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DIY Pest Control Infographic

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Pests are a nuisance to any property owner. Whether it is a plague of ants or unwelcome cockroaches, we’ve all experienced the discomfort. In this infographic, we explore some helpful tips and advice for DIY (Do-It-Yourself) pest Control.
Follow these tips to take control over your home. Visit Pro Pest Control Sydney http://www.propestcontrolsydney.com.au/diy-pest-control-infographic/ for the original source infographic.
1. Learn to wash and heart-dry your clothes as well as your personal items.
2.Kitchen and dining area is another place you need to keep focus. Since garbage attracts hungry pests, you should regularly and adequately.
3.Make it a routine to keep your house tidy.
4.Before pets come into your home, it is a good practice to check them for flies since once they are indoors, they can quickly spread.
5.Because pests love water and moisturized places, it is advisable to fix all leaky faucet. Ensure you repair existing drainage systems to prevent leaks.

DIY pest control methods for different types of pests:

Before you store food, ensure that they are suitably sealed. To keep the ants away, close food with Ziploc bags as well as plastic bags. Incase ants still come back, use a soapy cloth to clear away the lines of ants causing the annoyance.

Managing termites can be so easy as planting a grain on the soil!.All you need to do is read the directions on where the baits should be placed and keep it as per the instructions were given.

Always get rid of items that are not in use in your home. If you can eliminate the food, water and the place to stay, then you can solve the problem of Cockroaches.
Mice- It can be so hard to control mice if you are not familiar with how to deal with them.

Scent related products like lemon juice, lavender, dishwashing liquid, mint leaves and natural oils like tea tree and Citronella can be used.
Note that when using household tips and tricks to get rid of pets opt for eco-friendly methods as listed above. For instance, treating ticks by spraying with an aerosol should be avoided if possible. We hope this DIY Pest Control Infographic was helpful and if you have any questions please post them below.

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