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QAT Brazil - Offshore Development Center

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Learn more about offshoring your software develoment with QAT Brazil.

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QAT Brazil - Offshore Development Center

  1. 1. Visit www.qat.com and qat-gen.com for more information on additional QAT solutions! QAT Bestshore + Software Engineering and Integration Delivery Model + Legacy Modernization - QAT Genesis + Business Process Management + IT Staffing Why QAT Bestshore? + Bestshore Delivery Model + Enterprise Development Frameworkw Repeatable Process Methodology - Allows our bestshore teams + IT Transformation Services to start producing quality results immediately since we work + Service Oriented Architecture from standards which provide a common technology language + Consulting & Training that allows everyone to communicate effectively. This + Assessment Services repeatable process methodology, Agility RPM℠ also allows us to + Web Design & Development bring additional new project staff up to speed very quickly if needed. + Altova Software Partnerw Better Blended Rate - By using a combination of offshore and onshore staff, trained in Agility RPM℠, you get the benefit of offshore rate discounts with the level of quality and time to delivery youd expect from a solely onshore team.w US-based Architect or Project Manager - Our projects are all guided by a US-based Architect or Project Manager so that our clients always have an English speaking primary contact to manage their project specifications, feedback, and the offshore team. In addition, our project leads in Brazil all speak English. Brazils culture is also quite similar to that of the US, unlike that of QAT Customers Save India or China. with our Bestshorew Quality Results Fast - At QAT, we Delivery Model QA TECHNOLOGIES use bestshore teams with Agility Rio de Janeiro - Brazil Bestshore Team RPM℠ to cut the time it normally Savings 25-30% over takes a offshore team to get up to a full onshore team speed from months to 2 weeks Offshore + 1 Team QAT US OFFICE enabling them to produce real Savings 30-50% over www.qat.com results in a few months rather than a full onshore team Phone: 800-799-8545 / 402-391-9200 a year or more.) Fax: 402-391-1175 222 South 15th Street, Suite 1404, Omaha, NE 68102 Commercial Sales: Phone: 800-799-8545(toll free) E-mail: sales@qat.com Federal, State, and Local Government Sales: Phone: 800-799-8545(toll free) Contact our sales team today for more information E-mail: gov_sales@qat.com Questions Answered. Solutions Provided. about how QAT Brazil can solve your solution needs. QAT Brazil US Phone: 402-391-9200/800-799-8545 Rua João Pinheiro, 536 - Centro - 38010-040, Uberaba - MG - Brazil Web Site: www.qatbrazil.com Email: sales@qatbrasil.com - Phone: +55 34 3333 3909 © Copyright 2010 QA Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Onsite, Offsite & Bestshore Development, facility and its technical resources. QAT Brazil brings a committed developers to accomplish more in less time. Maintenance, & Management of focus to the critical success factors and risk reduction methods in + Competitive costs - As is the theme with any offshore solution, our development approach. Software Applications QAT Brazil will provide your project budgetary savings while also producing quality work you can take to production withBestshore Delivery Model Customers engaged with QAT Brazil have the option of confidence.Our unique repeatable development methodology, Agility RPM℠, cooperatively managing the project with your staff, Omaha-basedcombined with a Bestshore Delivery Model enables us to develop QAT Consultants, or a combination of both. The flexibility of + Flexibility and change agility — A noted characteristic of QAT assolutions for virtually any kind of business. At QAT we offer either a portion of or the entire project being performed in Brazil a whole, inherited by QAT Brazil, is its rapid response of changebestshore combinations of onsite, offsite and offshore is a benefit clients enjoy who choose QAT Brazil. requests. It is not always possible to preview all aspectsdevelopment, maintenance, and management of all or a part of involved in a given project. These realities make our ability tothe software applications for our clients. We offer a wide range of When you select QAT Brazil for your offshore development project, identify issues quickly, diagnose when the traditional workingservices that include new development, support, enhancement, you can be assured that offshore development best practices approach does not apply to the issues, and having the flexibilityand other auxiliary services. principles will be the standard and norm. and availability of searching for new solutions for the project critical for success.Our Bestshore Delivery Model leverages talent and infrastructure + Full comprehension of business and user requisites - We + Strong integration and follow-up between QAT USA and QATfrom different parts of the world to ensure rapid time-to-market understand that cooperation is fundamental in order to make Brazil - QATs offshore projects are monitored by a projectsolutions. two or more development teams complement each other in an manager at QATs USA office. This ensures that status reports off-shore development project. Much more than just coders, reflect the current progress of the project giving project+ This model includes an appropriate combination of the QAT Brazil offers professionals capable of evolving and managers and business sponsors an accurate sense of project following: developing a deep understanding of the requisites and business progress and status.