Ostinato FOSS.IN 2010

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Slides from the talk at FOSS.IN/2010, Bangalore Dec 15 - 17, 2010.

Ostinato is a network packet and traffic generator and analyzer with a friendly GUI. It aims to be "Wireshark in Reverse" and thus become complementary to Wireshark. It features custom packet crafting with editing of any field for several protocols: Ethernet, 802.3, LLCSNAP, VLAN (with Q-in-Q), ARP, IPv4, IPv6, IP-in-IP a.k.a IP Tunneling, TCP, UDP, ICMP, IGMP, MLD, HTTP, SIP, RTSP, NNTP, etc. It is useful for both functional and performance testing. (GPL, Linux/BSD/OSX/Win32)

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Ostinato FOSS.IN 2010

  1. 1. OSTINATOAn open, scalable packet/traffic generator Srivats P.
  2. 2. Agenda What – Who? Existing Solutions Advantage Ostinato Supported OS Architecture Deployment Options Typical Usage Feature Tour History and Current Status Contributinghttp://ostinato.org/
  3. 3. What - Who? What is it for? Networking Protocol Development and Analysis Functional Testing Performance Testing Security Testing Penetration Testing Who is it for? Programmers/Developers QA Testers Security Researchershttp://ostinato.org/
  4. 4. Existing Solutions Low-End Medium-End High-End Freeware Open Source Commercial PC Cross Platform Fully Featured Win Only CLI (mostly) Dedicated H/W Simplistic Limited Protocols Expensive Crippled Limited Controls => Insufficient Dont scale Narrow Focus Overkill No Controlled Environmenthttp://ostinato.org/
  5. 5. Advantage Ostinato Scales from low-end to high-end use cases Viable Alternative to Commercial Tools Cost Savings Productivity Improvement Facilitates new Testing Scenarios Frees up ports for where they are really neededhttp://ostinato.org/
  6. 6. Supported OS Windows Linux Mac OS X BSDhttp://ostinato.org/
  7. 7. Architecture GUI Configuration Control Results Client (Ostinato) Open Protocol Packet Generation Server Packet Capture (Drone) Statisticshttp://ostinato.org/
  8. 8. Deployment Options PC Application Live CD/USB DD-WRT opkgPC runs both client and Convert any PC to a dedicated Package Drone (server) for server applications traffic generator DD-WRT Repurpose Custom Ostinato Hardware Hardware Port Drone (server) for custom Ostinato hardware running hardware Drone (server)http://ostinato.org/
  9. 9. Late Breaking News … OSTINATO + = 20 Gbps !http://ostinato.org/
  10. 10. Typical Usage Tester DUT Tester DUThttp://ostinato.org/
  11. 11. Feature Tour (Layout) Ports Streams Controls Statisticshttp://ostinato.org/
  12. 12. Feature Tour (Protocols) Any text based Protocol e.g. SIP, HTTP, RTSP, NNTP etc.http://ostinato.org/
  13. 13. Feature Tour (Protocols) Modify ANY field of ANY protocolhttp://ostinato.org/
  14. 14. Feature Tour (Advanced Protocols) Stack protocols in arbitrary order Userscript Protocol (EXPERIMENTAL)http://ostinato.org/
  15. 15. Feature Tour (Stream Controls) Rates Packets Bursts Orderhttp://ostinato.org/
  16. 16. History and Current Status 2007 – Started Hacking Apr 2010 – First public release 0.1 Nov 2010 – Latest release 0.3http://ostinato.org/
  17. 17. Contributing Spreading the word – blog, social media etc. Packagers/Maintainers Testing/QA Programming C++ Qt Toolkit Protocol Buffers LibPcap/WinPcap Mercurial (Hg)http://ostinato.org/
  18. 18. More Info @ostinato http://ostinato.org ostinato@googlegroups.com Srivats P. <pstavirs@gmail.com>http://ostinato.org/
  19. 19. Thats all folks! Questions?http://ostinato.org
  20. 20. What does Ostinato mean anyway? What does Ostinato mean?http://ostinato.org