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Atmosphere Conference 2015: DevOps in mBank - lesson learned

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Speakers: Piotr Stapp, Marcin Przekop

Language: English

Sometime ago a group of very special people did a unique application. Above sentence can describe almost any IT project, but I am sure You will agree that the New mBank in 100% meets above definition, including that:
1) It was completely renew of access channel to one of biggest internet bank in Poland
2) It was build by multiple teams (10+) in different cites working in parallel
3) It has unified architecture
4) It integrates with living IT infrastructure
5) It is mostly build using .NET technology
6) Much much more

Such big project is not only a pure development, it is much much more. In our presentation we will present problems (and show working solutions) to following topics:
1) Continues build + deployment on test environments
2) Managing dependencies - from custom artifact sharing, through pure nuget, up to ripple - nuget extension
3) Managing JavaScript libraries with combining, minification, compression
4) Managing configuration - from dev machine up to production
5) How we deploy - including configuration, DI, contracts between components, ...
6) Managing logs - from chaos to unification with Logstash+Elastic Search+Kibana

We did a lot of R&D in DevOps, if you want to here some of our stories come and listen us.

Visit our website: http://atmosphere-conference.com/

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