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PLNOG 22 - Denis Zotov - SD-WAN - typowe i nietypowe zastosowania

  1. © 2019 Juniper Networks Denis Zotov, Juniper Networks SD-WAN - TYPOWE I NIETYPOWE ZASTOSOWANIA PLNOG22
  2. © 2019 Juniper Networks PAST/PRESENT MODE OF OPERATION ENTERPRISE Dedicated / Secure / L2 / L3Corporate Site Data Center Enterprise Branch Internet Broadband WAN
  3. © 2019 Juniper Networks PRESENT/FUTURE MODE OF OPERATION Corporate Site Private Cloud Data Center Enterprise Branch ADSL/VDSL 4G/LTE (IPsec) WAN Ethernet MPLS IP VPN Internet (IPsec) SaaS Applications: Salesforce, gSuite, Office 365 IaaS, PaaS: Lift & Shift, Cloud-native Apps
  4. © 2019 Juniper Networks WHAT IS SD-WAN ? MPLS Internet Branch SD-WAN Controller & Orchestrator HQ Data Center SD-WAN characteristics Must support multiple WAN connections MPLS, Internet, LTE etc. Can do dynamic path selection Link quality measurement, load sharing Provides simplified WAN management Must support zero-touch provisioning of remote branch Must support secure VPNs And have ability to integrate additional network services like Firewall, WAN Ops etc Reference :
  5. © 2019 Juniper Networks 5 1st Wave of SD-WAN
  6. © 2019 Juniper Networks FIRST WAVE OF SD-WAN - DRIVERS • Reduce WAN cost: MPLS to broadband migration • Support high-bandwidth applications: e.g. video applications • Accelerate branch office deployment: e.g. Coffee Corp. opening 100 new branches in Asia • Policy-based forwarding: e.g. in case of a bandwidth limitation, CEO’s public announcement gets priority over marketing manager’s tweet • Accelerate mergers & acquisitions: e.g. Coffee Corp. buys Pastries Inc. and has to integrate its 1,700 retail stores • Enable Internet-of-Things WAN connections: Support millions of connections between devices, and enable flow of data between them 6 Traditional WAN SD-WAN Illustrative 3 years TCO view for 250 branches WAN Link Proprietary N/W Hardware Maintenance Administrative Overhead
  7. © 2019 Juniper Networks ENTERPRISE SURVEY: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Current State WAN • Large enterprises ($1B+ in annual revenue) use MPLS to route an average of 52% of network traffic • SMBs (<$100M in annual revenue) use MPLS to route an average of only 8% of network traffic Drivers for SD-WAN Adoption • Increased flexibility and automation were key drivers for those who have already adopted SD-WAN • Cost of traditional WAN solutions is a key driver for those still planning to adopt SD- WAN Licensing & Procurement • 64% of respondents would prefer to procure SD-WAN solutions from established players in the networking space • Large Enterprise will consider DIY approach • SME will consider Managed SDWAN Current State WAN Costs • MPLS: average cost of $261 per Mbps per month • Broadband: average cost of $7 per Mbps per month • MPLS is approximately 37x more expensive per Mbps compared to Broadband cost per Mbps Key Takeaways Insights via Enterprise survey by PWC 2016
  8. © 2019 Juniper Networks WHAT WE HAVE HEARD: ENTERPRISE USE CASES “To increase optimal application performance over wide geographical areas” Insights via Enterprise survey by PWC “By using the public Internet along with an MPLS connection, SD-WAN technology is able to improve the quality of experience and provide more visibility into traffic” “Whether it's a new branch or a temporary location, SD-WAN eliminates the need for expensive truck rolls” “The promise of SD-WAN is a plug- and-play method to gaining access to the corporate WAN” “To improve reliability and the customer experience while lowering costs” “SD-WAN can provide continuous monitoring and dynamic application steering to ensure performance and quality of service to branch or remote locations”
