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Oct. 2013 Smoke Signals Issue 1

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Oct. 2013 Smoke Signals Issue 1

  1. 1. Smoke Signals Senior Servants Pg. 17 Oct. 2013/Vol. 5 Issue 1 PT Rowdy Red Pg. 14 + Homecoming Report Card #ThrowbackHalloween Pg. 8 What’s Hot What’s Not Pg. 11 Photo by Katie Steigel
  2. 2. hy otograp al IV Ph by Digit Photos Smoke Signals Volume 5 Issue 1 Peters Township High School 264 East McMurray Road McMurray, PA 15317 724-941-6250 www.ptmedia.net
  3. 3. Meet the Senior Editors Josh Glicksman Editorial Team Leader Jenna Taimuty Print Editor-in-Chief Kristin Slomiany Layout Editor-in-Chief Andrea Salizzoni Web Editor-in-Chief Shane Dazen Print Editor-in-Chief Cassi Deluca Layout Editor-in-Chief Casey Kirwan Web Editor-in-Chief Andrew Stroud Section Editor-Student Content Jesse Eby Section Editor-Student Content Kelsey Hunter Section Editor-Sports Rebecca Perryman Web Editor-in-Chief JC Brush Section Editor-Sports Meet the Junior Editors Kassianna Politis- PT Connect Editor Natalie Rihmland- Business Editor-in-Chief Nicole Spindler- Business Editor-in-Chief Nicole Folino- Section Editor: Life and Style Maria Hoge- Section Editor: News Madi Start- Section Editor: PT Focus Vanessa Scoulos- Section Editor: Student Content Nicole Beichner Naomi Burke EmmaLee Ducoeur Bailey Fink Olivia Glod Alana Hiner Jill Kovac Elise Jozwiak Section Editor-Entertainment Nicole Torchio Business Editor-in-Chief Staff Maddie Lampert Emilou Landas Natalie Leven Kourtney Martin Valerie Mikec Deidra Moran Tori Piscatelli Joanna Pollock Karen Richtar Maddie Woodrow Brenna Woodside
  4. 4. Homec oming Table of Contents Sports: 6 A Gre thlete g W s of th atts and e Mon t Jen n St h: roy ne Healthy Finding a Balance 7 Entertainment: PT Focus: 18 a t Medi enden rview nt Superi ent Inte tm Depar Good G irls Go ne Wil d Life and Style: Señora 12-13 Miller’s Fashion Tips Power Ra Trick o nkings: r Treat ing 5 4 #Connect: en llowe ckha w ba #thro ROA R 4 8 Student Work: phy Photogra Level IV 22 11 r Servants Senio 16-17 News: Fall Pla y 21 Anthon y’s and Fio ri’s 20
  5. 5. pths PT Focus // October 2013 Broadcasters Bring in Brand-New Superintendent JoshGlicksman|EditorialTeamLeader In early September, several students from the PTHS Media Department had the opportunity to interview Dr. Jeannine French, the new superintendent of schools, who was hired in June. Broadcast students senior Robbie McKinney and sophomores Caroline Curran and Vincenzo Giovannitti met with Dr. French to welcome her to PTHS and to gain insight about how her agenda will impact students. “Our vision is to send our children off into the world well prepared,” said Dr. French. Media students know firsthand the importance of preparation, especially when it came to interviewing Dr. French. “We created a storyboard in advance and formed some questions to ask Dr. French about her experience in education,” said Curran. “We weren’t sure what to expect, but we were all hoping that the interview would run smoothly.” During the interview, students asked Dr. French questions about her vision for the school district, previous experience and decision-making process. “The school board sets the vision through the strategic planning process,” said Dr. French. “It’s my job to make it happen.” She believes that there are two choices when it comes to high school. It can be viewed as bunch of checklists to complete or as an investment in students’ dreams and futures. “My role is to get adults together to best support our kids and lead to better outcomes,” stated French. Dr. French comes to PTSD with 16 years of experience at Pittsburgh Public Schools. She held various roles throughout her tenure there, including behavior specialist, coordinator of student services and chief of school performance. Afterward, Giovannitti noted how he not only appreciated the opportunity to gain practice in the field, but also the chance to meet the new head of the school district. “This was a very enjoyable experience. Dr. French was very nice and accommodating. I like how in media I am challenged to step outside of my comfort zone,” he said. The interview will be shown on the local Headlines program, a show on Channel 7, throughout the month of October. Photo by Cassi DeLuca 04 Layout by Val Mikec Media Department ‘Roars’ for GMA OliviaGlod|StaffWriter After last year’s impressive lip dub victory, the Media Department attempted to duplicate their success by entering GMA’s Katy Perry ‘Roar’ Contest. The Video Club developed up grand plans for the project. Broadcasting and TV Production teacher, Mrs. Hodgin-Frick, facilitated the project through after school meetings with the club to shoot and edit the assignment to the best of their abilities. The group must follow the contest requirements. The video may only be two minutes in length and must portray what ‘Roar’ symbolizes to the group. However, unlike the lip-dub, this project can be constructed by multiple shots rather than one continuous take. “I think this year’s project has the potential to be better than the Lip Dub, but I don’t know if we could beat the spirit of the video last year,” said senior Hannah Foster. While juniors Natalie Rihmland and Samantha Abraham sparked the flame for this project, Foster was the driving force behind the project. Their inventive storyline displays stereotypical teenagers breaking their stereotype and committing acts of compassion due to the encouraging theme that is presented throughout the song, ‘Roar.’ However, these ideas had to transfer from Foster’s head to a final product within a very miniscule amount of time. Already spending most of her day in the media department, Foster put in extra time in and out of the basement to complete the video. “The biggest challenge in completing this project was the time crunch. There was not a lot of time for reshoots, so it was stressful,” stated Foster. “I cannot wait to watch the final project all the way through. I worked on it almost six periods every day, so I am really proud of it and can’t wait to see the results of the hard work.” The video club met at least twice a week to film, edit, and discuss the production. In addition, students not involved in the media department were also needed for actors and extras. Unlike the local lip-dub competition, this contest is nationwide. The entries will not only include thousands of participants, but also more skilled and competitive opponents. “I have very high hopes for Photos by Olivia Glod our video, considering how well we collaborated and how the shots turned out,” said Foster.
