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Molykote from Project Sales Corp, India

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Molykote from Project Sales Corp, India

  1. 1. GETYOURBEARINGS N OTHERIGHTLUBRICANT MOLYKOTE G.n Paste: A blend of MaS, and other lubricating . MOLYKOTEBR2.Plus Grease: solids. Handles extreme pressures to Multi-purpose petroleum grease fortified 500,000 psi. For threaded connections, with MaS,. For heavily loaded ball, press fitting. assembling and running in roller and sleeve bearings. new equipment. MOLYKOTE321R Bonded Lubricant MOL YKOTE 33 Grease: Highly effective, low temperature Spray: An air-dry lubricating MoS, paint used in J~& lubricant for ball bearings and instru- dirty environments, or where lifetime lubrication isrequired. Lubricates in vacuum and radiation from -325 to 840F. ~- ments. Lubricates metal, plastic and rubber parts from -100 to 400F. Resists low temperature extremes better than petroleum grease. MOL YKOTE FS-3451 Grease: MOL YKOTE 557 Spray: Premium fluorosilicone grease for optimum A clear, dry, nonstaining silicone wax for performance under heavy loads, high extreme pressure applications. Extends temperatures and severe environments. metal-working tool and die life and Resists most solvents, acids, water and improves surface finishes. An excellent severe chemicals from -40 to 450F. aluminum lubricant. Dow Coming@ 111 Compound: MOL YKOTE M Gear Guard: Thermally stable, resistant to oxidation With MaS" an extreme pressure, anti- and water washout. with excellent. wear additive for gear oils. Reduces dielectric properties. Used to lubricate operating temperature and increases and seal valves, and as a rubber and energy efficiency. plastic lubricant from -40 to 400F. MOL YKOTE 44 Grease: MOL YKOTE Z Power: Multi-purpose silicone grease for long- Pure form of molybdenum disulfide term protection, from -40 to 400F. (MoS,). Apply when lubrication Lubricates high temperature antifriction clearances are critical. Withstands bearings better than organics. High extreme pressure beyond the yield resistance to oxidation and breakdown point of most metals, from -375 to 750F. due to shear.~~ "-~~3; f MOLYKOTE@SpecialtyLubricants, from - Dow Corning. They look different because theyre made differently. Some with molybdenum disulfide. Some with silicone. All formulated to work better. To ... protect your equipment in the kinds of severe operatin conditions ordinary lubricants cant tolerate. Youll realize the difference in lower maintenance costs. Fewer repairs. Less downtime. Theres a MOLYKOTE paste, powder, grease, bonded @ lubricant or dispersion thats right for your operation. Source I ubricants. DOW CORNING@ Dow Corning Asia Ltd. Rm. 802-806, DOW CORNING for all maintenance consumables Gloucester Tower The Landmark, 11, Pedder Street, Hong Kong.Phone. Project Sales Corporation 5-258035 Telex: 76257 Dowcon HX 28 FountaPlaza, Suryabagh. Visakhapatnam 530020, AP Branch offices in Taiwan, Korea & The Philippines Call 0891 2564393,5566482, Fax 2590482, M 9885149412