+ Onsite Engagement rules. Through this movement, we look to position ourselves in+ Offsite Development - from our Development Center in Omaha a more integrated manner with our clients, continuously + Configuration management - "Bringing it all together" for+ Bestshore Development - from our Global Development Center growing our knowledge base of their business and capability of implementation in the production environment is one of the in Uberaba, MG, Brazil offering aggregate value. most challenging parts of any software project. Our offshore team is specifically trained in integration techniques to avoid + Long term relationship building - QAT Brazil reflects the sameIn developing a unique solution for your company, we consider this problem. Starting with the project inception, the team is beliefs of QAT USA as a whole, believing that the relationshipscost, complexity, infrastructure, resource requirements, testing, focused on how to better deliver and transfer knowledge at the among people make the difference. We understand that a longand maintenance and then suggest the most-optimal solution. end of the tasks. term partnership brings us the benefits of maturity, thus contributing to the minimizations of risks made by short-termIn all cases, we create and promise these benefits: decisions. Trust, mutual knowledge, flexibility and good will are Why Brazil just some of the benefits of making time our ally. Thus, QATs ODC (offshore development center) is located in Uberaba,+ Ownership and Responsibility through continuous improvement and day to day learning, we Brazil, meaning the average time difference to US CDT is only two+ Cost Savings are able to perfect our processes, know our clients better, and hours, enabling a high level of communication between offshore+ Guaranteed Service Levels become trustworthy partners which have as a most priceless and onshore teams.+ Business Value asset the relationship bonding built throughout the years. + Communication - Since distance is a determining factor on the QA Technologies began its relationship with Brazil in 1998Our competent methodology and proven project management approach of off-shore development, communication skills are focusing on libraries and specialized graphical applicationtechniques assure our clients that the outsourced operations are one of the most important critical success factors. As partners development. QAT took this opportunity to verify Brazilianproperly managed, so they may focus on more strategic efforts. As in the development efforts, our continuous and clear technical and cooperative engagement skills. During this time, thea result, our clients realize tangible and intangible values such as communication is essential to meeting project deadlines. QAT best practices techniques and tools to support remote workreduced costs, improved employee morale, and decreased people Brazil believes that communication techniques and tools are as collaboration were established. Soon after, QAT established adependency without compromising on quality or function. important to offshore software development efforts as are solid base for its development center in Brazil, including new technologies and programming, because through effective products and technologies development.QAT Brazil Offshore Development CenterQAT offers our customers the option of offshore development communication we are able to avoid misunderstandings and poor definition of requisites which will translate into a product In selecting the location for its offshore development center, QATthrough our fully owned and staffed Development Center in which will not meet business needs. took into consideration the challenges time zone differencesUberaba, MG, Brazil. The Uberaba office provides ROI that has between western business centers and many of the major offshorebeen well received by customers who have opted to take + Productivity and quality assurance — Accomplishing more with development sites in India and China presented. In theseadvantage of this facility and its technical resources. QAT Brazil less is a fact of life in today’s IT. One important way of locations, there are few hours in the day when project participantsbrings a committed focus to the critical success factors and risk increasing resources is within productivity enabled by the can be found in all office. This is an unacceptable conflict fromreduction methods in our development approach. Being experience and usage of tools specially developed for this QAT’s perspective because we understand how critical goodnearshore, the Uberaba office provides ROI that has been well means. Aligned with service providing, QAT has a tradition in communication is to a successful project.received by customers who have opted to take advantage of this creating productivity and code automation tools which allow