  9. © 2019 Juniper Networks Cloud-based SD-WAN Controller Internet Internet • Multiple active links • Underlay-agnostic • Link measurement • Application-routing • Cloud-based controller • Visualization and statistics • “Pure” SD-WAN 1ST WAVE - APPLICATION AWARE SD-WAN High priority video Low priority update (encrypted)
  10. © 2019 Juniper Networks 10 2nd Wave of SD-WAN
  11. © 2019 Juniper Networks 11 Managed service providers and communication service providers will play an important role in the SD-WAN decision. We’re seeing enterprises throw their hands up in the air over the large number of SD-WAN vendors to choose from and instead defer to existing service providers to wade through the crowded mess and pick the right ones. And many enterprises are looking to managed solutions that take away to complexity and pain of rolling out SD-WAN enterprise-wide, especially in cases where their corporations span regions and countries. The SD-WAN vendors that make their solution more amenable to service providers will come out the winner in this game — supporting true multi-tenancy, providing white-label portals or APIs that facilitate easy- building of custom portals and easier troubleshooting. – Roy Chua, SDxCentral, October 2018
  12. © 2019 Juniper Networks SD-WAN SITE REQUIREMENTS SD-WAN Topology Site Requirements • Single CPE • Single Active MPLS/Internet link • Optional Backup LTE link • Local Internet Breakout • Point to Point SD-WAN overlay • Single CPE • Dual Active MPLS/Internet & LTE links • Static Application Steering (APBR) • Point to Point SD-WAN overlay • Single CPE • Links • Dual Active MPLS and/or Internet link • Backup or Active LTE links • Application Steering • Static Application Steering (APBR) • Dynamic SLA based path selection • Full Mesh or Hub & Spoke SD-WAN Overlay • Dual clustered CPEs & Dual active/backup Gateways • Links • Dual Active MPLS and/or Internet link • Backup or Active LTE links • Application Steering • Static Application Steering (APBR) • Dynamic SLA based path selection (RPM or AppQoE) • Full Mesh or Hub & Spoke SD-WAN Overlay Internet LTE LIB Small Branch Small Branch Data Center Data Center LTE Small Branch Data Center LTEMedium Branch Internet/MPLS Internet/MPLS Data Center LTE Medium Branch/Campus Internet Data Center A Data Center B MPLS Large Campus Internet/ MPLS
  13. © 2019 Juniper Networks BASIC CONNECTIVITY TO A CONVERGED BRANCH PLATFORM Five Steps to the Long Term Vision Managed Router/ Connectivity Services • Basic CPE for DIA and/or IP/VPN • Limited Analytics • Manually provisioned • Requires IT support on- site to deploy, manage Hybrid WAN • Active/Backup with or without LTE • ZTP may automate provisioning, management eliminates need for truck roll • Can support multiple connection types for additional flexibility SD-WAN with Security • Introduce dynamic path selection to maintain SLA • Provides basic and advanced security services • Supports ZTP eliminating truck rolls • Centrally manage: deployment, provisioning, monitoring • Application Analytics SD-WAN with NFV • Simplifies operations by virtualizing network service specific hardware • Greater flexibility in service placement and deployment • Service placement in cloud or at premises • Integrate all VNF services into self care portal with customer centric analytics • Centralize and automate VNF lifecycle management Converged NG Branch • SD-WAN + LAN + Wi-Fi + Services • Integrate multiple services into portfolio, catalog including LAN/Wi-Fi • Automate service design, validation, activation and deployment • Customer controls service delivery and is able to customize services • Custom services easily created for unique customer applications • Customer monitors, manages SLA performance to wired/wireless client endpoint 13