  6. 6. POWER RANKINGS: 5 Reasons Why Trick-or-Treating is Still Acceptable JoshGlicksman|EditorialTeamLeader Welcome back to another year of power rankings. How did you all survive without your favorite regular segment these past few months? No worries, I’ve returned. Exhale. 5. Cardio Workout We’re in high school. That means there is an increased workload and a decreased motivation for productivity. Most free time is spent complaining about the actual work that needs to be started relatively soon. Who has the time to run with so much homework and studying to do? Sure, going trick-or-treating means you’ll be receiving a rather unhealthy amount of candy, but at least that night you’ll receive a solid amount of walk jogging in. Am I right? Always look on the bright side. That one night covers for the next few months. 4. Economic Experience Mrs. Hruby, back me up on this one. Most kids don’t gain any legitimate knowledge about how to successfully manage stocks, trade, or work supply and demand until senior year. Everyone knows nothing is more valuable to kids than their candy bars. Gaining experience through solid trades such as an almond Hershey bar and a Reese’s for a king-sized Twix PB can only benefit kids over the long haul. Kids get hands-on experience with bargaining tactics and trade-offs. These are the kids that will be running the country someday, at least give them some prior practice. 3. Saving Money  Hey, most high school workers only earn minimum wage. Most of that money goes down the drain on clothes, gas, and video games. I’m pretty sure most kids aren’t dropping hundreds of dollars on Twix PBs. So when offered enough candy to last you through March (hopefully), why would you pass it up? Don’t act like you’ve never made the late night Giant Eagle run to pick up a little snack. Well, how about saving gas and a George Washington or two, huh? Plus, all the candy is stashed in a pillow case, which makes it all the cooler for some odd reason. 2. Top Dog I’ve logged too many years trick-or-treating to quit when I finally become the alpha male. All too many times I’ve helplessly watched older kids stuff themselves with candy from the “please take one” baskets. Well, now it’s my turn. I’m finally faster than the kids racing to be first in line at various doors. I might even look back and wink at the Halloween novices as I dump the whole basket into my seemingly endless pillowcase of candy. Who’s going to stop me? It certainly won’t be the third grader in the cheesy skeleton costume. 1. Costume Party I follow the Rowdy Red on Twitter. It seems that on a weekly basis, students argue over the theme for sporting events. Kids in the hallways “frequently” complain over the lack of costume parties. Once more, problem solved! Think of all the freedom and choices. From JFK to Bill Nye the Science Guy to Pablo Sanchez, the possibilities are endless. Oh, you’re too cool to go door-to-door in a costume as a high schooler? I’m so jealous. I’ll enjoy my time parading around in a backwards snapback Photos from AP Images and a belly shirt, thank you very much. We Believe in PT Photo by Rachel Campion Senior Olivia Miller performs a band dance with the band during a football game. It is no secret that PTHS has been lacking in school spirit the past few years. However, that is not the case this year due to the new Spirit Committee. The committee is headed by Mrs. Ecker and other cheer booster mothers, but is run Jenna Taimuty|Print Editor-in-Chief by the student leaders. Almost is yet another idea the spirit every sports team or activity is committee has implemented. represented by either captains, Each week, a sport’s game officers, or students in an is chosen and publicized activity, designated by the by the televisions around coaches/sponsors, who are the school or on the morning epitome of school spirit. announcements. Students The student leaders from the Spirit Committee are met over the summer at asked to attend those games Rolling Hills Country Club to and get as many students as brainstorm ideas on how to possible to pack the house raise school pride throughout for the game. The “Rowdy the student body. Mr. Lesnett Red” and“We_arePT” Twitter was a guest speaker at the accounts tweet when and meeting. With his help, the where each game is, so be sure students came up with the to check there for updates. slogan “We believe in PT.” It The spirit committee has become the district wide also came up with the theme cheer that can be heard in for this school year, which several youth level sports as is “be the change you wish well. If you hear this chant to see in your school.” Those while at a game or school would explain the 25 signs event make sure you chant you see with that slogan on it along with everyone else; the hung throughout our school. more you get into it, the more So many students always fun it is (trust us). complain about Peters and The game of the week how there is no school spirit, but what have any of us done to change that? Nothing. Well, now is our time. Get into all the chants and cheers the cheerleaders, band, or student section does. It becomes so much more fun when you do. You go wild after the football team scores a touchdown, so why not carry that over to when the soccer or field hockey teams score a goal or when the volleyball teams get a spike or when the softball or baseball teams hit a homerun? These are the memories you will make in high school. Don’t look back and remember how you stood there at all the games afraid of looking stupid while participating in the chants; look back and remember how much fun you had with your friends at the games. 05
  7. 7. pths Sports // October 2013 The Life of an Everyday Athlete ShaneDazen|PrintEditor-in-Chief For some, playing sports is just an after school activity that my work done, as well.” Game day is what every athlete looks forward to most, passes the time or creates enjoyment. For others, however, it is about for obvious reasons. It is a physical test, one that requires both much more than that. It is a commitment that well exceeds spending the mind and body to function at their peaks. It is a culminaan hour of their time practicing their skills; it is life. Their day usually begins early. Athletes are creatures of hab- tion of all the countless hours spent doing the little things that go it. They have a deliberate morning routine, which might include any- unnoticed, all the thing from fueling their bodies with food to finishing uncompleted nights spent stayhomework to working out. The routine usually sets the tone for how ing up until 1:00 a.m. finishing the rest of the day will pan out. homework, and “I am all about the morning lift,” said senior baseball player all the pain the Phil Pisarcik, “it’s a grind waking up that early, but once you are there body goes through it is so worth it.” There are many responsibilities one assumes when they de- to be in that posicide to play a sport, but the one that far outweighs every other is tion. No matter the keeping up with grades. The balancing act of performing on the field outcome, the pride and performing in the classroom can sometimes be tricky, so it is felt when stepping Photo by Shane Dazen best to exercise a plan of action that will help them shine on and off on the field makes Student athletes dedicate precious time in the weight everything about room after school to gain an edge on their opponents. the field. “Managing your time is definitely important,” said senior being a student Their effort in their workouts reflects their play on the field. football player Dane Sehnert, “I like to set aside a specific time every athlete worth it. night to do homework. That way, I can still go to practice and get all Best Photos of the Season JCBrush|SportsEditor 7 2 6 1 3 4 5 1. Senior field hockey player Lizzy Hill chases the ball as it heads towards the sidelines. Photo by Carson Kochman 2. Senior Golfer, Tyler Pollack, hits the ball out of sand trap. Photo by Jake Augustine. 3. Cross Country runner, Hunter Jaap, sprints to the finish line, Photo by Josh Dunleavy 4. Senior Volleyball player Jordan Harakal tips the ball to score. Photo by Danielle DiBartola 06 Layout by: Kristin Slomiany 8 5. Senior Mike Erenberg lines up as a wide receiver. Photo by Molly Campbell 6. Sophomore Brady Pike takes a shot on goal. Photo by Samantha Abraham 7. Sophomore Synclaire Kuhn watches her ball after her drive. Photo by Jake Augustine. 8. Senior Kristen Czajkowski passes the ball to a teammate. Photo by Rachel Noonan
