multiply by 100 to get the percentage.) • What is your average open rate (percentage of subscribers who open your emails)? Do some subject lines or topics get a better open rate than others? • What is your click-through rate (number of people who click a link in your email divided by the number who opened your emails)? What topics or language inspires your audi- ence to click- through? • What is your unsubscribe rate? Does it increase when you mail more frequently or less frequently? Is it impacted by the kind of email you send – promotional vs. content? Log-in at least once a week to review your analytics. If you spend just 30 minutes a week tracking your metrics, strategizing ways to fine-tune your website and marketing efforts, and implementing these new strategies, you’ll be amazed by how dramatically (and quick- ly!) you can improve your results. Use the chart below to track your metrics, strategies and goals. NOTE: I’m not giving you average statistics, because every business is different and it’s not helpful to compare yourself to an established site when you’re just getting started. 7 EXPLODE YOUR IMPACT EXERCISE: Track Your Results Weekly
  37. 37. 37www.LiveYourMessage.com Hello@LiveYourMessage.com Date Number Notes What caused this result? Strategy What can you do to improve? Goal What result do you want? # of Unique Visitors # of New Subscribers Conversion Rate Average Time on Site # Pages/Visit Bounce Rate Open Rate Click-Through Rate Unsubscribe Rate Top Referral Sites Top Keywords Top Pages 7 EXPLODE YOUR IMPACT Month 12 of the 30 Day Challenge (http://www.liveyourmessage.com/challenge) is where you really EXPLODE your IMPACT, and take more to the bank than you ever thought possible. My big idea for you this month is “insider” testing and analytics strategies guaranteed to drive conversion and sales through the roof. This is your unfair advantage over your competition. When you know how to ask the right questions and collect the right numbers you’ll know exactly what you need to do next (and what you can stop doing.)
  38. 38. AND THE WINNER IS... [YOU] Remember, this report is only as good as your implementation. I’ve tried to make things as simple as possible for you and lay out clear next steps and actions to take on your journey towards becoming the #1 Authority in Your Field but – the truth is – you and your business are unique. A lot of people waste huge amounts of time and money invest- ing in the “right strategies” at the wrong times. There are no magic bullets or one-size-fits-all solutions. It’s important to acknowledge where you are in your business and what will get you the results you need now. Online market- ing strategies can take several months or longer to really pay off and they may not be the best strategy if you’re just starting off and don’t have an established client-base. Creating an infor- mation product can offer a huge boost to your bottom line, but could be a flop if you haven’t identified your target audience or built your mailing list and partnerships. Before you start trying new strategies on for size, I recommend taking stock of where you are and where you want to go. Once you have the big picture vision of your business, you can focus your efforts on what makes sense now – not what everyone is telling you to do – and create a leveraged progression plan that allows you to achieve sustainable results and make steady (even astronomical) progress towards becoming the #1 Authority in Your Field. At Live Your Message, we’re all about bringing the pieces to- gether so you can get your message out there on a global scale. We know there’s no one else in the world who can do www.LiveYourMessage.com © 2012 Live Your Message LLC LiveYourMessage @LiveYourMessage LiveYourMessage in/MarisaMurgatroyd “Wow! Where do I start? Simply investing and work- ing with Marisa Murgatroyd and the Live Your Message team has been the best busi- ness decision I have made in 10 years! I first worked with Marisa to create my website and new logo. Her knowledge about the web, technical design and mar- keting strategies on how to best leverage my site is what convinced me to invest in her services. It has paid itself back tenfold! They listened to what I wanted and offered their professional experience to create a unique website and brand that I am proud of and is distinct and recogniz- able in my industry. Now, nearly a year after beginning work with her, she and her team are still there to support and advance my web pres- ence, business growth and marketing.” Laurie Dupar Coaching for ADHD
  39. 39. what you do in the way that you do it. We believe you can be or do anything you want to if you make the choice, then step up and take action. That means crafting your big picture plan and learning the strategies you need to succeed. We’re here to support you if you get stuck, or need a helping hand to connect with your message and achieve massive results. You can do it! We believe in you... Now go out there and Live Your Message... Marisa Murgatroyd www.LiveYourMessage.com © 2012 Live Your Message LLC LiveYourMessage @LiveYourMessage LiveYourMessage in/MarisaMurgatroyd CONTINUE THE JOURNEY... 1 - Post your questions and comments on Facebook (I’ll answer them personally): http://www.facebook.com/liveyourmessage 2 - Register for the 30 Day Challenge ( make this your breakthrough year): http://www.liveyourmessage.com/challenge 3 - Apply for a Complimentary 20-Min Consultation: http://www.liveyourmessage.com/free-website-consultation “Marisa offers a comprehen- sive and holistic approach to pulling your whole web strategy, design and market- ing together. This program is chock full of everything you need to know, nothing more, nothing less to create a high quality online platform. Marisa makes it easy to understand the basics so you can avoid pitfalls and make wise decisions.” Mary Liz Life Force Solutions
  40. 40. About Marisa Murgatroyd CHECK OUT MARISA’S BLOG: www.LiveYourMessage.com LiveYourMessage @LiveYourMessage LiveYourMessage in/MarisaMurgatroyd Marisa is a branding, web and marketing expert. Through close, collaborative relation- ships with clients, she builds leading brands and world-class websites that capture your essence, stand out and get results. She also supports clients in integrating all their busi- ness and marketing efforts – from services to social media – to create a powerful branded experience that drives traffic and converts visitors into long-term clients. Marisa’s unique background brings together professional work in the fields of writing, photography, filmmaking, print design, publishing, web design, internet marketing and special events media. This diversity of experience provides real world perspective in all aspects of your online platform from your information products and copy to your videos and headshots. Marisa has produced dozens of large-scale web, video, design and interactive media projects for clients like the Getty Museum, PBS, UCLA and the State of California. These days, she dedicates her time to working with coaches, experts and entrepreneurs who want to become the #1 Authority in their fields.