  14. © 2019 Juniper Networks VODAFONE SD-WAN IN PARTNERSHIP WITH JUNIPER NETWORKS 14 Components from Juniper • Contrail Service Orchestrator • Contrail SD-WAN • Appformix • uCPE & CPE (NFX & SRX) • vSRX with UTM • Gateways (MX & SRX4k) Open, standards based, on-demand network, integrated security, total communications A single pane with self- services to your global network HQ/Large site Branch/Small site Remote sites Policy-based control Medium site Cloud Connect 4G Cloud Providers VPN+ SD-WAN + NFV Intern et MPLS Intern et 4G 4G MPLS Centrally automated, application-aware Ready Network 1M+ KM Fibre Assets 80 cable systems 75 country MPLS 182 total country reach 17 local markets 4G WAN in 13 countries Top 5 Global ISP Extensive Fixed and Mobile Network
  15. © 2019 Juniper Networks IBM SECURE SD-WAN Demo videos @
  16. © 2019 Juniper Networks 16 SD-WAN for Transport
  17. © 2019 Juniper Networks JUNIPER UNDERPINS UK 5G TEST BED 17 Hub Site 1 Cloud/ Internet/ Applications MEC edge applications MEC Server (Access) MEC Gateway (Core) COTS Server Adjacent to Hub Site Router S1 SGi LICharging EPC Core LTE SecGW (vSRX) SGi Service LAN Charging LI S11 Tap Hub Site 2 COTS Server Adjacent to Hub Site Router SAC WESTCOTT 5G Test Bed • Satellite Applications Catapult (SAC) have built a 5G Test Bed covering terrestrial and satellite 5G at Westcott, Buckinghamshire, UK • Test Bed enables collaborative projects on 5G Use Case development, such UK Government Dept. Digital Culture Media & Sport (DCMS) which Juniper and SAC have bid for with other partners. MP3 Westcott Outdoor Cells Westcott Core Network SDN Controller CONTRAIL ORCHESTRATION CONTRAIL SERVICE ORCHESTRATOR SPACE NMS
  18. © 2019 Juniper Networks 18 USING SD-WAN ACROSS 4G, 5G AND SATELLITE FOR AUTOMOTIVE APPLICATIONS 5G LTE Hub Site 1 COTS Server Adjacent to Hub Site Router Hub Site 2 COTS Server Adjacent to Hub Site Router MP3 S1 SGi LICharging Core LTE SecGW) SGi Service LAN Charging LI S11 Tap EPC eNode B 1 eNode B 2 eNode B 3 eNode B 4 eNode B 5 • Automotive Module needs SIM that uses common EPC • Satellite Coverage provides service when terrestrial not available MEC edge applications MEC Server (Access) MEC Gateway (Core) Core Site Satellite Satellite Ground Station Satellite Coverage Area SD_WAN GW SD_WAN GW LEO
  19. © 2019 Juniper Networks 5G CONNECTED AMBULANCE PILOT 4G / 5G Always Connected Reliable Secure Scalable MWC’19 Hall Congress Square Stand CS20 Partners SRX300 Contrail SD-WAN
  20. © 2019 Juniper Networks 5G CONNECTED AMBULANCE MWC 2019 DEMO 20 SRX 320 SDWAN CPE SDWAN HUB LTE 5G SAT Videowall Tablet IPSEC Over LTE IPSEC Over Sat IPSEC Over 5G Always-On Fast fail-over Hospital Emergency Center Cameras & APPs Key Benefits • On board of the ambulance, the Juniper SRX320 provides connectivity through 5G, LTE and Satellite • The SD-WAN technology manages the application traffic across the different links based on the network quality and application criticality • At the Emergency Center, Juniper provides scalable a SD-WAN hub to securely communicate with all the ambulances Contrail SD-WAN
  21. © 2019 Juniper Networks 21 TRANS PENNINE PROJECT: IN TRAIN ……………………………………... Edge Computing Micro DC(s) 1G Link to Train Nose Cone Carriage Small Cells Local Services: Content etc NFX Compute SD_WAN CPE • vSRX as local SecGW • Small Controller VNF Carriage Based Mobile (4G, 5G and WiFi, with SD-WAN Connectivity Back to Mobile Core via trackside 1G link, Satellite etc In Carriage Solution is owned by Train Operating Companies (TOC)
  22. © 2019 Juniper Networks EVOLUTION OF BUSINESS CONNECTIVITY SERVICES Leased Lines & Frame Relay IP/MPLS VPN with L2/L3 services Hybrid WAN & IPSec VPN SD-WAN with services Cloud Connect 1990s 2000s mid-2000 mid-2010 2020+ VN F VN F Internet VPN gateway AWS cloud virtual private cloud virtual private cloudVPN gateway
  23. © 2019 Juniper Networks THANK YOU