  8. 8. MaddieWoodrow|StaffWriter The tennis team is Senior Jenn undoubtedly successful, howStroyne believes a team as ever Stroyne admits there is a whole is more always room for improvement. important than Stroyne believes the team is an individual victorious not because of one player. Stroyne player, but because of the team Photo by as a whole. Maddie Woodrow has helped lead “We all work well tothe girl’s tennis gether and are all such good team to victory over her past four years at the high school. friends outside of tennis. We Making WPIALS last year push each other to get better,” was one of the highlights of Stroyne said. Stroyne shows pasStroyne’s career and the team is posed to replicate their success sion not only for the sport, but for her teammates as well. With this season. “It was such a great her love for the game, Stroyne experience and it was such a will hopefully be leading her great feeling to see all of our team to another winning seahard work pay off,” stated son this year. Stroyne. The girl’s tennis team has consistently been victorious, winning two state championships and two WPIAL titles. Although there are countless distractions throughout the season, Stroyne stays focused by having fun with fun with her team. “We stay concentrated by having fun outside of practice so we don’t lose focus during important matches,” Photo by Cameron Morgan said Stroyne. Photo by Kourtney Martin Athletes Of The Month: Jenn Stroyne Greg Watts KourtneyMartin|StaffWriter Greg Watts for the team. Watts’ personal believes the goal is to just become a better football team overall player and contribute started the to the team. The team’s goal is season off to make it to the playoffs this on a positive year. note. Being “The team is stacked one of the five captains on with numerous seniors who the team, he is excited for this will all contribute to the game year. Watts looked forward to in order to make it a long, playing football as a senior successful season. “Our attiever since freshman year. tude has changed and all the Watts grew up play- seniors believe it’s possible ing football and loves the about playoffs,” said Watts. game more than anything Watts is really looks else. What he loves most forward to playing Mt. Lebaabout high school football non at PTHS. Last season, the is being with his teammates; team really competed with the team bonds before and af- them and Watts feels that the ter games. They love hanging match up this year will be out and becoming friends off even better. the field. “It will be a very “We really do act like we’re exciting game,” said Watts. brothers,” said Watts. Hopefully, PT football will Several months ago, come out with a win. he had already discovered a After the football way to motivate the team and season and school year is prepare them for the game. over, Watts isn’t 100 percent “I usually get in the sure on what he plans to do, middle of the circle and talk but is considering his options. to the guys about winning College football is always a the game. Then we just start possibility for him. Best of jumping around and yelling,” luck to Watts in making a desaid Watts. cision and having a great last Being a captain in- season as a high school footvolves several responsibili- ball player and captain. ties, including setting goals Softball Strikes Out The Competition Early KelseyHunter|SectionEditor Building upon their winning streak from last year, the girls softball team kicked off their season with two huge victories. The girls played at the Mt. Lebanon Tournament and won it all going undefeated. Afterward, they also captured the Chartiers Houston Fast Pitch Tournament. Overall, the Lady Indians won an astonishing thirteen games, lost none, and tied one. This record is only a slight preview of what will come later during the season. During the Mt. Lebanon tournament, the girls played exceptionally, especially in their final game when junior Marissa Wickstrom hit a home run to finish the game and tournament. The girls carried all this energy to the Chartiers Houston Fast Pitch Tournament. Junior Emily Lusk motivated her team in order to take down their rivals, Canon-Mac. She drove in the decisive run to win the game and take home first place yet again. “We all bond very well, so I think we will be very successful and have a lot of fun doing it,” said Lusk. Even though their record already triumphs those of years past, this is just the beginning. PT softball has extremely high expectations for the spring. Photo by EmmaLee Ducoeur “I think we will be very successful this year and have a lot of fun doing it,” junior Emily Lusk stated. 07
  9. 9. pths Opinion// October 2013 Senior Advice to the Freshman Class of 2017 RebeccaPerryman|OnlineEditorInChief College is often considered to be the ultimate goal for the majority of our student body. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel. Ask any senior- the application process is stressful and the only way to ensure future success is to prepare early and go beyond expectations. It sounds cliché, but what else can be said? Acceptance rates have dropped in recent years, as millions of qualified kids are competing to secure their spot at their dream school. Freshmen, you have your whole high school career ahead of you. Plan accordingly. Take as many Honors and AP classes as possible. Although these classes sound intense, a boosted GPA will reward your work. Colleges like to see that you’ve challenged yourself with a full schedule each year, and surprisingly they aren’t very impressed when they see straight A’s in all academic classes. Another significant aspect of your college profile is your SAT and ACT scores. These play a huge part in your credentials and can help or hurt you tremendously. Practice makes perfect with standardized tests and it’s recommended to start as soon as possible. Take both the SAT and ACT to find out which one is the best fit for you, and take them sooner rather than later so you can relax during your senior year and focus on applications. After school activities improve your credentials because colleges like to see a well-rounded student; getting decent grades just isn’t enough. Try a sport and a couple interesting, out-ofthe-ordinary clubs. Enlist some friends to sign up with you. Clubs not only help you play an active role in high school, but they also make your application more attractive to admissions counselors. The more unique you are, the more inclined they are to send you that acceptance letter that you’re dying to receive. An activity that’s almost more important than after school activities is volunteering. Colleges (especially Catholic universities) love to see a student with hundreds of volunteer hours. Although the concept may not spark your interest, it’s incredibly beneficial. You’ll hear colleges stress volunteering instead of having a part-time job. Even some college essay prompts ask about your volunteer experience. It’s a #throwbackhalloween Next month, please submit your throwback holiday photos on www. ptmedia.net 08 Layout by: Maddy Lampert priority. High school can seem overwhelming and this loaded advice is a lot to ponder. But with a healthy balance between school and fun, that overwhelming feeling can be almost eliminated. You will fly through the tunnel and reach that light, that ultimate goal, sooner than you thought was possible.
