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Ili structuredauthoring

Generating secondary/derived products from OpenLearn/OU XML documents.

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Ili structuredauthoring

  1. 1. Making the most ofstructured content:data products from OpenLearn XML Tony Hirst Dept of Communication and Systems, The Open University
  2. 2. So how do we get the links?
  3. 3. OU XML
  4. 4. BUT…
  5. 5. …the index is typically too small to be of much interest
  6. 6. So what elsemight we be able to do?
  7. 7. OU-XML lets you treat SA* documents as databases…* Structured authoring
  8. 8. If the documents are just datasets, whatsecondary or derived products can weproduce from them?
  9. 9. Automatic outline extraction:mindmap view
  10. 10. Parent Unit Unit code Section Section Heading
  11. 11. Coursewidedirectories: learning outcomes
  12. 12. Course Learning OutcomeXYX123 Have an understanding of PXYZ123 Be able to do QABC123 Have an understanding of R
  13. 13. Grab a list of course units from OpenLearnFor each unit: - Generate the URL for the XML version of each unit - Grab the XML for the unit - Extract learning outcomes, image locations, glossary items and link information
  14. 14. Coursewide directories: OpenLearnimage finder
  15. 15. Unit Image Location Caption Description/alt text Acknowledgements
  16. 16. Coursewide directories: OpenLearnmeta-glossary
  17. 17. Unit Glossary Item Description
  18. 18. Dynamic outline generation:mindmap view
  19. 19. - unit- unitset- Learning outcome- Glossary item- figure
  20. 20. DiscOUOU KMi project (d’Aquin et al)
  21. 21. Search Engine Text Adventures
  22. 22. What’smissing…?
  23. 23. … search-based pedagogy…?
  24. 24. blog.ouseful.info@psychemedia