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Vladislav Tretiak

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Vladislav Tretiak

  1. 1. The legendary goalkeeper Vorobyova Nastya 5*A*class
  2. 2.     In 2000, the International Ice Hockey Federation of the best hockey player of the XX century is named Vladislav Tretiak, the first Europeans in 1997 , got into the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. " After playing the first half of the series , our press vengeance chided Canadian forwards. But blamed for nothing ... We, on the second goalkeeper , Ken Dryden , goalkeepers professionals have played in these matches with Russian as amateurs. Vladislav Tretiak - as a professional top class . And if he wanted it to perform in the NHL, any club would be willing to sign a contract with him ... "( Canada 's goalkeeper Tony Esposito in an interview after a series of USSR Canada 1972 ) . " Vladislav Tretiak - a man with a thousand hands and a thousand eyes. His reaction is fabulous ! "( Guy Lafleur , forward eminent club of the National Hockey League ," Montreal Canadiens " in 1971-1984 , a five-time winner of the Stanley Cup ) .
  3. 3. "I - the goalkeeper . My element - the boiling passions rink . I love the feel in the midst of hockey battles, when the whistle and thump of the wooden bead washer when the sparks fly out of skates , and the hot breath of the athletes , it seems , is about to melt the ice. I love it when the voltage heart is ready to jump out of my chest and sweat veiled eyes and insanely stands, and attack opponents as the waves rolled on my gate . I love hockey, because it is - my life . "( Vladislav Tretiak ) A great hockey player , as well as a great artist or a great musician , of course, to be born . But to become them , are necessary , in addition, a phenomenal ability to work and discipline , strong nerves and intuition based on an exact calculation and knowledge of the enemy. And, of course , luck ... Vladislav Tretiak was lucky - eleven-year boy, he was admitted to the CSKA Moscow hockey school ! Become a member of this famous club was a dream of almost every boy in Moscow. Many of the candidates on the day chosen four .
  4. 4. September 1972 will go down in the history of the world of hockey thanks to a brilliant series of games, which met for the first time Soviet and Canadian professional ice hockey players . The heroes of this series have become Valery Kharlamov, Vladislav Tretiak, A.Yakushev . 1974 - A new series of games with Canadian professionals . After that Moscow is the documentary " Vladislav Tretiak against Bobby Hull ." 1975 . - Super meetings with the strongest NHL clubs . The convincing victory of Soviet athletes. In addition, there were also gold at the Olympics in Innsbruck - 1976 . and the victory at the World Championships in Prague in 1978 . The seventies were a true triumph of our hockey . The world's best team , the best goalkeeper in the world ! 1970 - Tretiak first time participating in the adult world championships in Stockholm, and in 1971 in Switzerland took his claim as the main goalkeeper of the USSR. At the same time, Tretiak was awarded the title "Honored Master of Sports ." 1972 Olympic Games in Sapporo , Vladislav became the youngest Olympic champion.
  5. 5. Much later, in 2000. , Handing Vladislav award " National Olympus" , the astronaut Sevastiyanov says: " In the sixties all the boys wanted to become Gagarin , in the seventies - everyone wanted to be Tretiak "! In 1980 , after the insulting defeat at the Olympic Games in Lake Placid ( our team then got only a " silver "), Tretiak was determined : 'll return Olympic "gold" , and the big sport can go. His word , he , as always, kept in February 1984 . Soviet hockey players from Sarajevo once again left the Olympic champions. For Wladyslaw it was the fourth Olympics! And very few people knew that resulted Vladik hockey hankering to get a hockey shape - the same beautiful , like the two disciples of his mother - a teacher of Physical Education Tretiak Vera Petrovna. She herself used to play hockey with a ball and even performed at the Moscow championship in the women's team. Father Alexander Zhukov, a former military man, a hard man , and above all appreciated the discipline , set a condition: to play hockey in the first two. Perhaps that is why twos at Vladislav Tretiak since then was not - neither in school nor in hockey or in life . In 15 years, capable of a hockey player for the first time noticed the AV Tarasov, head coach of CSKA Moscow , and in 1969 it was he who insisted to include seventeen goalkeeper of the national team in hockey . Tarasov explained his choice of exceptional data Tretiak , his diligence , and his devotion to hockey . "Do you think playing hockey hard? - Loved ask Tarasov . He himself said, easy to play . Train hard ! " Exercise so that the load was sick every day , 1350 hours a year! And never in all my sporting life Tretyak never missed a workout!
  6. 6. A December 22, 1984 Tretyak last time out on the ice and took his place in hockey gates . 15 years, he was the undisputed goalkeeper N1 CSKA and the country ( by the way , the famous number 20 Tretiak still considered lucky in many goalies hockey teams in Russia and not only). Now was to start a new life . Behind - not just hockey glory , but also studied at the Institute of Physical Education , and then in the Military-Political Academy. 13 years Tretyak worked Athletes' Commission of the International Olympic Committee. The experience that has gained Vladislav hockey in difficult battles , fortunately, also was back in demand. At the Olympics in Nagano in 1998. and at the last Olympics in Salt Lake City - Vladimir Tretiak Russian hockey coach .
  7. 7. In 1998 he created the Foundation "International Sports Academy Tretyak ." Long-cherished dream come true keeper of the famous : now he will be able not only to educate overseas athletes and hockey masters of the national team , but also to help hundreds of talented Russian boys to prove themselves on the international hockey tournament that regularly , twice a year in Moscow and Tver , Chicago , Cleveland , and other cities Foundation organizes Tretiak .  A personal example of Vladislav Tretiak , his discipline , self-discipline , the will , the fate of his illustrious sports that's something that could not be more needed today for the education of a new generation of Russian athletes.  And who knows, maybe in a tournament held in his direct participation , grow our new Tretiak, Kharlamov Maltsevy ... 
  8. 8. Thanks for vnimanie.I think that you liked my story!!!