  10. 10. Instagram Photos “Shout out to them freshman, on Instagram straight flexin’!” … Sorry Trinidad James, you won’t find any of that in this magazine, but here is a compilation of some of the best Instagrams from students Patrick Fitzgerald, 11, @patfitzgerald_ Jake Augustine, 12, @jake_augustine Ciara Refosco, 12, @ccraex Emily McKenzie, 12, @emmymckenzie Alec Stopperich, 10, @alecstop Kylie Knavish, 12, @kylieknavish Kourtney Martin, 12, @kourtneymar PT Accounts Take Over Twitter Can you go a day without looking at Twitter? The average high school student would answer no. High school students are always refreshing their feeds in hopes of a fight, a sub tweet, or a mention. They always complain about how “the bubble” is such a boring place to live in. To create some excitement, some students created accounts involving PT students. to provide entertainment and increase school spirit. PT crushes allows students to submit their feelings they may have for another student anonymously through ask.fm. This account started off slow but students really grew fond of it and submissions are posted all of the time. PT crushes has over 700 followers. Some typical submissions are “OMG I wish he was single,” “she is so cute,” “I have the biggest crush on him,” or “I wish she would JCBrush|SectionEditor notice me.” Students love sub- also give game times and other mitting and seeing these tweets. information so that students Peters Township Life can come out and support their is another well known account. peers. The most popular acThe tweets are all over the place but for the most part they keep count is the Rowdy Red page. It students updated with what is is the voice of the student secgoing on in the bubble. PT life tion and has single-handedly brought has over 600 spirit back followers to PT. The and close to main job 700 tweets. of this account is to inform the student body of all sporting events and There are accounts encourage students to come that focus strictly on our sports out and support. The Rowdy teams. They keep fans and Red account does its best to students updated with team’s get a student section for every games and their success. A few sporting event, home or away. Twitter pages include individu- It establishes themes for games al accounts for soccer, football, and really gets students excited hockey, baseball. These pages to attend them. The Rowdy Red continues to grow and is not only a big hit in PT but also all over the WPIAL. This account has over 500 followers and some typical tweets for Rowdy Red would be, “BEACH NIGHT for the game Friday #rowdyred,” or “Everyone better be at the game tonight #blackout #rowdyred.” This account will be passed down after the current operator graduates. It is safe to say that most high school students could not function without Twitter. PT accounts have been a great outlet for students giving them a way to communicate with the rest of the student body. Some of the accounts may come and go but it would not be a surprise to see new accounts form in the future. PTHS has taken Twitter by storm. 09
  11. 11. pths Life & Style // October 2013 Subject to Change: Fall Favorites AndreaSalizzoni|OnlineEditor-in-Chief _ EliseJozwiak|EntertainmentEditor Autumn is a season of vibrant colors, corn mazes, and pumpkin patches; and along with these already seasonal favorites comes a handful of PT fall favorites. Andrea: UGGs: UGGs, the ever so favorite of every teenage girl. The cool weather of autumn attracts the warm, fuzzy comfort of the UGG boot to all. Have you ever stopped to question the bursting appeal of this Australian footwear? The world may never know, but still expect to see every girl walking the halls in this comfy, cool fashion statement throughout the season. Elise:Fall Coffee Flavors: With fall quickly on the rise, this can only mean one thing for all the Starbucks addicts, Pumpkin Spice Lattes. After months of withdrawal from this addictive flavor, there is nothing better than the taste of sugar, spice, and everything nice used to create one of Starbucks most coveted creations. A: Sweaters: The blistery cooling of autumn welcomes your favorite and mine, the sweater. As Spongebob wisely said, “...the best time to wear a striped sweater, is all the time…,” and that statement sure proves that sweaters are the heat of the season. The one that makes the biggest appearance during these mildly cool days is “the comfy sweater.” Its largest appeal to us girls is not only its coziness, but also its stylishness. Expect to see many showing off this two in one article of snug happiness throughout the season. E: Haunted Houses: As if the amount of homework you have on the weekends isn’t scary enough; another way to spend time would be dodging men with chainsaws and having your worst nightmares jump out at you from behind bushes. That’s right, save the homework for Sunday, because the haunted houses have just opened. From Hundred Acre Manor to The Scarehouse, Pittsburgh has its fair share of haunts for the season. E: Fall Scents: And with another great season comes another rainbow of fragrances. Out of all the seasons, fall has to be crowned the season of scents. From pumpkin spice to apple harvest, fall brings along every aroma in every form. Candles, body sprays, scented pinecones and home décor all bring back the memories of jumping into a crunchy pile of leaves or watching the trees shed their green blankets into beautiful colors of orange and gold.   A: Scarves: Scarves, this fresh sensation is a mandatory must-have for everyone when it can be paired with sweaters and boots. This “cliché” fall look wouldn’t be the same without a cozy, cute scarf to complete the outfit. Most importantly, there are scarves for every style, and always come at a fair price. Start collecting! E: Pumpkin over everything: Carve them, smash them, smell them, and eat them. In the fall, you cannot get away from pumpkin flavors. Everywhere you turn you find pumpkin flavored cookies, coffee, candles, breads, and pies. Not that anyone is complaining over this flavor domination, but if there is one thing for fall to be associated with, it’s the pumpkin spice cookies. Who can deny the sugary icing drizzled over a warm pumpkin cookie? Fall foods never disappoint. A: Beauty of Nature: You may be asking yourself, what is it that makes autumn so great? Not only is it because of “comfy sweater days,” but also its simple and beautiful appearance that is eye candy to all. Even those who hide indoors from what mother nature has to offer can’t deny an array of colorful, crispy leaves to jump into. Photos by AP Images, Andrea Salizzoni, and Elise Jozwiak 10 Layout by: Naomi Burke
  12. 12. Fashion Tips from Señora Nicole Folino |Life & Style Editor “Elegance and femininity are some of the characteristics that define you; you can be wearing a simple cardigan and feel feminine or sophisticated on it. My style is having fun and feeling proud of myself. The rest is icing on the cake,” said Señora Miller. Everyone has those teachers who come into class with the stiletto heels, designer brand bags, and perfect outfits. However, there is not one teacher that exhibits fashion better than Señora Miller. “Often, women are never satisfied when looking in the mirror; they always find flaws. When talking about fashion, it is extremely important to understand that to be able to feel good on the outside, you need to feel good on the inside,” said Miller. According to Miller, students need to gain confidence in their looks. In order to do so, dress to your body type, wear colors that compliment your eyes or skin tone, and always exhibit your own original style. Although these tips are wonderful to follow, there are other guidelines to being the fashion queen. “Get dressed according to the occasion, the time of the day, weather conditions, and your personal