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New product development

New Prod

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New product development

  1. 1. New Product Development http://www.manishparihar.co.in/
  2. 2. New Product Development Process1. Idea Generation and Screening2. Concept Development and Testing3. Marketing Strategy4. Business Analysis5. Product Development6. Test Marketing7. Commercialization
  3. 3. New Product Development ProcessStep 1. Idea Generation Systematic Search for New Product Ideas Internal sources Customers Competitors Distributors Suppliers
  4. 4. New Product Development ProcessStep 2. Idea Screening • Process to spot good ideas and drop poor ones • Criteria – Market Size – Product Price – Development Time & Costs – Manufacturing Costs – Rate of Return
  5. 5. New Product Development ProcessStep 3. Concept Development & Testing 1. Develop Product Ideas into Alternative Product Concepts 2. Concept Testing - Test the Product Concepts with Groups of Target Customers 3. Choose the Best One
  6. 6. New Product Development ProcessStep 4. Marketing Strategy Development Marketing Strategy Statement Formulation Part One - Overall: Target Market Planned Product Positioning Sales & Profit Goals Market Share Part Two - Short-Term: Product’s Planned Price Distribution Marketing Budget Part Three - Long-Term: Sales & Profit Goals Marketing Mix Strategy
  7. 7. New Product Development ProcessStep 5. Business AnalysisStep 6. Product Development Business Analysis Review of Product Sales, Costs, and Profits Projections to See if They Meet Company Objectives If No, Eliminate Product Concept If Yes, Move to Product Development
  8. 8. New Product Development ProcessStep 7. Test Marketing Standard Controlled Test Market Test Market Full marketing campaign A few stores that have in a small number of agreed to carry new representative cities. products for a fee. Simulated Test Market Test in a simulated shopping environment to a sample of consumers.