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AnoMAly                                                                                This model illustrates ...
01. hit Me MAGAzine

The Hit Me magazine is a monthly publication that serves to educate and
entertain potential and exist...
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Rz Ycn Presentation

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The love of Ping Pong

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Rz Ycn Presentation

  1. 1. yCn Another AnoMAly This model illustrates the united relationship that exists between the three Butterfly sub-brands. ConCept Butterfly GrADient SuB-BrAnDS Our aim for the Butterfly brand is to grow the table tennis market and increase sales of Butterfly products. The first step is to create an interest in potential consumers through introducing to the joys of ping pong. Once interest has been established, the brand can begin to engage potential consumers. Butterfly takes the individual by the hand, and offers more than just products, it provides the personal support that is needed to succeed. In order to grow the market, we feel that it is important to welcome every type of ping pong player to the Butterfly brand, even those who have never played before. By splitting the Butterfly brand into three sub-sections, we Butterfly trAnSition Butterfly are able to target each group based on their levels of skill and experience. White pASSion Grey We feel that it is easier to relate with a brand if we feel it is in touch with our needs as individuals. ConneCtion trAnSition Butterfly White serves to initiate an interest in potential consumers who may go onto become part of the market. If and when they do go into the market, it will have been the Butterfly brand that led them there, and it is Butterfly that will be in the forefront of their mind when choosing equipment. Butterfly Butterfly Grey is the category that White players graduate into, it is at this point BlACK that they go from being potential consumers to real consumers of Butterfly products. Grey players go on to interact with the brand further, in which they are given personal coaching through a range of media so that they can develop their own potential as players and develop into the Black category. Butterfly Black, like Grey, is a consuming category. This is the player who is highly skilled, they consume top line products and serve as figureheads of the brand under which both other categories aspire. pinG ponG unitinG All types of player are united by a shared passion. pASSion people This three-way system aims to create a larger market in which Butterfly can increase its brand share. Each of the subsections are influenced by the other, they all serve within a hierarchy to generate consumer interest and spending Butterfly enGAGinG play, discover, inspire. White people at each level. White, Grey and Black. Butterfly your perSonAl nurture, improve, friend. Grey CoACh Butterfly profeSSionAl aspire, compete, devote. BlACK perforMAnCe
  2. 2. 01. hit Me MAGAzine The Hit Me magazine is a monthly publication that serves to educate and entertain potential and existing consumers of the Butterfly brand. The structure of the magazine reflects the new structure and tone of the brand, and is split into three main parts, each of these parts provides each respective group with relevant and useful information while communicating the brand values of Butterfly. In size and look the magazine corresponds with a real ping pong table on a scale of 1:5. Opening the Hit Me magazine is symbolic for entering the world of Butterfly ping pong. There are many interactive features within the magazine that engage with the different categories. A YouTube video which encourages ping pong White players to enjoy playing. It is linked to a set of playing cards, which corresponds with the aim of the video. To promote the video we distributed ping pong balls, with the YouTube link on each one, to random people in and around London. This enforces our idea of playing everywhere, all you need is a ball. For the Grey category there is a life size training poster, this comes as a free add on and is in a separate packaging to the magazine. For the Black players there is information about world ranking, technology and other famous players. Enjoy the magazine. 02. Butterfly online Our online platform stands to offer true brand engagement with the consumer. The Grey Academy is an online, interactive training facility that allows consumers to receive one to one coaching from specialists. Free access to the website is given to those who consume specific Butterfly products, thus creating more revenue from physical sales, the consumer then goes on to interact in a more personal level with the brand.