edge. A complete and well put together outfit must include color, texture, and right-fitting accessories. When you are choosing accessories, I recommend paying attention to the hairstyle. Believe me. It always works,” stated Miller. Miller’s style is extremely unique and remarkable. However, everyone’s style is inspired by someone, even Señora. Though some role models may be actresses, political leaders, motivational speakers, or singers, Miller’s role model is one that is very close and special to her heart. “My mother of course,” said Miller. “She is one of the most beautiful, elegant, sophisticated, amazing women that I know.” What’s HOT Leather and Combat Boots- Stores will be stocking up on sleeker and more rugged footwear this fall and winter. Leather boots of all colors, as well as rough and tough combat boots, will be in high demand as both are continuing to trend this boot season. Don’t wait too long to catch onto this more mature style. What’s NOT Jillian Kovac|Staff Writer Studded Clothing- Shoes, dresses, shorts, pants, shirts, blouses, jackets, and boots are all being adorned by these little metal accents. Whether gold, silver, or really any other color, studs are in and seen everywhere. They are both chic and rugged, and add just the right amount of shine to any outfit. Don’t be afraid to try them out, they don’t scratch. Boat Shoes- They are on the rise because of their comfort, style, and versatility. Sperry’s, the most popular brand, come in several patterns, materials, and colors. Boat shoes are a great investment; not only are they durable but they also don’t appear to be going out of style any time soon. Whether on a boat or on land, these shoes are sure to provide you with the support you need and the style you are trying to achieve. Photos by AP Images, Cassi DeLuca, Nicole Folino and Jillian Kovac UGGs- Don’t cry girls, this news may be hard for some of you to take. Those warm, fuzzy toes may turn cold this winter unless you dare to deny the end of the UGG age. That’s right, the sparkly, studded, and sometimes fluffy footwear has been ditched for the moment, but not forever. Text Talk- Lik omg, lol, it’s so gr8 this trnd is ovr. Rly tho thnk gdness! But seriously, it’s time to rid ourselves of improper grammar and lazy spelling (if it is even called spelling). With a lack of understanding, text talk conversations are of no use. Leave your abbreviations behind and join in the new era of intellectual conversations and proper use of the English language. Beats- Are those earmuffs? Oh, sorry, I didn’t know those were oversized speakers on your head. The pricey headphones are decreasing in popularity as people are turning towards smaller devices. Though they are still used by travelers, famous athletes, and music professionals, these supersized headphones are no longer seen resting on the heads of fellow classmates in study hall. But don’t go selling your Beats; listening to music will never be out of style.
  13. 13. Game Very creative and fun! Love it! 1. The football team won!!! The Rowdy Red was lacking. Dance 1. Seniors Rebecca Brott and Nathan Wolk have been dating for three and a half years. This year they spent their fourth and final homecoming together at PTHS. 2. While many students attended the dance, Senior Emilou Landas had different plans. She surprised her boyfriend, PT grad Jeff Berry, with tickets to the Pens game. Their attire didn’t go unnoticed when they appeared on the jumbotron. 3. Clay McCloskey took creativity to a whole new level this homecoming when he asked Christine Renz, senior volleyball player, to “assist” him to the dance. How could she have ever checked off no? 2. Homecoming was a week to remember! Photos by Digital 4 Photography, Rebecca Brott, Emilou Landas, Clay McCloskey, Nick Chapman, Nicole Steliotes, Rachel Noonan and Erin Pakela Overall Grade: 3. C+ A- A B Layout by Emilou Landas
  14. 14. Hom ing ecom Lots of student participation . Great job! A- C Servants rocked their outfits! But the hot gym put the crowd to sleep. Although the P-Rade and auction were successful , the floats weren’t up to par. Spirit Week P-Rade Pep Assembly
  15. 15. pths Spirit is vital for a positive high school experience. Some may know the twitter account @PTHS_RowdyRed, run by senior Nick Parello. Parello took over the account from 2012 alumnus, Tom Nettles. The account tweets consist of when games are held, where they are held, themes for games, and game updates for those not in attendance. Nettles chose very wisely when Parello as his successor. He is responsible, respectful of the school and its activities, and shows school spirit. “I believe that school spirit helps our players get more excited and more into their game. Having family and friends People Features // October 2013 Parello Reveals Rowdy Red NicoleBeichner|StaffWriter is our motivation to do better, but just makes everything more having the entire student body interesting. It shows a side of helps our team get more into support for our school and our it knowing they have 200-300 peers. Football games, basketball people cheering them on,” said games, lacrosse games, soccer games, etc. The band also makes Parello. PTHS plans many the games much more enjoyable events to encourage school spirit. as well,” said Parello. Parello has One tradition is to hold a pep rally during the beginning of the responsibility of choosing the year to kick it off with a fun start. themes for games and planning “One goal to improve other events involving school school spirit is to have more pep spirit. “The only downfall rallies,” said Parello. “They need to be bigger and better and get about having responsibility players pumped for their games. of this account is picking out Our pep rallies aren’t the most themes for every game. I try to exciting. In my opinion, it’s the satisfy everyone, but people same thing every time, every disagree on the different year. We need to switch it up and themes. Participation is needed when picking a become more involved.” PTHS tries to theme for games because encourage as many people as I never want to pick possible to go games and support something that the school won’t enjoy. Besides that, I our teams. “I enjoy going to really have enjoyed having games, especially when everyone this account so far and goes. Having themes for games I have gotten more into school spirit than I ever have,” Parello said. At the end of the year, Parello will hand over this account along with its responsibilities to an upcoming senior whom he believes will continue this tradition of spirit. “I will pick someone who isn’t afraid to speak up and be creative. We need new and better ideas every year. Having school spirit not only makes everything more enjoyable, but it’s also a way to bring our school together,” said Parello. Photos by Nicole Steliotes and Digital IV Photography Behind the Bench: Connor “Diesel” ShaneDazen|PrintEditor-In-Chief Connor “Diesel” Pope is new to the high school this year, but he has already made a memorable first impression. The loveable lineman, known for his trademark beard and infectious personality, decided to finish his senior year at Peters after being homeschooled previously. “I like the idea of the public school,” said Pope, “You get to learn with a group rather than by yourself. It’s a whole lot easier.” Pope has fit right in, and his presence on the senior bench has become commonplace. 14 Layout by: EmmaLee Ducoeur and Cassi DeLuca “It’s cool that the school has a place for seniors to hang out,” said Pope, “I go before almost every class.” Oddly, one thing that most people don’t know about Diesel is.. well.. his actual name. “My real name is Connor Edwin Mackenzie Pope, but everyone knows me as Diesel because one day at football practice, Cole Kochman said “Diesel” and I answered. It has stuck ever since,” said Pope.
