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Killer Instinct

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Killer Instinct

  1. 1. Killer Instinct<br />Synopsis of Story<br />The city of London is calm, yet the dark windy weather of December bought more than just the cold wind into Sarah’s life, the shy, eighteen year old teenager who never had the confidence to speak up. Frightened of her future, she sat in her the office of the confident, intelligent and successful psychiatrist Dr. Sanam Ahmad, hoping for the doctor to bring some light in to her life.<br />Sarah’s unusual visions of the future led her to meeting the psychiatrist. The horrified girl has flash forward visions which she sees as dreams. Each night her ‘dream’ reveals her to this blurred image of people and places which eventually come true and she realises that those dreams are no longer dreams but visions of the future tense. After having these unusual visions for a sustained period of time, the visions start to become more sinister and take over her life as she is scared to death when she sees that she is killing an unknown man. With fear and confusion, she visits the psychiatrist, Dr. Sanam Ahmad where she complains about her last horrifying vision, where she sees herself brutally murdering a man. <br />Her meeting with the psychiatrist allows her to discover the cause of these visions, which is her childhood! Her past causes problems for her future. The psychiatrist makes Sarah go in to her past, back to when she was a little girl living with her father. Her father who was a failing scientist wanted to discover something so exciting that would lead him to be the most known scientist of all time. His passions for his work lead him to work day and night, which made him move all his scientific work at home. His day to day experiments, made him unaware of his daughter that longed for his attention and love. Sarah’s mother had died so her only hope was her father, but his neglections of his daughter lead her to an isolated social life. She lived her life with herself; her father put his work above his daughter. Because of this Sarah had no friends, no mother, no sister not even a father that she could talk to. <br />Sarah then comes out of her past and runs out of the psychiatrist’s office. Scared and frightened of what she had seen in the past, she ignores the psychiatrist and tries to avoid her. However, the psychiatrist takes deep interest in Sarah’s problem and wants to help her, not as a doctor but as a friend but because of Sarah’s lack of socialising she is unable to treat the psychiatrist as a friend, and still avoid her.<br />The psychiatrist does not give up and talks Sarah through her problems. She explains to her that she needs to fight her fears in order to get out of this problem. Sarah ends up listening to the psychiatrist and goes back in to her childhood, to deal with what she sees. Dr. Sanam uses many techniques such as hypnotism to help get Sarah’s mind back into her childhood and fight her fear of loneliness. As time goes by the psychiatrist tries to bring happiness in Sarah’s life. However, unknowingly she brings more grief into Sarah’s life as she persuades her to wait for her vision to come true and whatever happens she must deal with and fight till the end. The time of when her vision does come true, the psychiatrist’s techniques fail and Sarah ends up killing the man in her vision but shockingly finds out that the faded man in her visions is no one else but her farther whom she was neglected by. <br />