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Partner with QOS Networks and their Edge as a Service and SD-WAN Solutions

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Learn more at https://qosnet.com/sd-wan/.

QOS Networks is a managed network service provider that partners with the channel, OEMs, and distributors globally to deliver network solutions to enterprises.

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Partner with QOS Networks and their Edge as a Service and SD-WAN Solutions

  1. 1. Partnering with QOS Networks
  2. 2. Partner Owns the Customer QOS provides complete deployment and lifetime Tier 1+ support Partner sells bundled SD-WAN, connectivity, hardware, licensing, etc. Partner with QOS Networks
  3. 3. QOS Networks Solutions We are the architects of strategic network solutions that enable distributed enterprises to connect in an expanding world, allowing them to experience exceptional results
  4. 4. The Branch of the Future Inventory, PoS or Ordering Abilities IoT & AI Platforms Switches/Routers SD-WAN Guest WiFi Firewalls/Security RFID & Beacons
  5. 5. Services • Network monitoring SD- WAN design, deployment, and management and backups • Troubleshooting network issues • Updates & Patches • Changes and network updates • Real-time statistics, trend reports, and historical reporting of devices in the network • Inventory Management • Implementation Planning • Design and plan the implementation process for your new edge network, from day zero • Automated Rollout • Automatic phased rollout or big bang deployment plan • Testing & Training • Full testing and team training to manage along the way • Proof Of Concept • Staged Rollout • Custom Integrations • Application Performance Monitoring • Syslog Monitoring • AI & IoT • Solarwinds • Servicenow • Splunk • Security • Palo Alto And Zscaler • Deployment and on-demand services • Rapid deployment and setup of network devices • Ensured configuration and seamless setup • Flexible scheduling based on operating or off hours • Easy onsite support post- deployment if needed • Automated quality control validation Managed Services Professional Services Custom Development Field Services
  6. 6. Quote to Cash ProcessInitialContact Pre-Sale Sale Deployment OpsExpansion QOS handles contract and closing of the sale QOS handles pre-sale process Partner works with customer directly to begin the sales process QOS receives, configures, and ships devices to customer. QOS handles deployment and post- deployment supportQOS gets inserted MACDs: QOS will coordinate with partner
  7. 7. Deployment: From Contract to Ongoing Support Dedicated PM is assigned Pre-Engineering Configures network Design Deployment planning QOS procures all hardware and warehouses during prep Wonka automation deploys the exact configuration for each device QOS handles all shipment and address confirmations Configures integrations like ServiceNow, security, application integration, etc. On-site techs signal in to QOS NOC to activate device in real- time QOS has a global network of on-site techs scheduled for on-site turn up For International locations, QOS acts as the EOR/IOR of record and handles deliveries in country QOS NOC tests and confirms activation and configuration QOS NOC proactively managed and monitors devices and carrier uptime QOS staff trains customer internal staff QOS PM team handles ongoing moves, adds, changes
  8. 8. QOS Sweet Spot QOS Networks excels in working with customers who have complex network environments. Many of our customers are: • Mid-size or enterprise level businesses • Overwhelmed with complex network setups • Disparate with each location having its own configuration • IT departments with designated project teams assigned to SD-WAN • In need of technical support QOS Networks can design and deploy solutions for customers with many different MPLS or Internet providers, branches or locations with unique network setups or requirements, and have IT staff to work side-by-side on to achieve their network goals.
  9. 9. Customers We’ve Worked with 700 Locations Configured a hybrid MPLS and bandwidth network to make their UCaaS Ring Central solution performance excellent 2,600 Locations Deployment for IoT performance, Zscaler integration, and rapid deployment – 40-50 locations per day 1,700 Locations Configured data center for redundancy and routing, deployed VeloCloud over DIA Internet, integrated Zscaler and SolarWinds 6,000 Locations QOS received, configured, and shipped pallets for the customer’s “office in a box” initiative.
  10. 10. Engaging with the Team Quote desk is available by emailing partners@qosnet.com • To submit a quote request, include the customer information as well as the number of sites and product of interest. Support and NOC is available 24x7 by submitting an email to support@qosnet.com Marketing support is available by emailing marketing@qosnet.com www.qosnet.com