  16. 16. Tackling his way into halftime Michalski Leads the March KarenRichter|StaffWriter With over 150 members, the PTHS Mighty Indian Marching Band needs someone to lead the way. Senior Walt Michalski has accepted a position vital to the success of the marching band for the past 41 seasons: drum major. Michalski is in his fifth and final season with the band. His first four years were spent as part of the trumpet section. BaileyFink|StaffWriter What is the difference between a “band geek” and a “football jock?” For sophomore Jake Reardon, there is none. He is not just the guard and defensive tackle on the varsity football team, but also a snare drum player in the PT Mighty Indian Marching Band. Reardon has been a part of both the marching band and the football team for three years. Because of their demanding schedules, he barely has time to breathe. “Football is six days a week and marching band is twice a week with a performance on Friday and usually a festival on Saturday,” Reardon stated. Already tired from playing in the game, Reardon then must perform in the halftime show. Assisted by band managers, Reardon must acquire his drum and get right back on the field. “Before the halftime show, I have to take off my shoulder pads and helmet, and then I get my drum and play,” Reardon said. “ away games I At hardly have any time because we perform first. At home games I have as long as it takes for the other band to perform.” Reardon knows he can’t choose between the two activities, and has decided that he will be participating in both activities next year. “It’s pretty simple, I love playing football and playing in the band. They just happen at the same time,” Reardon said. Reardon has little time for anything other than school, band, and football. Because practices are extensive, it makes study time brief, which can cause his school work to suffer. On Friday nights, this “band jock” will be the one wearing a football jersey while playing a drum. Photos by Rachel Campion Sophomore Jake Reardon plays the drums while in football uniform during the halftime show. Ms. Corsinelli: More Than Just a Teacher NicoleTorchio|BusinessEditor-in-Chief Ms. Corsinelli, a Duquesne University graduate, started her first year teaching at PTHS this fall. Corsinelli instructs global studies, which is the required ninth grade history course. Although this is her first year teaching at the high school, Corsinelli is definitely not a stranger to the district. She did her student teaching at the middle school and spent some time as a substitute teacher here, giving her the chance to get to know numerous teachers and students across the district. To read more about Ms. Corsinelli go to www.ptmedia. net. Drum major Walt Michalski leads the marching band onto the field for their festival performance. “In the band, I only ever played trumpet (which he notes is the best section). However, I can also poorly play guitar and piano,” Michalski said. Michalski and fellow drum major, Rebecca Brott, lead the band through their practices twice a week. The band performs halftime every Friday, and attends band festivals every Saturday in September. They perform three songs every Friday night, and a fourth for festivals, all taken from the Michael Bublé songbook. The selections include ‘It Better Be Tonight,’ ‘Fever,’ ‘Spiderman Theme,’ and ‘Everything.’ “My favorite song is ‘Spiderman’ because of how far it has come since we first played it,” Michalski said, and then added, “Put it this way: if anybody heard ‘Spiderman’ the first time we tried to play it, they probably wouldn’t have recognized the song.” Although halftime is when the band has center stage, those who attend the football games are familiar with the band playing songs such as ‘Seven Nation Army’ in between plays to entertain fans and pump up the team. “The band just learned to play ‘Mambo No. 5’ and it was really cool to hear our rendition go from this basic rhythm we started with evolve into what we play now,” said Michalski. Music is, of course, the heart of band; however, even more memorable than the melodies played are the friendships and memories created. Many band members describe these as the best thing about being a part of the program. Michalski is no different. “Last year, on the Virginia Beach trip, some close friends and I found an isolated hotel balcony and just sat there. It was probably the best thing ever,” stated Michalski. “It was a chance to relax. It was a perfect moment in time.” That friendship leads to team work, which helps the band conquer challenging music, sets, and drills. After five years of marching band, Michalski reflects on the marching band’s success. “Seeing a bunch of individuals work together so well to put on such a huge show is massively rewarding,” Michalski said. Photo by Harrison Nix
  17. 17. Homecoming Week 2013:
  18. 18. Senior Servants Photos by Emilou Landas, Meredith Rovito, Sarah Zimmerman, and Rachel Cellini
  19. 19. pths Entertainment// October 2013 Good Girls Gone Wild KassiannaPolitis|PTConnectEditor AP Images Savostyanov Lindsay Lohan: Lohan, a child star, acted in movies such as “Parent Trap” and “Freaky AP Images HO Friday.” Similarly to many celebrities, Lohan’s fallout came 18 Amanda Bynes: Best known for “The Amanda Show” and “She’s the Man” Bynes displayed no early signs of going down the dark path; she did not follow the typical trend. Instead, ten years after leaving Nickelodeon, Bynes developed a drinking and drug problem and was involved in numerous hit-and-run cases. Additionally, she got her cheek pierced and supposedly talks to inanimate objects. In just two short years, Bynes had completely transformed herself. Miley Cyrus: We all remember Cyrus as the famous, innocent, Disney pop star, Hannah Montana. Just as the Montana era was coming to end, her transformation began in 2010 with her song and music video, “I Can’t Be Tamed.” On her nineteenth birthday, Cyrus recorded a video of her and her friends Layout by: Natalie Rihmland smoking pot. However, her biggest fallouts were the 2013 VMA’s and her latest music video to “Wrecking Ball.” a fight with the paparazzi, and was photographed smoking weed at a party. It gets even worse; in a video, Bieber peed in a bucket and cursed out Bill Clinton while intoxicated. The big question is: who will be next? AP Images Sykes Justin Bieber: “Baby, baby, baby ooh thought you’d always be mine.” Although not officially a girl, it is not much of a stretch. Do you have Bieber Fever? Well, Selena Gomez certainly does not anymore. After their big break up, Justin Bieber became another victim of the infamous Hollywood curse. The 19-year old star posted a picture drinking beer on Instagram, almost got into iPod Feature Britney Spears: Spears can be credited with being the first sane star to go crazy. Britney shaved her head to cover up her drug use, attacked the paparazzi with an umbrella, drove with her child on her lap, went to drug and alcohol rehab, and like many others, partied non-stop. Although she has done some crazy things in the past, Spears has managed to somewhat control her inappropriate actions. when she broke away from Disney with the movie, “Mean Girls.” However, her true road to insanity, rehab, and arrests began when she turned 17 and was caught driving under the influence several times. From there, Lohan went down the path of drugs and still finds herself in illegal situations. AP Images McKernan It is the ultimate good girl gone bad cliché and curse. The pattern of young stars from a clean background transforming into untamed adults has become one of Hollywood’s most notorious trends. The list below consists of the top five girls gone wild. AP Images Kramer
