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Running Shoe Retailer SD-WAN Case Study

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With each store needing its own configuration, unique bandwidth requirements, individual hardware, and yet, all managed in a central corporate location, it’s easy to see why the edge network is a nightmare. But, with QOS, we bring the edge to you, in a central portal to monitor report and understand your network performance and make intelligent decisions for it. Streamline your SD-WAN solution, routing and switching, compute and virtual machines, licensing, and more all in one place.

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Running Shoe Retailer SD-WAN Case Study

  1. 1. Locations Industry Solution 70 Retail SD-WAN Background The customer is a running shoe retailer who recently went through a divesture from their parent company. Going through the separation of 70 locations, the customer was in need of a whole new configuration. The initial configuration the customer was looking at included a hybrid solution of Coax and 4G Fiber. However, the fiber buildout was further out on the horizon. The customer had a lot of critical applications running over their connectivity including their VoIP, credit card processor, and more.  Business Need The customer needed to have a dependable network solution that would allow them to have stability and reliability to run their mission critical applications. They considered an SD- WAN solution to give them that stability and to work with their platforms over broadband Internet instead of fiber. The customer also had a very limited timeframe to get their solution up and running. With the clock ticking of their new divesture and the desire to get their stores open as soon as possible, they needed something that would not take as long as Fiber to get going.  Solution QOS Networks was brought in to work side by side with the customer to deliver a rapid solution that alleviated their fears about stability and reliability. QOS implemented VMware’s NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud in all 70 of their locations, which allowed them to connect to their business critical applications over a broadband connection. The customer was no longer dependent on getting fiber installed in order to get their doors open, which sped up their time to open. QOS was able to get their entire solution up and going in under 60 days. QOS Networks also helped to configure their RunIT system, which handles their credit card processing. RunIT is often in need of a better connection that broadband due to it being a hosted payment processing platform. However, by working with QOS and deploying the VeloCloud solution, the customer didn’t need an additional connectivity solution to get the performance they needed.  Case Study For more information, visit us at qosnet.com/use-cases