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Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

  1. MOOCs For Vietnamese Learners Trinh Phuc Tho Massive Open Online Courses
  2. • MOOCs in Brief • Global MOOC Statistics • Opportunity for MOOCs in Vietnam • Building a MOOC Platform What will be covered?
  3. MOOCs in Brief • Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is a recent development in online education • MOOC aims at unlimited participation and open access via the Web • MOOC is changing how education is delivered and funded around the world
  4. MOOCs in Brief • Key Characteristics – Be delivered online openly and freely • tought by professors at top universities • help promote reuse and repackaging of faculty material • provide access to material freely – Don’t enforce prerequisites • In contrast with traditional on-campus courses
  5. MOOCs in Brief • Key Stakeholders – MOOC publishers • Coursera, Udacity, EdX,… • Currently provide courses for free, but are ultimately profit-driven enterprises – Universities/Professors – Traditional and non-traditional students • Parents, working adults,… – Companies/Employers • use data on student performance and credentials
  6. Student Benefits from MOOCs
  7. Global Major MOOC Providers
  8. Global Courses Offered
  9. Prior Education Level
  10. Student Engagement
  11. Top Student Countries
  12. Opportunity for MOOCs in Vietnam (Discussion)
  13. Building a MOOC Platform • Considerations
  14. Building a MOOC Platform • Venture Capital Funding
  15. Building a MOOC Platform • Road-map 1. Start by offering courses in the most attractive areas (mostly for free): Basic IT skills and Communication Art. 2. Target college students and graduates who have computers available 3. Partner with existing off-line learning centers to bring teaching materials online and provide course accomplishment certifications. 4. Provide private, on-demand training 5. Partner with professors/colleges/universities
  16. MOOCs For Vietnamese Learners By Trinh Phuc Tho Thanks for Listening!
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