  20. 20. The Boy Who Lived Lives On NicoleSpindler|BusinessEditor-in-Chief Harry Potter has been one of the most successful book series of all time, selling over 450 million copies worldwide. Ever since the release of the eighth and final Harry Potter film in July 2011, there have been numerous rumors that J.K. Rowling may possibly be writing an eighth novel. Rowling stated that she was going to write her first adult fiction novel and take a break from the legendary world. The reactions of Rowling’s readers reading her adult novel, “The Casual Vacancy” were upsetting. She believed that her readers were perplexed and disappointed because they were expecting another Harry Potter book. Despite her readers’ reactions, she continued to write adult novels, but under the name of Robert Galbraith. Still receiving mixed reviews from loyal fans worldwide, she decided to treat them by writing another Harry Potter novel. On March 13, 2013, the New York Times confirmed that Rowling is 75 percent done with the manuscript of the eighth Harry Potter book. The details on the storyline are currently a secret, but she will reveal more about the upcoming novel as the release date approaches in late fall of 2014. The eighth book will probably be either about the adventures that Harry Potter’s children will have at Hogwarts or about the first battle at Hogwarts, when Harry’s parents were still alive and attending Hogwarts. “I am really excited,” said freshman Maria Getto. “I will preorder the book and read it a million times.” With the news of the eighth book being written comes the potential idea of the ninth film in the franchise. Although none of the series’ actors have officially signed on, one of the stars is already excited about returning to play the role of Harry Potter. Daniel Radcliffe stated that he never thought Jo would write another novel, and is anxious to return to the magical world. J.K. Rowling announced at a press conference in Scotland that a series of spin-off films set in the magical world of Harry Potter. The first film will be called “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” which will be based on a textbook of the same name Harry used at Hogwarts. With the movie set in New York and featuring magical zoologist Newt Scamander, it will take place 70 years before any of the core events in the Potter series “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” is neither a prequel nor a sequel, but an extension of the wizarding world. Rowling’s success with the Harry Potter phenomenon has been fueled by her passionate fans around the world. If we are lucky, the Harry Potter series might become the next never-ending story. AP images Kevin Cheskin Entertainment Must List NatalieRihmland|BusinessEditor-in-Chief As fall closes in upon us, many students are caught up in piles of homework, studying for tests, and attending after school activities. However, it’s nice to take a break once in a while. These movies will make you laugh, cry, and everything in between. The Great Gatsby AP images WarnerBros Based on the bestselling book, the movie came out this past spring. Set in the roaring twenties, it is an irresistible story about young love. As a soldier, Jay Gatsby falls in love with Daisy Buchanan. Years pass, and when he comes back from the war, she is married to another man. Now, as a wealthy New Yorker, he tries desperately to get her back in this romantic drama. Rated a 7.3 out of 10, the movie follows closely with the classic novel. Grown Ups 2 If you have seen Grown Ups, the sequel is a must see. Three years have passed, and Lenny has moved his family back to Connecticut, where he and his friends grew up. The events of the last day of school teach the adults some valuable lessons, and they realize their children a aren aren’t so little anymore. AP images Despicable Me 2 AP images The minions are back! These small yellow creatures play a major role in the continuation of the first movie. This story is about Gru, a former evil genius who tries to save the day by finding out who stole a lab near the arctic. The movie captures attention with excellent animation and a great storyline. Iron Man 3 This classic superhero film features Tony Stark, a multimillionaire entrepreneur. When the Mandarin attacks, he must go on an actionpacked adventure to defeat them. When his fiancé is kidnapped by the enemy, his drive to defeat them grows even stronger. AP Images 19
  21. 21. pths News // October 2013 Fighting for Evelyn’s Way The name, Evelyn Jozefkowicz , may not be immediately recognizable, but it belonged to an extraordinary and a well-respected employee of the Peters Township School District. She was recognized for her dedication to 60 years of service with a street sign. So when the gesture of recognition was taken down this summer, the community rallied to restore it. Her significant role as a PT employee started in the 1950’s as a playground monitor at the Venetia school. After several years of monitoring, she began working in the high school cafeteria. Years later she took on the responsibility of being the crossing guard, providing safety to the students, teachers, and parents in various weather con- MariaHoge|NewsEditor ditions. Evelyn continued this constantly,” stated Sharon Lutz, and that sign stood for that job for the next three decades of a resident of Bellwalt Drive and love,” stated Lutz, “even when she was gone, we wanted the creator of the Facebook page. her life. “Evelyn’s Way,” a mod- After gaining community sup- symbol of her love to be put est street sign, was put up at port, people stepped forward back up and carry on.” On Monday, Septemthe entrance of McMurray El- to address the school board. ementary School. It would re- Lutz was among the people that ber 16, 2013, the PT School main there until it was abruptly stepped forward. She repre- Board decided to restore Evremoved in May due to a mix- sented the Jozefkowicz family elyn’s Way. The board also up in the district policy, three in hopes of the restoring the began developing a new polsign. icy, that would assure that this months before her death. “She loved her job and mishap does not repeat itself in The removal of the sign was not well received the children that she protected the future. by the community and soon enough the initiative to “Save Evelyn’s Way” began. The initiative quickly spread and gained supporters through the creation of a Facebook page, which in a short period of time had over Photo by Sharon Blasch 600 likes. Evelyn’s Way sign stands at the entrance of McMurray Elementary in honor of Evelyn Jozefkowicz. “She loved her job and the children that she protected and “So many people loved that sign stood for that love,” stated Lutz, “even when she was gone, we wanted the her that the Save Evelyn’s Way symbol of her love to be put back up and carry on.” page was shared and updated A Debut of Twists and Turns Photo by Casey Kirwan Casey Kirwan|Section Editor There is so much hard work that takes place both on and off Halloween is quickly approaching. Not only is this a time the stage in order to make this show the best that it can be. The for chilly weather, but also for some chilly ghost stories. Instead students working behind the scenes are really enjoying watching of catching a thrilling horror flick, go see this year’s fall play, “The the performance come together. Turn of the Screw.” The performance is scheduled for the nights of “[I love] working with all the talented cast mates every day November 1, 2 and 3 in the auditorium. Gather your friends toand helping [Mrs.] Barefoot out with the whole process,” stugether for an evening of spookiness. dent director senior Courtney Chaplin said. “I am really looking “The Turn of the Screw”, directed by Mrs. Barefoot, is a ghost forward to all the special effects all coming together in the whole story based on the book by Henry James. It is about a young woman show.” who becomes the governess of two children named Miles and Flora. The cast and crew are exShe comes to live with them in their dark, confined home. During tremely excited for the first her stay, she sees mysterious figures of former servants appearing play of the year and highly around the property. She fears that these ghosts may have a horrific recommend that students and connection to the children. The story’s conflict rests on the idea of faculty members go see it. whether or not the apparitions are actually there. “This show is perfect to see “I am a horror movie addict,” Mrs. Barefoot said, “I have always because it has a little horror, loved being scared and I thought it would be a fun challenge to see some comedy, and it’s perfect if I could recreate the horror captured on film on the stage.” for Halloween weekend,” said There is a lot to appreciate about this play. It’s a shocking and Chaplin. creepy story that leaves the viewers asking questions to the very This show is definitely the end. perfectly haunting ghost story “I like that there are multiple interpretations that the audience that is just the right type of can explore. It makes someone think about the mysteries and unentertainment for celebratexplained phenomena of the world around us and also challenges ing the Halloween season. the audience to explore the darker side of human nature,” said Mrs. Attend the performance of Barefoot. “The Turn of the Screw” if you Layout by Maria Hoge dare. 20
  22. 22. The Pizza Boom of PT AlanaHiner|StaffWriter Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza opened in the beginning of your family. I like the coalSeptember and Fiori’s Pizzaria is opening later in October. PT has fired taste of the crust,” said had many restaurants that open and then shortly close because of junior Allison Magyar. the lack of business. These two restaurants will be battling for who For a more laid-back can bring in more customers in the South Hills area. environment, try a Pittsburgh Anthony’s is a chain restaurant that has locations in five favorite, Fiori’s Pizzaria. It is other states. Dan Marino, a Pittsburgh sports legend, partnered located one mile south of the with Anthony’s to open locations in Pittsburgh including the one liberty tunnels; McMurray in Peters Township. They opened early in September and specialize will be their second location. in baking their pizza in 800 degree coal-fired ovens. The business Fiori’s offers more traditional started in 1982 in South Florida as an Italian lounge; the coal-fired style pizzas where customstyle of cooking did not come about until 2002. ers can choose standard or Each pizza is topped with mozzarella, Italian tomatoes, gourmet toppings. They also Romano cheese, basil and olive oil. Specialty pizzas can be topped offer a specialty white pizza, with some out of the ordinary toppings such as cauliflower, arugu- appetizers, hoagies, calzones, Photo by Alana Hiner la, or eggplant. If you are pastas, and salads. Fiori’s sells Anthony’s is located in the heart of craving something other homemade pasta sauce, steak Peters Township near Donaldson’s than pizza, try Anthony’s sauce, and buffalo sauce to take Crossroads. coal-oven-roasted chick- home. Their catering options include trays of appetizers, hoaen wings topped with gies, wings, and pizza boats. caramelized onions, Ital- “I have been to the Pittsburgh location before and I ian salads, or sandwiches. am glad we will have one closer now. I love their pizza,” said They also offer Italian senior Allie Tomlinson. home cooked specials Both restaurants are unique in their own ways. and desserts while ca- It will be interesting to see which pizza parlor will Photo by Alana Hiner tering parties and events. last longer: the classy coal-fired style or the popular Fiori’s is still under construction but it is “Anthony’s is a Pittsburgh favorite. expected to open sometime in October. good place to go with What in the World? MariaHoge|NewsEditor The five senses enhance your everyday life, often with 850. That’s how many snakes, includout you even realizing it. You may not realize how much these ing two illegal six-foot Burmese pythons, senses benefit you, but those in the medical field definitely do. were found in the Richard Parinello’s New Recently in China, surgeons performed a medical procedure that York home. Parrinello, an animal control included putting a nose on a patient’s forehead. This procedure officer, apparently was operating an illewas required because the patient had his original nose damaged gal side business selling the reptiles. Parin an automobile accident; a few years back, but at the time never rinello faces charges of owning pythons received medical attention. To perform this operation doctors and violating town codes by not having a have to place a skin tissue expander on the new location, (in this permit for running a business at home. case the forehead), cut it into the shape of a nose, and lastly plant College education isn’t cheap, espeAP Images a piece of cartilage. Although the procedure worked, operations cially in today’s economy, so it’s imporlike it are still being developed. tant that students have some kind of income. Eric Dahl, a college Not often do you hear of people paying for things, such student at the University of Wisconsin, found a unique way to as parking fees, in anything other than earn some cash. He’s eating his way through college. Literally. money. However, in London, a comYou see, Dahl, participates in competitive eating competitions, pany that controls parking lots is alwhere he has earned $18,000 in prize money. It all started at the lowing drivers to pay with chestnuts, Big Red’s Steakhouse in Madison, when he decided to attempt locally called “chunkers.” So far there to avoid paying the bill by accepting the challenge of eating a have been 1,500 chestnuts collected. three-pound cheese steak in less than ten minutes. This was not a Raising awareness for car emissions problem for Dahl as he finished in the time frame of five minutes in the environment is the mission of and 50 seconds. Dahl currently is ranked third in world for comthis peculiar program; however, they petitive eating and will try to continue his success in the national AP Images haven’t decided what to do with the pizza eating contest in Madison. collected chestnuts. 21
  23. 23. : IV ital ig D ork est W B Katie Steigel Karen Richtar Staff|Writer Every photographer’s goal is to capture a perfect moment in time. Featured on these pages are Digital IV photography students’ recent works. “I like that you can make something so simple into something so extraordinary,” said senior Julia Schuerle. Nature scenes were the most popular photos. The students’ favorite memories were working with friends and enjoying the final product of all their hard work. “[My favorite memory in photography is] putting together the themed books in photography II and III,” said senior Rachel Cellini. Rachel Cellini EmmaLee Ducoeur Sarah Zimmermann Erika Miller
  24. 24. Heather Mathews Emilou Landas Julia Schuerle Laura Counihan Cole Medvid Meredith Rovito AJ Malanos
  25. 25. Voices Freshmen Akas h Bhat Where to go because it is more intimidating Sophomores What were you most nervous about heading to PTHS? Sam ant ha Not knowing how to find my classes Olivo Juniors 55 licks Juniors JR Brown Catdog Seniors Seniors Em ma Gray Ms . Myers Mr. Darcy from Pride & Prejudice They’d call us “freshmeat” ast ion Getting lost 100 licks ris Ch Antonucci en Lar DiCello Yocca Um.. I’ve never tried 583 licks If you were to be a TV character, who would you choose to be? Mo rga n an Ry Weimer Ponchione Jimmy Neutron Walter White from Breaking Bad sie Jes Fairbanks Mega from Hercules What’s the best part of being a senior? Ted Elattrache Planning for college Teachers Teachers Who is your dream date? Looking forward to college Winslow How many licks does it take to get to the center of the Tootsie Pop? Seb Nat alie G Abell ssa Ali Sil ge eor Mr . Sudol Audrey Hepburn i Em ly ter un H Lieb McKenzie Knowing that the underclassmen look up to you s. Mr It’s awesome if you don’t take a ton of hard classes . Mr Kuharcik Kocan Adam Levine Hillary Clinton